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>apple's newest cellphone has a 6 core processor
I thought you applefags said cell phones don't need more than 2 ... er 4 cores LOL
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Apples 3 cores will beat any Android 8 core processors.
>Android can't outclass the iPhone with 10 cores
>"heh lol look what those guys on the internet said a few years ago"
I'm probably never going to get an iPhone, but the state of Android is absolutely embarrassing
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What do you recommend for a free, private, secure DNS server?
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opennic/opendns got taken over by communists and they ban people for saying mean things about jews
This, don't listen to CIAniggers like >>62395849

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Been using google since I was just a wee lad, what are some good alternatives that respect privacy and diversity of opinion? I've tried DuckDuckGo but it sucked.
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>diversity of opinion
conservative fake news garbage rots your brain and is the reason why you can't talk to girls

Based google
>using the internet at all
Dat cognitive dissonance, do you honestly believe CNN/MSNBC/FOX is any better? All have their agenda to push and will use any bullshit they can to do it.

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Isn't it funny how billion dollar industries like cloud computing were born solely out of normies not knowing how to use their computers?
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Isn't it funny how billion dollar industries like healthcare were born solely out of normies not knowing how to treat their illnesses?
Tell me more about how a normie could utilize AWS or Azure
Isn't it funny how billion dollar industries like agriculture were born solely out of normies not knowing how to hunt and gather their own food?

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>tfw Windows 10 uses less ram than fucking GNOME
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windows 10 is unliked here because its what normal people use
Yeah, after you disable all the botnet "features"
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Windows and Linux report and use RAM differently

This will still get 200 replies

Rate this POS
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Cool comp Ahmed , want to bring it to the white house ?
cable management/10

Why do you need those kind of specs for a point of sale machien?

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>people are gonna spend over a thousand dollars on a phone that has facial recognition software
Jesus fucking Christ how can any of you condone this?
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Fuckin shill
Literally not talking about games at all

anime website

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I need a good fake login NOT IN LOCAL
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This thread sucks
What in god's wet fuck are you talking about?
This post sucks

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Apple is literally /our company/
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all white males with beards,SJW eternally BTFO
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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62381043
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Welcome home, big sister!
Does anyone know about a 20-byte structure used internally by VC-compiled binaries for heap allocation management?
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>>> 0.2 + 0.2 == 0.4
>>> 0.1 + 0.2 == 0.3

What do you think will the next big Windows OS be like?
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Windows 10s. Windows shills will then lose all control of their computers and becomes brainless.
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windows 11.jpg
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It'll be called 10.1 or something, will bring ReFS to normal Windows users similar to how APFS is replacing HFS+ this fall with High Sierra.

Last night I installed Manjaro Linux, with the Gnome desktop envrionment, onto my main Desktop PC and so far I am loving the user interface.
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Yeah, manjaro does some tweaking to the GNOME desktop, it's great
What do you need two bars for?
gnome btfo

is privacy possible online?
how do i know that CIA niggers didn't slip a virus into my Linux when i wan't looking?
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people still are clueless about their own bodies when it comes to the effects of diet at a microscopic level, and you expect to be in control of a system you didnt 100% assemble and fabricate from the basic raw materials yourself?
The only way to be safe online is to have an airgapped sbc for encrypting and signing your data, you must transmit the data (strictly the encrypted data) using an insulated rs232 connector to a PC which is connected to the internet. if your computer has been online, or uses above a certain wattage, assume all data is compromised.

If your KDF takes less than 20 seconds to run, CIA niggers can read your data.

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Enterprise or Education?

MSToolkit, right?
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I already did that for a long time. I want to play real games again.
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enterprise of course and mstoolkit

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This ma mouse. Logitech G403. Its gucci.
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Mouse threads always start with a Logitech image/OP... hmm, really makes you think (sage for consumer shilling thread)
Say what you will about shilling, logitech makes some good shit. My headset is logitech and i own a logitech multidevice mouse for my laptop as well as a logitech g602 for rpg's. My keyboard used to be the g213 before i switched to a mechanical. razer doesn't compare in the bang for buck and fuck corsair for no reason other than i don't have one. I also have a 330 silent for my shit posting laptop.

TLDR i fucking love logitech's shit.
Anyone have experience with the g602? How's Linux support? Is it too weighty for fast games? How's the receiver range; would it do fine without direct line of sight but still only a few feet away from my tower?

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