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I bet you all drink coffee while installing Gentoo. Whats your favorite machine, which one does the best cofee? What do you think about mine (pic related)? Should i install Gentoo on it?
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Any consumer espresso machine with a real operating system is shit.

You don't need a fucking GUI to make espresso, put the money towards a good grinder and pump
I drink お茶, coffee is for poor people desu.
If you make coffee with a machine and not a Moka you are actually retarded and don't really care about real coffee

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Just installed Fedora as my first Linux OS. What next fellas?
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Install all the applications you will need.
Any Suggestions? I'm new at this.
What do you need

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>fucking Kubuntu
Why the fuck is everything always crashing in this abysmal fucking distro?
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I have serious issues with KDE and Ubuntu as well. KDE in general is very buggy.

I stick with Xfce and Gnome.
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I just fucking switched from Mint, before which switching from Manjaro.
Give me ONE (2) good actual distro to use.

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do you use a mouse glove, to combat carpal, avoid grease, and look cool?
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because im not stupid and use a good mouse
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Where do I get one? Is it comfy? Do you sweat much? I had to use something similar bought from a medical store because I am pretty sure i had carpal coming (wrist hurt everytime i operated a mouse).
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literally both autism tier
that mouse should only be used if you seriously have a limp dicked wrist or you're an old granny. either pic related, a regular mouse pad, or no pad at all, anything else is autism tier.

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/tosg/ TempleOS General

/Is Terry Alive/ edition

TempleOS is a free, public domain, open source, x86_64, non-preemptive
multi-tasking, multi-cored, ring-0-only, single-address-map (identity-mapped),
non-networked, PC operating system. Paging is, basically, not used.

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Can someone give me a serious tl;dr on who this guy is? I understand he created an OS and thinks he can communicate with god? I watched a couple of his videos and it was just him calling everyone niggers
Well, basically that's all there is to Terry A Davis
been a couple days, no new videos? Has terry been committed again? Will they let him upload videos from the mental hospital?

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Sup /g/, poor fag here.

Know any cheap routers that are decent?

Shit tier one that came with isp, crashes every ~20 minutes
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U can even change it? Mine has a weird data cable which I cant remove
Can't you just drag an ethernet cord from your modem and plug it into the router?
Where can I get the Nepgear?

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I'm going to become a power user now.

I will install Gentoo and start using a WM.

I really will miss using LibreOffice, qBittorrent, and other GUI programs. And how easy it is it using a DE on Linux, how easy it is to tweak things, setup devices, and mount external drives.

What software does /g/ recommend?
What are the recommended readings?
I need to know how to setup mounting, firewall, permissions, crons, etc.; the things distro developers do that are invisible to the users that users take for granted.
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>power user
is this how /g/ calls autism now?
How about you install windows and use your computer like every other normal person around you?
Or do you just desperately need something to keep yourself alive? Hobby OS for example?


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If there is suddenly an apocalypse and only one distro survives. Which distro would you like it to be?
I would choose openSUSE Leap because it is most complete GNU/Linux distribution out there it has a loot of tools and a great documentation.
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Are new distros allowed to be made after this catastrophe is over? If so, I choose Debian. It would be the most solid base from which to rebuild.
Everything can be rebuilt.

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Can I have one Windows 10 computer with multiple displays, each with a different user logged in?

My parents own two shitty desktops that sit next to each other with separate screens, one is my dad's the other is my mom's. They want to buy two new computers to replace them. There has to be a way to just buy one computer and use multiple displays with multiple users simultaneously, right?
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I've seen this being used in a few places years ago, it may be called "thin client" or something like that.
oh so set it up as a server and use rdp or something?

I'm a linux guy so I have no idea what the latest and greatest in the windows world is
so heres what your going to have to do if your thinking thin clients
2 thin client pcs
1 server
1 server OS retail:$450.00

glhf getting audio to work reliably

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Hey /g/, long time lurker, first time poster.

I am graduating this month with a degree in process operations. This 'qualifies' me to run billion dollar chemical plant processes like crude oil distillation, polyethylene manufacture etc.

I spent about 4 months working in the industry as an intern at a company that starts with D and rhymes with wow. I quickly grew to despise the company and the industry as a whole and GTFO ASAP

As of late I have been building gaming PC's and mining rigs for profit and doing shit on the side like Windows 7 downgrades for old people who cant figure out Win 10.

Right now I am basically one step below a script kiddy, I don't have to memorize how to do anything because I always have the internet handy.

The question:

What is the most lucrative field of technology to study? Do I need a 4-year degree to make life happen? Are there fields I could study that would be more geared toward freelance and less toward major cooperation? What is a day in the life like for various fields? I want to be absolutely certain of my decision before I incur a mountain of debt and completely disregard the degree that I will have in a few weeks.

How do I in computer college?
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Do CS50X. that's step one. By the end you'll build a functional, viable web app. You can use that app to demonstrate your abilities in an interview.

I'm self taught and have been working as a web developer for six months. Getting the first job will be the hardest part.
>ltl ftp
>reddit formatting
You need to go back.
>Tfw i dont even lurk on Reddit

Thanks for the advice tho senpai. Maybe I'll check it out.

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How do we get more women and refugees into programming? They are underrepresented in this sector of the technology workforce.
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If someone wants to pursue programming, they'll do it.

one out of ten, made me reply.
Why do people like you false flag about that. No one cares, get a life
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>How do we get more squirrels to do algebra? They are underrepresented in mathematics and so this must be the fault of straight white men.

Niggers and women are on average genetically inferior. The sooner you learn and accept this, the better.

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what should I spend all this money on, /g/ ?
I'm rich now.
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holy shit thats actually legit it has a .gov
buy all the threadrippers and vegas and watch as the miners cry as their wasteful industry's difficulty increases tenfold
thanks op i just spoofed your email and got myself one million dollars

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What is the best reason to use GUN/Linux?
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Faster render in Blender.
You need a GUN/Linux to defend your three essential freedoms.
Kill, Marry, Fuck

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>current state of women in tech
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women are fucking stupid, always ruin shit for men

Eve fucked adam over nicely
i wish i had a 3d printer to print my own dildos
but they are just too expensive
well atleast its just a small pink one not a big black one

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>Professional Motherboards X399 being market as Le RGB gaymen
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Shit is cringy as fuck, but at least you can turn it off.
>buying Gigacuck anything
[spoiler]gaymers/enthusiasts can be professionals too[/spoiler]

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