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it pretty clear that machine learning will replace rule based systems wherever it can.

Is there a bigger rule based system than the US legal system? I mean, people spend a majority of their lives studying to master a FRACTION of it.

Is it possible to create a legal "model" using court rulings as a databse?
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>Is it possible to create a legal "model" using court rulings as a databse?

Yes, but that will not do it. Context matters a lot when it comes to court rulings, no AI will be able to understand a complex case involving hundreds of factors, ambivalence etc...
>trying to replace lawyers with AI
Are you literally Hitler?
The jews will never let off the power, rather they would make AI illegal.
>The jews
> le intertional joo conspiracy
Oh look one of those retards escaped its habitat. Pls go back to pol.

Hey /g/

I've got a software raid 10 array, 4x3TB, and can only write 3TB to the array itself. Specifically:

Array Size : 5860528128 (5589.04 GiB 6001.18 GB)
Used Dev Size : 2930264064 (2794.52 GiB 3000.59 GB)

When I try to write to it, I get a message saying I need X more space, where X is the size of the file I'm trying to write to it. What could this be?

I've searched all over the internet, I've found a few similar issues but none have helped.
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What type raid is it?
Then it makes sense right? Change your raid type to something else

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>sudo -i
>su root
>CTRL+ALT+F2 << root\n123456\n
>ssh [email protected]
*walks away from computer to get a coffe without locking screen*
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cd / && rm * -rfv
I do the 4th one at least 10 times a day at work
my lock screen looks like it has root access to the console and if someone types something it takes a picture, runs a shrek filter on it and displays it

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Which one of you NEET fuckers is selling this?

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>Getting rid of a piece of shit laptop with a useless meme of an operating system

An the problem with this is?
Anyone who knows thinkpads isn't going to want an R series and any normie is going to be sahara dry between the legs at the first sight of linux.
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>Battery Life: Over one hour battery life

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Ways the iPhone revolutionized the world and ignited the evolution of smartphones:
1. First smartphone
2. First smartphone with GPS
3. First smartphone with threaded text
4. First smartphone with font-facing selfie camera
5. First smartphone with apps
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1. It wasn't
2. It wasn't
3. I dunno really
4. It wasn't
5. Apps as we understand them now I guess, not necessarily a good thing
0/11 b8
So this is the world that we wanted? Applel revolutionized the world in a fucking shitty way. Now the quality of a product is less important than it social value. Thanks Apple, thanks marketing, thanks macfags, thanks starbucks hipsters.

Can you do that in Visual Studio?

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lmfao no wonder loonix is going to shit, and fast too
Why would you ever want to if you're over 14 years old?
M-x dunnet

emacs did it first

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This right here is Walmart's "Area 71" datacenter. That's right, it's a literal and absolutely fucking massive botnet. If you've ever set foot in a Walmart, you've been botnetted. If you've ever protested against Walmart, you've been botnetted. If you've reported on suc protests, you've been botnetted. If you were for some reason dumb and connected to their wifi, all of your personal emails are now theirs and the botnet's. If for some reason you're working there, you're actively being spied on by the botnet.
People are quick to scream "BOTNET" with the traditional companies (Google, MS, Yahoo, et al), but many don't realize that Walmart is also a massive botnet. Arguably, a far more scarier botnet that's actually real and literal.
>All of the data are precious to Wal-Mart.
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It's mostly just for inventory tracking and distribution.

I wouldn't worry about it.
Prove it.
Hint: you can't.
>muh privacy
Go fuck yourself

Is there comfier way to eat your dietic sandwich and tarator while browsing /g/ than on a surface? I say no
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how much did you pay for that pretentious bread box? 12 dollar?
>Surface Pro 3
Africa called they want their low tech shit back.
3 europoor

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dead gopher.jpg
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When is this meme language going to die?

>garbage collection
not even once

effective concatenation requires creating a separate buffer

package for go-tards who are too stupid to read lisp.

bindings so golang can attract even more retards

You now have 10 seconds to defend yourself for using a meme language.
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Here's how it works: hire a bunch of retards to build specific things that are being done over and over and cant be automatized easily, give em retard friendly tools to do it and pay less.

A smart engineer or a programmer can make demands, ask for high wages, and generally threaten the control of the CEO as he's less intelligent than the programmer, this wont happen with a blue dyed hair SJW.

this is the whole plan in my opinion
it could have been much better, but overall it's good enough and it has become one of the top languages so no it's not going to die anytime soon
For fuck, this is not a language for you, or for public.
It's a language made for newbies. With Golang, retards can work on project without the risk of destroying it.
Go is simple and safe, it's the perfect tool for little hands.

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Fine up until the leaves blow...how do you get this shit to work?
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come on, no scanner fags?
You're on a board full of tech illiterate consumerist trash faggots who wouldn't know an antenna from a dildo if you smacked them across the face with both.

>>>/diy/ is that way.
are you saying /diy/ is also that way? i need help with this shit. shit doesnt fucking work while driving down the road. whats the point?

Why did AMD intentionally remove the ability to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation programmatically?

I bought a used native 1080p projector that did not come with a remote for $150. I have a 90 inch screen. I use this screen to watch movies and play games in my man cave. Unfortunately, I cannot adjust brightness, contrast or saturation using hardware buttons. The only way to adjust these settings on my projector was on the remote control that I do not have.. My only option to adjust these settings used to be through the AMD software, but they intentionally removed these features. I'm going to say that again for emphasis. AMD's softer used to have the ability to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation through their program, and they INTENTIONALLY removed these feature.

Everyone keeps saying to revert to previous software version, but Windows 10 forces update to latest software because Microsoft insists that they know what I need better than I do.

So here I am, unable to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation on my display because instead of improving their software, some fucktard at AMD actually decided to task several people to intentionally remove these features from their software. Because Derp.

Are you guys fucking retarded? What could you possibly gain from taking the effort to remove these settings?
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install gentoo
I dual boot. I have a Linux distro on the same computer.

I have a Kodi home theater. I only boot windows 10 to play games that I can't play on Linux.
AMD drivers fucking blow.
I would use Nvidia, but then I'd have to log in to update my drivers and that rubs me the wrong way.

At work we use this Windows application called Xelion for phone calls. You can set a personal message for everyone to see, including my employer.

Most quoted reply will be chosen as my new personal message.
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Anyone want to yiff yiff?
Reminder that the young and impressionable inhabit this forum.

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>just changed distros for the 7th time this week
who /distro hopping/ here? how do I settle down with 1 operating system
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I used to do that, genuinely settled on Ubuntu. It's awful in many ways but reliable/feature packed enough to keep me from hopping but more importantly, OFF windows.
Im gonna hijack your thread for a sec
>Build new rig
>Its having performance issues
>CPU is performing extremely below average.
>Type out a complex and well thought out paragraph on TomsHardware
>30 minutes later, 1 reply
>Lol did you turn it on and off again
>Look at the other threads
>Literal retard questions
>One thread 'Can't turn on computer'
>139 replies
>Dude didnt turn on his PSU switch
Im fucking livid right now
Did you remove the plastic thing from your cpu cooler

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>he doesn't use Fedora

What's the matter anon? Don't like innovation?
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Install gentoo
I run Gentoo.
Perkele mämmi soumi :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Yo /g/,

Retard using Windows 10 here. I've ran Spybot Anti-Beacon, ShutUp10, and W10Privacy. Disabled/deleted pretty much every piece of bullshit I could find by hand.

Am I still gonna get fucked in the ass by M$ spying or is that enough? LTSB was too unstable so that's not an option.
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You will always get fucked in the ass. No matter how many little shits throw up their anti-telemetry bullshit, Windows and it's siege of compensated engineers will rip that shit to threads faster than you can imagine.

And they don't even have to do that, they will always have their ways of getting your information in their black box environment. Anyone who tells you differently has an agenda or is justifying their inability to get off of windoze

If I'm stuck in the Windows ecosystem, what is my best option? Downgrade to 7/8.1?

I don't care about NSA backdoor as much as I do my shit getting sent every x amount of minutes to a Microsoft server.
I don't think anyone can say for sure. Like I said, blackbox. If you're stuck in it you might as well not additionally cripple. I'd expect the same outcome from Win7 and onward at this point. So, if you're on 10, and you're committed to the Windows ecosystem, stay on 10.

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