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What email do you /g/entooman use? Looking for alternatives to this piece of shit.
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The only comfy email application available desu
Gmail? It's for my professional shit. Cock.li for all my burners
cock.li is compromised lol

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>Big Data
>Cloud computing
>Data Science
>The Internet of Things
>Data Pipelines
>Machine learning Framework
>Real-time analytics
>Lean start-up
>Naive bayes
>Rockstar developer
>Memory safety without garbage collection
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Whom are you quoting?
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>information super highway
>hacker called 4chan

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Many of these kinds of skills that the majority of programming jobs require are quite easy to associate with stereotypical female characteristics. Many of us may have been raised by a mother who knits. If you have, you may realize that she had been forming fairly complex abstract patterns with her hands even as her attention may be focused elsewhere. Indeed, women have been writing knitting patterns that produce complex structures in an abstract “assembly language” for quite a long time. Numerous other stereotypes pertaining to female creative styles and diligence serve perfectly well to “justify” extensive female employment in software engineering. So the question remains: why is this not the case? Either female ability and inclination really is, in the majority, unsuited to technology jobs, because they are indeed mostly of the category that requires the intelligence that men have marginally more of, or the story I’ve told you so far is probably true, but some other factor intervenes, one that diversity attempts in the tech industry do not address.


I've never done either so seems plausible.
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I'm not gonna read all that.
So he is right?
I don't care.
Knitting is not forming complicated machinery with balls of yarn.

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>you don't need a degree to get a programming job
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you don't, but it will be much harder to land anything more than pajeet tier if you don't have one.
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>You can get a programming job as a white male
This is good enough for me.
How do I get my foot in the door?

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>flat screen TV
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Seriously what the fuck is a teraflop, what is it even imagined to be?
b-but the screen is flat

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You can only pick two:
>[ ]extensions
>[ ]efficiency
>[ ]freedoms

Why are all browsers shit?
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>not writing his own browser in C
>modern web
No such thing
>not writing his own comfy browser in C and Haskell on Arch Linux, on Ryzen, on Thinkpad without SJW-botnet, memes and CIA-niggers.

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Can someone point me in the right direction to have someone micro solder a wire onto an iPhone 6 Plus logic board that has long screw damage?
I was replacing the digitizer/lcd and fucked up and put the wrong screws in the wrong places.

Thanks in advance. <3
I'm in VA, but I can't find anyone in this hick ass state to help me.
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>logic board
It's a PCB, dumb frogposter.
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Found your problem.

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Which is better between the two?
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GNOME. KDE is broken and bloated.
gnome had a bad rep for a while but its supposedly decent now.
Pretty sure everyone that liked Gnome switched to MATE tho, thats what i did.
its a matter of taste really!
KDE uses half the RAM that GNOME does

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What music do you listen to while programming?
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The prodigy
Music only serves as a distraction.
It makes time spent fun but ineffective.
Try to not listen to music while programming for a while.
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>Inb4 take me to the hospital

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Portable Media Players Thread

I've been working on restoring an iPod 4th Generation. It seems like the hard drive is dying, so I've ordered the shit to put a CF card in it, and also ordered a CF to MicroSD. So far I'm in $34, have I done good so far?
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they sound terrible and the eq is literally a joke
Will it still be shit if I install Rockbox?
I recently got my first Rockbox device, a Clip Zip. Installed Rockbox on it and it was mostly working fine but now it keeps giving me "panic" errors when I play music. It won't turn back on for a long time, this has happened three times and I don't wanna risk the brick being permanent. What gives?

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What do you think the internet would look like if people still had to actually put in effort into getting online? Surfing the net used to be a hobby now it's a part of everyday life.
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>"normal desktop users"
I used to browse 4chan on my desktop but phones got good enough that it was more convenient instead of less. Your graph doesn't take into account "converted" oldfags.
>being THIS unaware that you have become a normalfag.
Please leave.

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What is IRC used for?

Is it just for people with retro boners?
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Basically. Discord does everything it does only better. The only reason to use IRC over discord is hipster-ism or an aversion to the program due to it's marketing towards """"gamers""""
dumb titcowposter
rare chinese cartoons

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Tell me what's wrong with it /g/.
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No. Figure it out yourself.
>cuck cuck go
>duck duck go
With names like that you might as well be the moderator of /r/wokemillenialcommies yourself

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I got 16gb RAM on my desktop. I mainly only play gaymes. Any reason for me to upgrade to more RAM?
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If its 4 4 gig sticks no. If it 2 8 gig sticks. Sell those and get 4 4 gig sticks. Lower latency will give a slight boost.

Let's have a /g/ humor thread.
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Why'd you cover up your post number?
I bet you deserve it.
ayy i have those socks

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