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Why is the Kilobyte sometimes defined as 1000 Bytes when it has always been 1024 Bytes? When did this begin? I assume the Kilobyte (1000 Bytes) was invented by storage manufacturers to sell less storage, if so, I want to find who's responsible.
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It's because 1024 was too difficult for stupid faggots to work out in their heads.
The jews
kilo is the prefix for one thousand

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>just bought a new Motorola g5
>using it for a few hours, YouTube and other apps full of ads and shit
>trying to install some apps I had on my old device
>root only
>looking for some tutorials on YouTube
>3/4 are from guys with a Paki/hindi accent
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Xiaomi dont have this problem
Instal LineageOS, stop watching Youtube tutorials.
Follow a written guide

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Welcome to Libreboot General Thread!
Beginners feel free to ask questions!


So /g/ why haven't you installed the only BIOS that actually respects your freedom, privacy, and human rights by using no proprietary firmware and disables the Intel (NSA backdoor) ME?

>inb4 the dev is a tranny
That's a red herring and has no bearing on the project
The dispute with GNU was resolved several months ago

>inb4 no compatible system
You can literally get a ThinkPad X200 for $50 on ebay

>inb4 no beaglebone/pi for external flashing
You can get an X60 for internal flashing or use a Libreboot flashing service on ebay for X200/T400

>inb4 that hardware is ancient
An X200 will pretty much do anything besides "muh gaymin" plus there are some descent mobo's that support Libreboot for a desktop system (see the wiki page)
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Correction to the image:
arch & gentoo > debian > BSD > Rest of linux > windows > [....] misc [....] > mac

you can't make this shit up

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a new hobby of mine is to make google searches for random things, and seeing how many ads are clicked by adnauseum . Specifically on google search. So far, the google search yielding the highest amount of ads is

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It seems like "normie" item searches are the ones with the most ads . Cutlery , Mattress , Ovens , etc..

i assume that people searching for these items might be less tech savvy and more likely to click an ad.
Google now shuts down websites that don't align with their social viewpoints. So something which threatens their profits like adnauseum is going to be fucked over hard.
You'll get the most ads for items that women would search for, and especially items that really stupid women would search for.

Women drive the vast majority of consumer spending. Every advertisement is marketed foremost to women for this reason.

>Not owning a note 8

You faggots even trying? Don't come to me with your iPhone princess shit either.
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I do tho
>his phone is bigger than his dick
It's not tho...

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no thanks

gmail, google office, google search, android, and their contributions left and right like guava library are brety gud
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beachball of death.jpg
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I'll stick with ublock and save my bandwidth for my own cause instead of your /pol/ propaganda tyvm.

What kind of computer chair does /g/ use?
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I have a recliner pushed up to my desk.
Literally fedora the chair
Even though they look stupid. They are really sturdy. Fairly comfortable too but a little stiff.

I need ideas for a project /g/

The chair of the cs department asked me to put together something to present at the university's fall festival for computer science. And I can't really think of anything. What the fuck do I make? I have about a month to roll it out
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ai to generate ideas for codemonkeys
op btfo
Write a tool that calculates the ideal amount of smetana for a given stack of blini.

Google just unlisted Rogan's podcast on James Damore, and scrubbed their search results. This is just mere hours after the livestream finished.

They fired the guy, and are now censoring what he has to say. What do they have to hide? This is not politics, it's clearly technology related given how big of an influence Google has on the web and the average consumer.
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"Don't be evil-ish".
"It's like a spectrum of evil."
>sexists have a right to use Google services
>This is not politics
You're right, it's business. Go to >>>/biz/. Corporate influence is not a technology.

A daily reminder that Linux desktop adoption tripled since the introduction of Windows 10.
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3 * 0 = 0 so your pic is wrong
Can't forget about the angry Macfags who were, yet again, disappoint with the latest laptops from Apple. Lots of programmers were up in arms over this.
Stallman = 0?

I need a thin form factor laptop with good specs and I was looking at getting a MBP but then I saw this thing and was half considering it. I wouldn't really be doing any gaming except for FF14 mostly videos, and programming while I'm out to sea.

My only problems is alot of people have said they need to undervolt the CPU for good temps and the retarded placement of the keyboard.

Anyone have one of these and can comment on it?

Not really interested in the XPS 15, the X1 carbon or the thinkpad.
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Why don't you want any of those / what is your budget?

By the way the majority of laptops you will want (thin) are going to undervolt the CPU.

Anyway just go to amazon and limit by core i processors, the size you want, and then sort by highest price. Those will probably be thinnest. There's a lot of asus / acer shit that is thin if you, for whatever reason, dont want xps / carbon.

razorblade stealth?
>playing vidya
consider suicide
>gayman laptop
kys yourself
I don't like the look of those other two, my budget is $3500. I know the CPU will be undervolted if it gets to a certain temp but with the ROG people are actually having to change the clock speed which I don't/shouldn't have to do.

I looked at the razor and while it's nice I don't fully trust razor.

More than likely just end up getting a full spec 15in MBP.

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/mkg/ - Chinese ortholinear edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Keyset wiki
http://keypuller.com (https://web.archive.org/web/20161101152119/http://keypuller.com/)

Previous: >>62259884
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Nice rare industrial m13 reporting in
Do you ever get bullied at work for having a loud keyboard?
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my realforce isnt loud

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VPN and proxy sites are all blocked in my country, is there anyway to access them again?
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Move elsewhere
Use a VPN or a proxy to get around the block.
Try to find a proxy somewhere to access them the add their proxy,.

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My last one died and I'm stuck with a horrible old Sony that is giving me aids.

I want something with
>decent specs
>good build quality
>long battery life (>3Ah)
>small dimensions: shorter than 15cm=5.9in, and slimmer than 7cm=2.9in
A physical keyboard and stock Android 7 or higher would be nice, too.
Price doesn't matter too much.

Right now I am looking at the Blackberry KeyOne, the Google Pixel and the Oneplus 5. Also the Moto G5 for a bang4buck option.

Gimme advice, suggestions, alternatives, warnings, etc

I trust you, /g/!
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iPhone 7
If you get a Pixel, wait until the new one is out, should lower the price a bit. I've had really good experiences with Xiaomi lately, can recommend the Mi 5S and Mi 6 if you dont live in the US.

Otherwise your choices are solid I guess. You could also look at Nokia.
no Apple
I want to play mp3s on my device and use it the way I want to.
Also, overpriced plus a million other reasons.

sup bros, i bought a Iphone 4s today, i payed 173,97 dollars
is that good?
is that bad?
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used or new? you got fucked either way tho. i can buy a fucking 7+ for less then that
almost new, just like 1 month of use
Give it back, Jamal.

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