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Do you ever feel like Linux is a major waste of your time /g/?
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Not really. Shit it gives me something to do other than lay down, jack off, and waste away.
or in other words it makes me feel a bit more productive.
Linux helps me to manage my time just perfect. Once it's well configured it works like a charm.

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i5-3570k vs FX 8350?

A friend who owes me money is offering his comp as payment. I think I'll take it, but my question is if I should replace my current FX 8350 with the i5 he's giving me, or keep the FX 8350 and sell the i5?
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Only thing I can suggest
FX8350 - more threads for multitasking
i5 - better for gaming because less cores more power in the 4
3570k for sure
The gimped threadless 3570k beats the faildozer.

Unless- You want ECC support, then the FX has a MC that can handle ECC with a kernel module.

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>want to buy cheap ebay thinkpad
>all used models are covered in dirt and scratches
>all new models are so expensive I could just as well by new laptop models
What do? Is it possible to just replace the keyboard and clean the rest with 99%alc?
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Also, the touchpad would cost around 50-60$ to replace, is it possible to just clean the disgusting grease and toilet stains out of that?
install gentoo
doing a complete clean is a standard procedure for any used laptop, find one that's not too dirty and re-build it.
be careful tho, I've got some that had literal shit on them

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people always say php is bad why is it bad and what should i learn another language instead for web development
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We have two whole generals for these questions
sorry i've never been on this board before kek
because js and css are the only things you need rn to make a good website. If you use a lot of database maybe php is worth.

Btw. WebAssembly is going to be the next thing in the upcoming years.

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a/right /.g/ you have convinced me i am going to install linux on my SSD and wipe all windows based drives i have found my favorite game for it (starbound) and my second favorite as well (terraria) so gaming will not be a problem do the open source nvidia drivers yet support the 10xx series? or do i need to switch to my onboard graphics for the install?
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Install Gentoo
unfortunatly i do not have 6 hours in order to do so
Just use closed source ones.
install freeBSD tho, its superior and theres a linux subsystem

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>at college
>have a brand new Thinkpad
>everybody else is using ipads, or some cheaper tablet, a few macbooks
>professer is a huge macfag
>tells us mac is the future and we are stupid if we don’t get a mac
>tell him he is wrong
>he pulls me up to compare my laptop to his macbook
>mine is faster, and better in every way
>starts getting mad
>he pours water over mine by “accident”
>"oh no! your 90’s laptop is dead! you had better go buy a new macbook after class today!"
“Actually, this is a $2000 top of the range thinkpad, and it’s water proof”
>hold my still running laptop over his macbook and the water drains onto his and kills his
>"the fuck did you just do? GET OUT OF MY CLASS!"
>tried to get me expelled
>they look at the security footage
>come back next week and see a new lecturer.
>he’s a huge Linux/open source fag
>has Richard Stallman picture on his thinkpad
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Truly based.

How will mac manlets recover?
upboated and reddit gold sent
Thinkpads truly make my dick hard just by hearing their glorious name.

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why there is barely any support for AMD hackintosh?
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Because apple mostly uses intel and only amd for GPUs
because apple isnt dumb enough too use amd
AMD lacks Thunderbolt 3 so Apple doesn't care about AMD CPUs. If AMD got their shit together on that front and made TB3 chips, Apple might start including them... because Apple does like AMD a lot.

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windows 10.png
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Is there any compelling reason to use Windows 7 or 8 over this?

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UI is more pleasing, Directx12 and thats it. Really. Oh, also you lose all privacy.
Why do all the shills use the exact same 49.9 kb png
linuxfag detected

Honest question here. One of the arguments for net neutrality is that it holds such a vital place in our daily lives that it should be treated akin to a public utility.

However, if you look at extant public utilities like the postal system, they already have in place systems almost exactly like the tiered access system net neutrality wants to prevent. You can use dirt-cheap general access, or you can pay a premium to get your mail to someone else faster. Hell, Amazon has a deal with USPS for Sunday delivery of Prime packages. They're paying money for expedited access to their customers.

So what's the difference? How is digital tiered access fundamentally different from physical tiered access?
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With net neutrality you can subsidize large bandwidth consumers like Google as a consumer. It gives them much better profit margins which enables them to offer you better services.
>How is digital tiered access fundamentally different from physical tiered access
the utter lack of any physical mechanisms involved. It's the internet, not sneakernet. Digital data transfer is not a rare or exhaustible resource and nothing special needs to be done to get data somewhere faster rather than slower.

The internet's fundamental structure, its inherent nature, is a neutral one. Any concept that tends toward the opposite is purely a made-up thing spawned in the mind of some greedy business asshole who wants to create artificial scarcity to make more money.

Why the fuck do people want to take glorious technology and allow businessmen to utterly fuck it up with their greedy paws?
> is not a rare or exhaustible resource
and does not require manpower proportional to consumption (consumption isn't even the right term since nothing is consumed) or anything of the sort

The internet is an incredible structure and its operation is cheap and nigh unlimited in scale.

Stop trying to ruin it with artificial restrictions.

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So, SJWFox is secretly tracking its users with Google Analitics, so much for a browser that "respect your privacy", fucking KeK, not only that, they refuse to remove the tracking, lol.
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install Chromium and be done with it.
Firefox is dead.
I just checked, and it's true. But Chrome/Chromium ships google botnet as a feature, so the customizability of of Firefox still wins. For example, you can disable websockets - impossible to do on Chrome.
Why do people even bother with ff when it's literally the worst at everything?
Opera, Chromium, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, and Safari are literally the only choices.

How do you design the gender select menu for the modern age?
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2 radiobuttons.
Text Area up to 500 characters
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Are you questioning SCIENCE?

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I compiled American Fuzzy Loop for macOS yesterday and the performance was absolutely abysmal. I'm aware XNU has severe overhead in memory, and IPC operations, but why? Is mach itself to blame, or is the hybrid design of the kernel the problem? Any articles exploring these issues?
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>Reddit: the show
go back
Reddit wasted those trips.
>trying to derail a decent technology thread because the picture has something you don't like in it
Hmmm I wonder why /g/ is such shit

ok that's the last straw I am never solving a capchas to posting on here ever again
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I wonder why they're so interested in knowing what cat furniture looks like.
>cats and bots are teaming up together to overthrow human dictatorship
What happened to the simple number capchas?

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fullPath/executableName OR BIRDMIN GONNA KILL YOU
#include <cstdio>
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
printf("%s", argv[0]);
return 0;
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No-one's doing your homework for you, cuck.
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KYS :^)

Who allowed this?
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Window's shitty store content filtering
I think it's cool for people who needs to study shell linux, but doesn't want to install dual boot.
embrace extend extinguish

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