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Do I have to post 'Intel is finished and bankrupt' to get a (You) these days?

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Nah, I think posting the benchmark is enough to enrage the BR Intel monkeys.
webm timestamp with post-it note on monitor as you're running prime95 and open speccy in the middle of the webm
Geekbench is garbage.

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I can't find the answer online
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Hiding the title bar would likely be your DE or WM's problem.

Only terminal I know that does this itself is xfce-terminal, but I'm sure gnome and konsole probably do too.
I'm using xfce on manjaro, so is there something I have to put in my Xresources file?

The same as you do it with all other X applications.

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this motherfucker really is a living meme, post you're are stallmans
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C, or C++ /g/?
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Rust, unless you're pajeet
Two inferiors who cannot follow instructions so far (explains why they are both scared of manual memory management)

Daily reminder that google has gone full SJW
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Everything white people claim they invented was stolen from black people
What about slavery?
The egyptians were black and they enslaved the (also black) jews.

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Stupid Questions Thread
Don't bump your questions and sometimes stupid questions get stupid answers.
Not kosher or halal.
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I can’t decide whether to get an UPS or just use a Surge Protector.
I wouldn’t be getting the UPS to save anything before shutting down, it’s more just to shutdown the PC properly in case of an outage.
Can a sudden power surge or outage cause any damage to a computer?
Of course, but in the event of an outage the damage is much more likely to be done to any files being written at the time. As a home user you're probably just fine without a UPS unless you have money to burn or you're THAT concerned about the value of your computer.
SQL and PL/SQL or backend java? which option would get me in a job the fastest?

Is it because they are dumb?
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Nogs and Dravidians


>invented every single thing on the internet

>ranked 28th

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What should you look out for when buying a power bank?
What are some common memes that make the low cost ones so much worse than the expensive ones other than capacity?
I'm afraid of buying it from chinks because I heard some ecigs from there had malware on them.
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Don't get one packed into a steel case because if it explodes it will literally go off like some sort of thermite grenade.

t. Bought chink shit one and it went off on an alloy checker plated table and melted right through it while blasting molten metal everywhere in a 10meter radius.

Buy cheap ones. Replace them as they get bad.
You should look for its capacity relative to how many full charges it gives your devices, including a ~10% margin of loss. Then read as many reviews as you can to verify that the stated capacity is actually what users are seeing in the real world.

The common memes, apart from not delivering rated capacity, are shitty circuitry which causes the whole unit to fail quickly and shitty cells which rapidly lose their ability to hold charge.

Anker is a reputable brand, if a bit expensive. They offer some units with Qualcomm QuickCharge support though if your devices support that. Aukey is a good knockoff brand. The best deals are those on sale for $1 per 1000mAh, but it's up to you whether to compromise on brand reputability for that.

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streams are fucking retarded shit
std::string s = "test";
int i = 42;
std::fstream f("test.txt", std::ios_base::out | std::ios_base::in);
f << s << i;
f >> s >> i;

this is done the "c++ way" and it will fucking crash, c++ is garbage but the worst thing is that c++fag will still defend this
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Meet Andrei. He's among the best C++ programmers living in the world. Listen to what he says and rid yourself from the trouble.
so use cstdio
>tries to write and read from the same file without flushing


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Hello, I want to start learning how to make robots, can someone recommend me from what I should have start? Maybe some books? I was thinking about expanding my knowledge about physics first.
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You can start with an Arduino kit, I guess. What do you want to make?
if you don't know anything about engineering or programming i'd recommend starting with the lego robotics kits. if you want to build real robots then start with programming. learn C/C++ or python. look into ROS (robot operating system)
another thing: physics knowledge will not help you here. calculus will, though. building the actual robot is a mix of EE and ME

What's the cheapest best overall phone?
What's the phone with the fastest CPU or how about with the most RAM?

I was thinking of the phones produced by Allview. Some of their phones can reach 20 megapixels, but it sacrifices other aspects in order to keep it cheap.
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Honestly, I am in Love with Huawei phones. For example Honor 8 is a beast, and is quite cheap. But there also is P9 Lite 2017 if you wanna go for cheaper, and still have quite a good components.
I got a One Plus 5 and it is really good!

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>install liquid cooling
>pc becomes a boeing 747
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>install gentoo
does your cooler cover your threadripper anon?
It's kinda too small in this picture

So what is the best programming language to make money with?
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You can't write a ransomware with Java or C#.

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Who here /Ivy Bridge forever/?
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I wonder who's behind this post, hmm
Nope I jumped from Sandy to Skylake

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Sup /g/.

I had a number of sensitive files I needed to get rid off.

Deleted them. Used bleach bit to over write free space. Decided to test how well this had worked. I was able to recover the files fully.

Deleted the files. Filled HD up with rubbish till full. Deleted it. bleach bit to overwrite free space.

Still able to recover original files.

Use windows cypher to overwrite free space, then use another program to wipe free space with 7 different passes.

Still able to recover original files.

What gives>? Why is this still possible? This is on Win10 btw.
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That's a feature all OS's have. Linux even uploads all your files to WikiLeaks for full Information Freedom.
How sensitive files are?
Use dban, write over at least 7 times.

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