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Explain to my mom why google is evil
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because botnet
because their motto is "don't be evil", good people don't need to be reminded
their motto would have been something like 'be good' if they weren't evil

Hello /g/

I was interested in getting a new micro SD card with high capacity. I found pic related on amazon but they don't ship to my country. I tried browsing other sites like aliexpress and didn't find anything.

What do you recommend with a good price and decent storage? This generic one is dirt cheap (under 20$) and I have an identical one in 8 gb and it has served me well for over 3 years. I'm not willig to spend upwards of 150$ for brand ones. Although they might be of high quality I haven't had any lag or memory loss issues with ny generic one.
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i spent like $60 on a 128 GB one the other day, did i get ripped off?
I don't know I'm no expert it's why I'm here for help.
Micro SD cards are botnet.

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What went wrong? What went right?
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There's a few good apps on Cydia, free unlimited mobile hotspot for one.
> What went wrong?
iOS exploits cost a lot of money now, nobody is going to just burn them by making a new jailbreak.
On the other side, jailbreak consumers are pricks, hackers do not want to work for free and get shit from thousands of people.
> What went right?
Everything up to 6.0-7.0. Apple added a lot of features in iOS up to 8, nothing has changed much afterwards.
In high school I would charge people $20 to jailbreak their iPods. Most people just wanted to pirate shitty games like Pocket God. People thought I was a 1337 haxor.

Which one?
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Why would it matter and why should I care?
Industry uses B for the most part. Something about a myth of some big company having rights on A.
This, 2 of the same for router-device connections or one of each for crossover

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We are making a web browser!
PREVIOUSLY: >>62324402

In the face of recent changes in Firefox and Chrome some anons were asking for a /g/'s perfect web browser, we collected the most wanted here and plan on continuing with the creation.

To contribute follow the WORK PLAN, join the IRC to ask developers for a repo, and get to programming!
IRC on Rizon: #/g/netrunner

Website: https://netrunner.cc/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCes2uiC-4xSBwqnldCFbh4Q
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Team_NetRunner
Gitgud: https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner/
Teknik: https://git.teknik.io/gyroninja/netrunner

Look at the features list and implement them, ask what is currently being worked on if you don't know.

FEATURES https://pastebin.com/bnUU6kcu
FAQ https://pastebin.com/gjp7QmQJ
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Current progress report from last thread:
tl;dr: major changes that you can't see

I've been doing a major refactor, throwing out half the code in some files. Means no new features but removes barriers to adding them. Most of the directory structure has been moved around to better reflect our future.

All the OpenGL/glfw code is now container in only 2 classes. Paving the way for older OpenGL support, framebuffer and textual interface.

However OpenGL optimizations did take a step backwards: resizing is super fast but a render (which only happens on load or on resize) is much slower. Though this new structure will allow for texture atlasing.

Doing research on how I want to structure my javascript interpreter for next week's work. Also spent some time today on research for vi-style key bindings and looked into https://reproducible-builds.org/.

A lot of breaking things that used to work. Spending hours finding the change that broke them before fixing and repeating.
Are there plans for tree style tabs to be implemented? This is the killer addon that's keeping me on firefox at the moment.
When will framebuffer be implemented and what extra dependencies will it require? Also, if you're not going to add libpng as a requirement, is there a program that can convert PNG to PAM because I don't want to trust a website I don't control

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What are the best Furryfucks settings right now?
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javascript.enabled = false


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Do you agree with the following statement: animated gifs are shit and should be retired already?
It's time to ban gifs on 4chan and other sites. They're waste of space and bandwidth!
Do it today!
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Even if gifs are deprecated as far as browsing 4chan goes, there is still utility in them being an image format rather than video
Even facebook supports webms in comments and shit, literally no need for them anymore.
Webp exists.

Why don't you have 10TB of storage, /g/?
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I have around 7. It's enough for now.
i have around 6.5tb of storage total. i'll buy more once i need it. but right now it's enough for me.

also, i'd never buy a 10tb drive, i'd rather get 5 2tb drives so i don't lose so much data once a drive fails.
Why not just have two 10tb drives so you've got a back-up?

so I installed retropie and got into some update menu and it has been updating for over an hour now. just a black screen with a bunch of white rolling text. How long will this take?
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No idea what retropie is, but that screen shows it's compiling crap. Considering how weak the device is, it could be many hours before it's done if the software in question is big.

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Will automation / artificial intelligence make all jobs obsolete?
Will we still have capitalism?
Should we still have capitalism?
Will a few rich people rule like gods over the rest?
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I always assume that if we reach the point where the easiest jobs get automated, more harder jobs are gonna be created. Everyone advances.
When enough people are out of jobs you will have to either give them free money or have them start a revolution.
What if they'll be unable to revolt?

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or is it just a design of the previous one?
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check out that vivid hd gaming. im going to buy an intel processor so I can become god. I am god. There is no God but games and anime.
>uploaded 8/20/2017
good goyim dont forget your snacks

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Who is the most powerful program?
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master computer
Bonzi buddy

>he isn't creating discord plugins via javascript injections
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>with drag controls
wow aint u smart

Thank you and peace
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IBM model m?
Looks like a Filco something.
this is says Filco in the corner

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There's so much room for activities!
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>board list takes up TWO lines

haha, portraitcucks btfo
>not using the normal paged layout
the catalog is so ugly and awkward to navigate
>can't watch fullscreens videos

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