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Alrighty then. Lets have a mouse general. Whats the best one out there that you can recommend in a blink and why is it the G502? Show me your rodents /g/.
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this $10 chink mouse has lasted me 3 years so far
How many buttons does it have on the side? I'm looking for a mouse with 4 side buttons that arent placed all over and are easily reached with my thumb
Still loving my Zowie EC2.

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>invents computer

Is he /ourgay/ ?
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i don't give a shit but the film was awful.
He is our guy, but less for that reason and more for his insatiable appetite for cock.
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Nothing wrong with liking traps Tbh

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>the absolute state of irc on ios

/g/ senpai, owning both an andriod and ios device, I recently stumbled across (imho) a worthwhile android irc client.


made by an efnet goy.


now trying to find something "close" on ios. Especially an ios client that supports blowfish encryption.

Would appreciate any suggestions.
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kys ios faggot
>owning both an andriod and ios device

read again
op here again,

I also found s`omething intereting in the FAQ section of 1 app.

"Some networks block connections to irc servers. Verizon is known to do this is some locations."

Wut? IS this for security reason?

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anime website
did a 4 year old write this?

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Any tips/cheats for getting A+ certified?

The shit seems to vary wildly from "How to use a Mouse" to "How to build a fusion breeder"
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study all the obsolete and obscure motherboard form factors that no one uses anymore

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Welcome to the botnet.
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I don't care if I'm on a botnet, I have nothing to hide.
credit card info pls
access to all your pics pls
access to all your social media pls
phone numbers of all your friends pls

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Does /g/ use stylish / stylus?
Post screenshots of your setup

>inb4 minimalism is gay
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Stylish is botnet, it sends every url you enter to home base for "analysis". Use tamper/violent monkey instead
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OP here. Thanks, although I don't use stylish I use this plugin called stylus which apparently isn't a botnet....i think

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I'd like to write and self publish a book on web development geared towards teenagers, but I'm not too sure how it would do. It's a rather empty market but it may just be because teens aren't interested in web dev.

Also do you have any suggestions for any writing tools/software for writing technical non fiction?

Thanks in advance.
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Fuck off, we're full.
thank you for the advice.
Allegedly there is little to no money to it, especially in technical non-fiction. I would recommend Michael W. Lucas's talk on his writting process. (wrote many books on BSDs)

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GNU/Linux doesn't have this problem
Cool... you just cleaned all the caches which means now your computer will be a tiny bit slower and have to make them again.
Except if t's a fucked up one and it makes your browser sluggish and unresponsive

>he has to use third party software to access his drives
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>He relies on the OS to manage his data
I'd be concerned about having to use first party software. Your OS and file browser are third party to your external hard disk manufacturer. If they are making any specialized software for using it, that's first party, and also bad.
Got one of those setup as a NAS here, seems to be detected by Windows machines just fine without any software.

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>getting ready to house sit for my sister while she goes on vacation
>She is showing me around while discussing plans (over text) with her group of friends
>she mentions this one guy, who is particularly nerdy
>says him and I would totally get along
>I jokingly say "Can you ask him to bring 2Gb of DDR2 RAM?"
>she doesn't know what that means, but still texts the guy
>he fucking texts back
>"Yeah, I'm already on my way over. I actually have some in my car"
>MF fucking W
>He actually gave it to me

more /g/ related luck stories
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did you fug? hahaha, no homo btw. hahaha. but really...
I want to buy him a case of beer or something, I was just trying to sound like a geek to help enforce the meme
>2Gb of DDR2 RAM
What the fuck are you gonna do with that? It's not 2006, you know.

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Kind of a stupid question I guess but, if I install Windows 98se on a Virtual PC in my Windows 7 PC can it use real hardware that doesn't work with Windows 7?

Or is only going to work with software?

I'm assuming most of the Virtual PC hardware is emulated, so the answer is NO?
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Some virtual machines software's can pass through USB and pci devices
hmm i also wonder now. try it faggot.
I kind of doubt it.

Please, remind me why Unity desktop is considered to be a failure by everybody?
I just launched vbox with Unity cause I wanted to fuck around with Ubuntu for a little bit and DAMN, I just don't want to close it. It feels very comfy! I even consider a distrohop to Ubuntu now. Hope that there still will be a way to launch Unity even when after Canonical depreciate it.
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People already mimiced most of unity using gnome 3 and it's available to download. Which is part of why it's considered a failure. Just a waste of time and it only appealed to a few people.
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global menu is great. I'm quite used to drop-down menus because I use Macs at work and it's great that I can launch Firefox with a tool-bar hidden in title-bar so it doesn't waste space.
all Gnome extensions are joke compared to consistency of a user experience that Unity can give.

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is the web standarđ
how come?

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>const memeber function
>virtual functions
>lambda functions
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What's wrong, OP?
Member function is part of a class, also called a method.
Virtual function is vtable magic that lets you override methods and fall for the OOP meme
Lambda functions are self contained functions with no name created when you need them. They can also be assigned a name and at that point are no different than regular functions.

Now you know
Go kill'em pajeet
If you can't answer what these are then you need more D / C++ / Java programming experience.

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