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This fucking shit.jpg
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Holy fucking shit is Youtube just not usable now unless you use chrome??
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Update your browsers, faggot
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Google keeps paying faggot FF devs to break FF's functionality, so I have to use 43. Just getting FF to fucking work in current year is a fucking miracle.
just use pale moon

What do you expect to see in my next release?
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I want a way to merge boards. So I can mindlessly scroll through them all at once.
An apple thread filter
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I want to be able to save images to my fucking mSD

Rate your own edition!
The way I organised cables triggers me, My goal is to get the cables as tidy as the guy with the standing desk. but that's a long shot without correct cable lengths.
I have shoved the cables up after I took the pic. Was excited about the LSR 305's so I plugged them in asap. These are amazing compared to my Creative T10's. Sadly my pair have the hissing defect. Not a deal breaker though.
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Depending on your chair this is pretty close to a 8 or 9/10. I like comfy bedroom setups (that is a bed, right?).

I love that enclosed patio room thing you have. I'd be scared to have my pc out there though. How sealed is it from the elements?

I rate mine 8/10 based on what I envisioned. There's also a psychopass movie poster on the charcoal wall left of the Pokemon poster. And on the wall opposite my pc there's a other similar table where I have to set up my huge imperial guard 40k army. I'm getting there!
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Nice cat. My LSR305s hiss as well but I think there's a certain charm to it. It's barely audible anyways.

I appreciate the simplicity, but it would probably look better if you put your tower on the floor.

I've never been a fan of ultrawide monitors, but If I were to change my setup, it'd probably be something like this.

As far as my own setup, I'd give myself a 9/10, simply because of how much my setup lines up with what I wanted. I'm sort of at a point where I won't need to upgrade anything for a long time, and that's pretty satisfying.

And pretending that you're really on your edgy linux distro. Reality is you all use VMs to run Linux.
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I use linux though you nigger
You're all using Linux and pretending that you're really on your edgy Windows machine. Reality is you all use VMs to run Windows
On the contrary, I use Linux and pretend to use windows

Lets go /g/
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How do we get rid of all the pajeet spamming on /g/? All the brand wars, ESL shitposting, incoherent ramblings about AMD... they're killing /g/. We need flags NOW.
>/g/ gets flags
>everyone uses VPNs to change it
>AMD shills falseflag Intel
>Intel shills falseflag AMD
>literally everyone shitposts from Indian/Israelli/Chinese VPN IPs
>only actual shills also use VPNs to appear from the U.S
Pajeet posting is the greatest thing to have ever happened on /g/

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>both windows and iphone skip the 9
Did we ever get a non-speculative reason why windows did it?
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7 8 9

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Should I trust Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox with my data?
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Just use gdrive faggot 99% chance you already use Google for most shit anyway
Split the data in two and neither can do anything with it.

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If the Note is the best Android has to offer it's no wonder why Apple dominates the phone world
that's not even the Note8 tho
lol how fucking delusional are you?

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Why is /g/ so goddamn stupid? All this time, they were working for BEZOS, not Soros.
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you mean /pol/
just go back
>hmm, what's wrong with our journalism?
>can't be the daily articles on the president's daily life and avocados, it must be the comment sections

Yeah I don't think replacing the comment integration will save wapo
>journos shouldn't report on the potus daily life

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Hey /g/, one of my friends recently asked to script a program to generate views. He doesn't want too many views and doesn't want to pay for them either. Just for fun, I decided to try it out, but quickly realized that bot/spam detection will be a major issue. For now, I decided to incorporate tor proxies and user agents that switch on every request. Moreover, I plan on making the requests happen on close but random time intervals. What else can I do to evade bot detection but generate more views?
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Make the length of video watched different
make 5-10% very short (like <10 seconds)
make 30-40% about a minute in (weight this heavily)
make 20-30% go halfway through
make 10-20% get most the way though
make 10-15% finish the video

and obviously give each section a range
so if its a 5 minute video:
>~10% leave between 5 and 10 seconds
>~35% leave after a 60 seconds
>~25% leave after 150 seconds
>~20% leave after 240 seconds
>~10% finish the video
alright. sounds like a good idea
but i'm wondering, can you also make it more efficient? like opening multiple proxies on the computer? or would that just hog too much resources? i wanna make it like a background task
any other ideas anons?

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Literally only the S8/Note8 have better displays.
why is the screen obscured?
Literally no place to rest your thumbs when using horizontally, what a shitty design

So because of the home button removal we have to:
>swipe down from the upper left corner to show notifications
>swipe down from the upper right corner to show the control center
>swipe up from the bottom to close the app
>swipe up from the bottom but keep finger on the screen to show the open app screen
>swipe left or right on the bottom of the screen to switch apps

Fucking hell.
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>using Meme DeMarco in product presentation
I refuse to buy it for this reason alone
but swiping is the most intuitive gesture there is
fuck keeping your finger in one location and pressing down, that's stone age shit
I actually like those last 3. But I cant reach the top of my iPhone 6 (not plus) so requiring to reach the top for two major things on a longer phone is shitty

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Is this a good book to learn C ?
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its the only book to learn C
there is not good book for learning C because learning C is a waste of time
"C Programming. A modern approach" by some faggot is said to be pretty good too. Forgot his name and too lazy to check

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How does a company worth $750 billion get away with this?
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is that supposed to be an advertisement?
What's behind that notch?
Whoever made this is a retard.
>more screen
>less of the image visible

Fucking face id
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We invented that!
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Haha I get it! Faceless men cant unlock their ipones because they're faceless
Vikings is better.

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