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>Try to type with all 10 fingers
>Slower than typing with 4 fingers
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Takes some time for your muscle memory to change. I know it sucks typing slower, but it will be worth it. I used to type like 60wpm with just my left hand. Grew up and now I type up to 157wpm using both hands. I don't use proper homerow, but using every finger matters a lot
What? I have typed with both index fingers all my life

so long as you aren't an autist it should only take a few days to get to 60-80% of your original speed and maybe a week or two to reach back to where you were

full muscle memory will take months to develop which will slow you down in areas but in the long run you should make less typos due to (theoretically) less hand movement overall

either way qwerty is a shit layout but even then you probably won't improve your typing speed substantially no matter what you do

Used linux for the first time, really had fun..looking forward to learn more.
What's your take g?
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>used linux for the first time
>Had fun

You sure you used GNU/LINUX?
great choice of OS, anon. Its beautiful and works great. Don't listen to the neets that will tell you otherwise
Yup man, loved it

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Alright, so is HBM really a meme?

I mean, we all know Polaris is decent, the RX 580 is at the GTX 1060 level, even superior on Vulkan and DX12 (uses more energy tho)

So Polaris gets on GTX 1060 levels without HBM, and Vega gets at 1070/1080 levels with it? If you think about it, it doesn't make sense. Vega is not Polaris + HBM, is actually a whole new architecture, I'd expect that if you remove HBM from Vega, it would still perform better than Polaris.

In the end, it seems HBM just increases production prices massively, delivers small improvements and uses ~35% of the die size.

Why didn't they just improve Polaris and drop the HBM meme? Use that shit only on professional cards.

Having that said, Pascal is just too good, solid improvements, good price drops and great TDP, very hard for AMD to compete.
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The drivers are literally Fiji and not using any of Vega's features. They probably have incomplete but working Vega drivers, didn't want to release them with FE Vega due to stability issues.
bump for Lisa
Because for the last 5 years AMD was doing nothing but badly copying every Nvidia did. Volta was announced ages ago so AMD had to jump on the HBM2 meme too. Meanwhile it turns out Volta lineup is some unholy combination of HBM2 and GDDR6.

>Try to post on 4chins
>Google captcha comes up
>Asks me to "label street signs"
>The more training data a neural net gets, the better it becomes

Does anyone else feel like we are just slowly feeding a massive neural network? Eventually it's going to be able to tell the difference from an orange and a tangerine.
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yes, that's the point
4chins gets free spam protection
google gets free training for skynet
you get to waste your time
Google also get free ip data from the captcha.
no, because i give it false info.


>people waiting for Skylake-X
>it was a turd
>people that waited got Ryzen

Meanwhile what is happening to Intel is gonna happen to AMD's GPU division as well, thanks to Vega, but who cares, Nvidia's GPUs aren't TOO overpriced like Intel's top end gear is.
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Skylake based Xeons' where it's at
Yeah, they're at least tolerable since they're not fucking housefires since Intel doesn't crank the clocks on server platforms
>it's real

Pissmark is garbage but at least they have this graph going for them.

How can one operating system look so good? Why doesn't windows look this good?
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I've always known these topics are bait. But now I actually have some feedback. I've been using windows since I was a kid, and never felt the need to change. But I always wanted to know what it is like to use a mac. They're very interesting, specially hardware wise they look stunning.

In my opinion the only company that actually puts some effort in making their products look good. Their os is also pretty beautiful.

Recently I changed jobs and now I am using a 4k Imac for photography work and my god is this thing awfully slow. Not only slow, but even the OS feels like pure garbage.

I have a two year old computer that cost me 1000€ to build and it's faster than this Imac! I guess it looks good and feels "comfy" but jesus christ getting work done on that is a pain in the ass.
macOS is lovely. I'm enjoying it on my PC :^)
I've only recently switched to the macbook pro because i was bored with windows, I wanted to be excited about learning a new OS again. So far I'm liking it; I can see myself going back to windows in the future though.

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why is the internet filled with indians? i used to see them on only xda releasing custom roms for 3 years old phones but now they are everywhere.
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Because the internet is accessible by more people now, and it's also faster and cheaper in most countries compared to the US.

oh wait I forgot this was 4chan.

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because facebook is giving them free internet

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Is this a good idea? the spots for the fan were either way too high or way too low for the gpu to get any decent air, i was thinking of gluing it there or something. dont mind the dust frosting all shall be cleaned in due time
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looks good m8
Check the temps to see if it is good or not.
I'd move it a bit farther to the front and up, maybe you can suspend it from your HDD cage with some wire

Why do people wipe free disk space or wipe a disk 3 times to permenantly erase deleted files when they could just make a super long password and FDE encrypt the drive they want to delete files on?
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Best way to hide something forever is to FDE the drive and forget about the password, no need to nuke the drive or use bleachbit for example.
>your house raided and they took everything in
>FBI wants you to unlock that drive
>answer "i don't remember the password'
>jailed for lifetime until you unlock that shit
>actually don't know the password
>jailed lifetime because you are being smartass

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>Apartments in Melbourne over million dollars with nbn (fibre / VDSL for faggot foreigners)
>ZERO results

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Why the fuck do you need fibre connection?
I'm an Europoor with fibre connectivity but the old one I had 20Mbps up/down was entirely livable and I did not notice a massive difference.
because Australian ADSL2 is shit in 2017. I am only getting reasonable speeds on NBN (50/20)
who are you quoting

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Does anybody know from their experience, what's the best option out of two possible:
1. Put a pagefile into separate HDD w/ SATAII (effectively reads at 40-80MB/s) or;
2. Put a pagefile on same HDD, from which memory-intensive app is running, but w/ SATAIII (effective read at 70-120MB/s)

I tried both, the first one maybe seemed like a smoother exiperience, but the it worries me that signigicantly slower read/write speeds actually reduces the performance.
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whichever disk has a lower IO load
the SATAII one, since i'm running stuff from second one.

Ok, then my gut feel didn't has not deceived me.
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I'd go with the third one.

You honestly think one felt more smooth than the other? I'd be damned if that was the case. Just go for some simple benchmarking and find out on the average day.

Is the 3GB GTX 1060 the way to go? 6 GB card are getting overpriced lately cuz of miners
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Hell no. 3GB is barely enough for games today, in a year or two it won't be able to run all that well because of VRAM limit. My 4GB card is already feeling limited.
Not if you plan to use it for a couple of years or more. I was using a GTX 780 until mid-last year and I constantly ran into the 3GB limit. Turning down textures a notch or two usually fixes it, but obviously at the cost of image quality. Personally, shit textures bother me more than most things.
Wait until 3/4 GB cards become useless for mining in a few weeks, they'll be everywhere for dirt cheap.

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I'm bored with webdev, linux sysadmin and mid-tier applications like C# ones. What are some really deep and intense complex computer areas I can dwelve into?I'm already planning to dwelve into low level programming and system programming but maybe there's something more interesting you guys are aware of.
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bump for answers
damn, I thought /g/ would know something about computers, shame :/
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Hey, I'm reseting my laptop at the moment, but I have to leave. Like right now, what will happen if I plug it out for 20 minutes and plug it back in when I'm home?
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>screenshot of a photo
yeah, sizelimit
It would be extremely painful

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So i need a new wifi adapter because my old one has ping problems and from possible 4mb/s i get only around 700kb/s.

The router is downstairs and i also use a repeater.
The repeater is sending in N and so does my wifi adapter. The router can use 5GHz and AC.

What would be the best wifi adapter wirh an antenna for around 30€? I know i habe to ditch the repeater then because it cant do AC but the Antenna dhiuld be enough to hold a stable connection through 3 walls.

Any experiences?
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Also i live in a big city so the 2.4ghz frenquency is cluttered as shit
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my wifi.png
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Thats the laylout of the house
what country?

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