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this anon just got his robot working

hes also got a 0/10 3d slave named sophie

twitch tv fmdud
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Pic of said sophie ?

he won't comply with our request to see sophie, sophie sounds like a solid 6/10 though
0/10 camera quality, sophie is off camera.
overall very lame

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callisto horseback.jpg
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Stupid Questions Thread
Questions that don't deserve their own thread because they're idiotic and trivial in nature
Sometimes stupid questions get stupid answers
Don't bog everything down bumping your questions
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Is Windows controlling my computer even in dual boot
>Is Windows controlling my computer when windows isn't even loaded
Can I install i3 gaps on Fedora 26?

Look at this thing.

Why does it even exist???
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>Why does it even exist???

Because MS saw how successful Google and Apple were and making all the moneys and so they copied them to make even more of the moneys.
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works on my machine
It exists so you can laugh at it.
You can barely read Photos on that image. Fucking bad font color choice.

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hey bois, i'm a newfag trying to get into GNU/linux n shiet, looking for the easiest to work with text editor for linux (currently running lubuntu (yeah no arch, sue me)). Currently using nano but i think it kinda sucks because I suck at using it. Fyi i'm going to code python so any pythonistas' with experience on the matter are greatly appreciated.

pic unrelated
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install gentoo
What the fuck kill yourself
vi or emacs

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I want to play Blu-ray on my Windows machine. I'm getting a drive (LG UH12NS30) to rip PS3 games for RPCS3 either way, but I wanna know what my options actually are for playing movies on my PC without ripping them. 40GB files aren't fun to deal with.

I've heard people talk about PowerDVD and Leawo, but are those my best options?
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>implying some shitty PC can cope with the power of the Sony Cell™ Processor

Enjoy your 2fps Demon's Souls
demon souls is for chumps

i'm in it for G-Force
lmao how did u get that picture of ray ramano with blue makeup

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ITT post garbage standards
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At least that is widely available everywhere you go unlike the usb-c meme
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Its not a standard if no one uses it.

>finally find a good arch guide for wmware after hours of trying to install arch
>follow it to a T for 40 minutes
>he installs gnome
>i do the same
>he reboots
>pic related happens
>reboot again
>it keeps happening
>can't do anything
just... just fuck my shit up...
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I warned you about gnome.

you need to enable the SMBus Host Controller
Install Gentoo

just bought a 780 ti for £150
did i get jeweD?
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laughing lolis.png
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Holy shit you're retarded.
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please be real

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>encoding video half way done
>the lightning gets closer and the wind and rain picks up
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Better disconnect all of the things, anon.
>American infrastructure

sometimes I forget
>he isn't encoding on an Apple™ MacBook™ Pro™
>he has to worry about the power going out because he doesn't have any battery life

Why are all the new high refresh rate monitors so fucking bright even on the lowest settings? How can people look at these new screens without getting eye inflammation and headaches?
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they are not.
Because other people go outside once in awhile
i have all my monitors, phones, laptops, tvs all on 0% brightness and still they're too bright

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>Help poor children in Uganda!
Wtf why is this SJW bullshit everywhere?

This is the same bullshit that SJWfox does and /g/ is perfectly okay with it

I'm switching to emacs now
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So edgy
>sjw bullshit
i always wondered that, but it thought it was some sort of joke

fuck uganda

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Must be free
Must have large amount of storage space
Must be able to sync with other users
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Why not try Dropbox? It has all those things and you get get like 16GB for free if you keep inviting yourself long enough.
Dropbox is aids.
make your own fucking dumb ass manolo

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>tfw Tinder keeps recommending douches

What are some other shitty apps?
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dont hit on me silly boys xddd

> Being embedded systems programmer in 2017
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Is this supposed to be a bad thing? Embedded systems are important.
I'm too.
What's the problem?
> Being web monkey coder in 2017

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Gamers are the worst fucking people. Literal manchildren ruining the internet with their obsession with flashy children's toys. The most uncultured, uneducated scum in existence.The only reason they care about computers are to play the latest "epic vidya bro!!!". For this reason, I propose video games, and gamer software like Windows are reasoning for a permanent ban on /g/.
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But /g/ loves open arena and wolfenstein: enemy territory that /g/ used to have an official server for.
>open arena
Only because it's FOSS.
Gamers drool over proprietary bullshit by big corporations.

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