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>blow $1600 on new Macbook Pro
>use most of its battery to shitpost on 4chan

Should I just return it?
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Blow it out your ass
>Only a fool would take any story on here as a fact
Yes. You didnt even get the best model.

Why can't more ISP's do this?

I live in a van and can't get a landline so Im having to use my parents Telstra account and leech off the telstra air shit. but the speed is crap and my parents have a download limit.

I wish optus had hotspots. then i could get unlimited.
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I hate it when beggars want to be choosers
>I live in a van and can't get a landline so Im having to use my parents Telstra account and leech off the telstra air shit. but the speed is crap and my parents have a download limit.
See what phone data plans can compete with it.

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I want to use my NAS as a backup temporarily.
The setup will be FreeNAS + stripped vdev(RAID0), per disk. This means each HDD will separate from each other, no redundancy. This should be fine since each HDD is just a backup.

Then maybe 1~2 years from now when I've bought more HDD's, I'll wipe the entire Nas and go stripped mirror vdev(RAID1), use the NAS as my main storage and then use my current JBOD as backup.

Is there anything wrong with this? Or maybe I should just make 1 giant pool of RAID 0, and take the risk that if 1 drive dies, the entire pool dies, and then deal with spending 9 days(30TB @ 350Mb/s) transferring the data back.
Remember, this is just a temporarily solution until I can afford more HDDs. I just really need a backup of my data.
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Dont know if anyone is knowledgeable, but I've decided I'm going to do for my temp backup:

3 disks per pool, stripped vdev.
This should give me 900MB read/write speeds, which is enough to saturate my fiber connection.

This way I only spend maybe 3 days repairing the array if a drive dies.
Keep in mind that you cant add additional drives to a pool. Number 1 reason to not use zfs for home usage and instead go with snapraid + mergerfs
>Keep in mind that you cant add additional drives to a pool
Are you sure?
I read that you should be able to add new disks to a pool. The NEW disk gets wiped, but all the data in the pool should remain intact.

Even so, why would it matter if I can just create another pool of drives?

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Takes forever to open tab on firefox nightly?

Anyone else notice this?
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What's the point of using nightly as opposed to regular release?
more user control and functionality.

Sounds cooler, more a community based browser instead of the corporate browsing, which means I'm not force fed ads based on the sites I use.
>more a community based browser instead of the corporate browsing
How the hell is it more "community based"? It's literally the same thing, just a few revisions ahead.
How does it give you more user control and functionality?

>Kaby Lake
>not 801386 or Pentium 11
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Intel lost a case over trademarking numbers like *86. So they made Pentium. Then they ruined the reputation even for normies with the Pentium 4. They haven't exactly ruined the Core branding yet so they'll stick with it until they do.
I got my i5 7600K near $150, btfo amdrone
>unironically buying i5 when ryzen exists
I'd understand a 6700K or 7700K, for gay men, but i5s are completely irrelevant now

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So we aren't doing /cyb/ anymore? I am disappoint. At any rate, consider this cyberpunk general where we discuss William Gibson, the corporatocracy, that TV show with the mulatto hacker Guy and other shit.

Here's a link

Oh and you can talk about /sec/ stuff too like Linux and firewalls and shit.
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Um, bump? /g/ low energy. Sad.
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>this board
I live cyperbunk
I pick locks and steal frozen tendies from walmart
then cook them with fire (which they banned)

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I love the feeling of cringe, so I take myself to 9GAG about once every two weeks, and this is what I've found.
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Fuck off we're full.
I got tired of 9gag like 20 years ago when I realized only third worlders ever posted there.
That reminds me
>posting about 9gag on /g/
You are the weakest link, goodbye
what is 9GAG? i've seen it's watermark on some shitty images posted here

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Good home music setups? looking to spend around 300$ so I can bump tunes. looking for something with punchy bass but good clear highs, pls help /g/
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Jbl lsr305, behringer truth 2030a, vanatoo t1
UCA202 + any bookshelf speakers + expertly applied equalization
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Go on craigslist and look for someone selling their old home theater setup. Works 90% of the time. There's always someone selling a decent system because they blew a bunch of cash on some 12.3 atmos setup.

What's the /g/ consensus on this phone?
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Better than an iPhone.
chink botnet
I'd give an arm and a leg for one.

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Why in the year of our lord and saviour Two-Thousand-And-Seven-Teen do i have to still fucking build shit from source code? Holy shit nothing ever goes right with that bullshit and even if it does it's because you follow some guide that may or may not be there, may or may not be up to date etc etc
Shit should just be pre-compiled in repositories period.
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If you're so far into linux that you're not just using mint or ubuntu and are 'building from source code' then you're clearly into it and not going to talk shit about it. Those that 'hate linux' can't even get in the front door let alone do something like download an app that's not in their distro repository. What you're describing is being balls deep in and those that are kindof like it. Poor bait and fud.
I read the article. For him linux is a 'work in progress' and he'll start tweeking it. So he works with something non-tweekable so he can focus on his work. Poor bait.
i dunno, i use debian as my daily driver, i only use a bunch of apps but every now and then i want something obscure like an old vidya port or whatever else and it won't have pre-compiled binaries so i have to either look up and see a guide on how exactly to compile that trash so it works or just fumble about in the dark before giving up

Hate to bother but I need g's help. years ago I published something to the internet and it is gone. It was published around 2008-2009 and my family found it by googling my name

It was a poem called infinity
it had the phrase "raison d'ĂȘtre" and I think the word "dagger" in it

I will legit paypal 50 USD to anyone that can find it. the only proof I need is one line from the poem and I will pay for the rest of the info.

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the last two lines:
>Kill me with a dagger
>Because I am a fagger

paypal me whenever
toppest fucking kek

payment sent
sent :^)

Do you /g/uys have recommendations for reviving a Nexus 6? The phone is lagging to the point where the camera is completely unusable. Did a factory reset about 4 months ago, which worked, but the problem has slowly come back and I'm back to square one.

At this point, is it just best to go with FrancoKernal, Magisk, and TWRP? Any rom recommendations?
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I have the same phone and I'm also having issues. The thing has been slowing down progressively over a period of time even though I hardly install anything. I'm honestly just going to look for a new phone. My screen is also cracked to shit which is pretty annoying. I might get the new iPhone, I guess we'll see.
Yeah I don't blame you. I'm on Google Fi and love the service enough that I don't want to leave, but the Pixel phones look like shit and have drawbacks to the physical build of the N6. I wish Google would just hurry the fuck up and show off their new line-up already.
yeh its called fuck off phoner

My uncle just gave me his old laptop from work, it's am HP Folio 13.

Is it worth keeping around?
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google the laptop model and look at the specs, turn it on and see if it has been upgraded

then you will know

lazy nigger
Thank God that's not nigger dick.
>HP Folio 13-1020US 13.3-Inch Ultrabook
>9 hour battery life
>128GB Hard Drive
Yeah man, just set it up to mine some altcoin and as a RAID backu-
>Processor Speed 1.6 GHz


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Is there a fast, non-autistic way to use your android phone as an external monitor? I have a phone with a 1080p screen and it would be great to move windows off my main display and onto it. However all the software that I've tried so far uses USB or WiFi to achieve it, is slow as fuck, and gives me a compressed image. I want native latency (and the ability to connect it directly to HDMI / DVI from my graphics card if possible).

Is this possible, barring physically taking out the phone's screen and hooking it up to an in-between driver circuit?
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Buy a moto z and mod an HDMI onto it
ummm no, sweety. The idea is to spend as little as possible.
Sweetie, you obviously don't see that it's the only option.

I found this old foxconn MB i know its ddr2 intel p4 with pci and agp sata and ide. i dont see anything that identify it im trying to get drivers so i can use this in a build.
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915PL Lga 775MAX 2GB Atx Gbe 1XPCI-E X16 2XPCI-EX1 3XPCI 8CH?
Need to have caps replaced under agp
they are toast? or they are close to going?

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