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Is there any reason to not get a replacement warranty like Applecare? At worst it means you get a free brand new device at the end of the warranty
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most extended warranties are a shit, applecare is necessary now that the shit is soldered together.
Is there any reason not to hang yourself if you're a stupid weeb?
Where did you get this picture of my wife?

What's strongest phone holder magnet combo on the market. for a car

I want one that still has a strong hold through a not too thick you case

if possible I don't want the magnetic plate to be stuck on the outsode

what other ideas do you have that aren't too bulky and shit.

maybe something that just sticks into the vent?
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Your hands.
Double sided tape cunt

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Hello guys, please help.

Welp I don't know a shit about computers and I opened up my cpu and I was jw how much watts does my power supply support? Please explain it easy, much appreciated
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It says 800W, but if it's the cheapo unit that it looks like I wouldn't trust it past 200-300W, and even then it's dicey. Cheap PSUs are not something you want to gamble on.
>opened up CPU
Intel fags are still delidding? Just buy Ryzen already.
>Output: 800 W
Oh boy, what a cryptic message. I whonder what it means?

But yes, please replace that PSU as soon as possibe. It is a fire hazard and will eventually fry your parts.

thanks to Apple, all laptop and phone brands can look good now.
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Where would the Google Pixel be without Apple?
Thanks to HTC, all apple phones can look good now.

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Anyone know a decent phone for games at a budget of $300? I have no time to canvas
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>gaming on your phone
fucking kys yourself you degenerate piece of shit faggot
basically anything above $100 will be enough for all games
My Moto G Falcon 2013 is enough for gaymes

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Arduino hate thread
Its responsible for lowering the entry barrier to electronics, and thus lowering the quality of people who indulge in this hobby. These days i see all these fucking normalfags who don't have any actual interest but just want to look cool and 'nerdy' buying arduinos and blinking LEDs, then forgetting all about them. Back in the day, there were no arduinos or whatever, if you wanted to play with electronics, you had to have a strong reading habit, passable general soldering, etc skills and all the datasheets of components you were using. Then came the research, then practice, and in the end, the sweet sweet result of your labor

Now its just buy an arduino board, and watch babby tier videos on how to use it
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Calm the fuck down you autist.
he is right do
The other day i saw a faggot posting his arduino collection collecting dust particless
I use Arduino for portability, I just migrated a 1K project from AVR to SAMD (ARM) with very little effort.

But yes, Arduino n00bs will never know the power of interrupts and being able to use all the chip's peripherals

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GIMP can do anything Photoshop can do but better, and for free. I'm sick and tired of these photoshop industry fat cats going around pretending like their software is so superior when GIMP can do literally anything it can do, only better and for free!

Photoshop is a goddamn globalist conspiracy to rob control from the people. I'm not going to stand by and tolerate it anymore. You gotta get GIMP! You gotta get that open-source! Here's what you do, alright. You install yourself Linux, you install yourself GIMP, and you go to town! Oh, what's that? What's that? "But I can't center text in GIMP!" Motherfucker, GIMP takes off the training wheels, alright? You're gonna be a better person when you learn how to manually center text! Get on its level! You can't trust anybody who says Photoshop is better! Don't let the globalists win! All we need is GIMP!
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I prefer to use an image editing software capable of drawing circles
except having a usable UI
>Open gimp
>Text tool
>Press "o"
Photoshopcucks BTFO

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How can I convince my colleagues not to fall for this meme?
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embrace it, just one more thing to learn that doesn't make any sense
you stop nagging them with your autistic bullshit
And just let them embrace even more autistic bullshit?

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As the big "fuck you and let us shove crappy webextensions into your asshole day" approaches, Mozilla shills are becoming unbearable everywhere online. Beware of them.

Not a single day goes by on Reddit without a top-voted post with titles such as "It's amazing how much faster Firefox has gotten!!!!!!!!"
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Let them shill. Let retards fall for it. What do you care?
>Mozilla shills are becoming unbearable
implying that they were bearable. i left firefux because of the shills.
PSA: No one gives a shit what browser you use.

Have a nice day

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Can someone explain this whole Unix/timestamp thing? How is Unix time and timestamps related ?
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Simple. Unix, under the hood, uses a timestamp which counts the seconds since some arbitrary day in the 1980s (presumably when the first Unix server turned on). Everyone got excited because it ticked over to fifteen bajillion seconds.
Unix time is used for 4chan meme image names
Oh, really? I thought it was sequential.

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original iphone.jpg
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So we all agree that this is the most revolutionary tech product of the past 40 years right?
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eh...40 years? Maybe not. 15 years? sure.

Is Lua a meme script language or is it worth picking up?
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It's a meme that isn't funny
it's a cute language
Huge fucking meme.
Pick up Python or something actually useful.

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Hey guys what is the best virtual machine I can use to emulate windows xp on an Intel atom z? (arm?)
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Probably the closest virtual machine to windows xp is a virtualized windows xp
Host is running Windows 10, I have been trying to run xp through vmware but its my understanding that the atom series is arm architecture and vmware might be optimised for x86? Loading times are really slow and I would like to speed things up
atom is x86

I am starting to think they are just joking with each new release
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this is what Microsoft is doing on Windows 10, right now
uh what? what are you even bitching about you absolute retard?
1.) Who are 'they?' Is this Microsoft's doing, or Apple's doing?
2.) What exactly am I looking at?

Are these Windows 7 Ultimate licenses that you can buy on eBay for less than $10 legit? Are they a scam? Where do they come from and how are the sellers able to sell them for so cheap?
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/sqt/ is --> that way idiot

I know you are, but what am I?
somebody who can't read

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