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What's the future of GCC?
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compiling some stuff, probably.
Why would it go away? Are people really that austistic about it like Terry?
gcc is depreciated. Use clang.

What's the most popular public tracker now? I still haven't found a good replacement for TPB or KAT.
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TPB and KAT.
KAT still exists? Where?
here u go:


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Is pic related broken? Do we have to resort to chrome plugins again? Which one is good?
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Come on faggots, respond
>downloading music from youtube
>downloading music at all

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Heyo /g/

Was just wondering if there'd be much benefit in changing some of my google services to other providers. Currently I use Youtube, Gmail, Google Play Music, Drive and Docs, but I can't help but feel others do it better.

iTunes has more music to buy, I can't help but see that Google Play's library is lacking next to iTunes, and they let you download files DRM free now right? Have to be fair to apple, their _software_ isn't as bad as their hardware.

Not sure about gmail, and I haven't used another mail provider before. Any good ones with android apps?

Drive is drive, can't complain about its functionality but the main thing is Google Docs. I like using that because I can access it anywhere and the formatting isn't broken when viewed in Micropajeet Office programs. Is it worth using Onedrive/Mega and getting an Office 365 web instead?

I'm already on Firefox so I have that covered.

Pic unrelated.
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> paying for music

how dumb can you be?
Protonmail is pretty comfy.
I used to pirate shit but I was sick of shitty fucking pirates that didn't tag the files and shit 128kpbs rips out of nowhere. I only do it for super obscure stuff now, haven't had to for ages.

Songs are like $2 dollarydoos a piece and albums around $20 dollarydoos if you like the artists. What are you, a poorfag?

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Even though it's under a cuck license, it's pretty good.
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>cuck license
it's the other way around.... GCC is literal cuck software under a cuck license.

Watch Google engineer bitchslap RMS:

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pic related
(applies for other permissive licenses)

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I want to fill her boi pucci
>Took 50 minutes to explain the first two pages of railstutorial.com
fucking christ
That's a thicc neck

Hi /g/
what can I do with this thing now that I bought it?
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you could return it
shove it up your rectum
If i do that do i get amazon prime?

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>his operating system of choice doesn't come with the best image viewer
How will wintards and linuxfags ever recover?
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Do you even know who the CEO of apple is?
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Btw this was recorded without a third party tool, quicktime is able to record the entire desktop or a small region, however, the video of course had to be edited to fit 4chan's file size limit.
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isac's fourth pc.png
2MB, 1920x1080px

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Well, shit. Guess I'm switching to Gentoo.
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how about we join that channel and troll them
i'll make the logo

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Can anyone help me get wireless working on gentoo on the lenovo x220? I am new to gentoo and that is the only thing I can't seem to get to work so far.
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nvm figured it out
did you figure it out? I could really use some help with it.
Sure I'll PM you the fix

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>use a FX-8350
>ayymd graphics card
>massive fucking heatsing
>computer overheats while idling
>burn my hand on the grates on top of the computer

I fell for the AMD meme, /g/entoo users. What can I do to save myself from this hell?
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Stop using equipment that's 5+ years old and was shit when it came out.
(It's a new meme)

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What is the best way to store personal passwords on GNU/Linux? I looked some passwords managers like Las Pass, but that thing looks so botnetish.
Please sir, advise the soonest.
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pass, keepassx or keepassxc.
these op >>61773292
you can delete this thread now
it's just linux, retard.

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There are
>no good linux distros
>a couple decent distros
>a lot of shitty distros

why don't all the developers just put their heads together and make a single distro that is good?
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it would be the biggest clusterfuck of all times
You mean C++?

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hot as fuck asian.jpg
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Post your face when the ThreadRipper NDA lifts and it turns out Lisa Su was lying about her benchmarks and ThreadRipper actually has 2x the single-thread performance of Skylake-X.
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TFW forgot to filter

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When C++20 comes, it will be the final nail in the Rust coffin.
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there is literally no reason to use anything after C89
Fuck off, frogposter.

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