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hey /g/, finally decided to make the move to linux. already decided the distro but i'm still confused. i need a torrent client and need to burn it on a cd? what exactly do i need to replace my ISO to linux? yes i'm a retard.
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I recommend Gentoo for beginners. I'll link a vid for you on the install

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I know there's at least one anon here who writes CUDA accellerated algorithms.

How do I get into it.

Hard mode: Same question, but without an NVIDIA card.
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webgl/2 has vertex and color shaders, running on an apu here =)
You cant run cuda programs on non nvidia cards.

You have to use OpenCL which is very similar to cuda.

Here is a list of books

It depends on your algorithm. You can think of graphics cards as highly parallel calculators. Its best when you have lots of small independent operations. For example matrix multiplication.

If your problem is something like this Google/Stackoverflow are pretty much all you need though. Lots of example code out there.

I think they're are fucking worthless expensive dumpster machines only used by rich white kids.
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I think they're great

Designed by caucasians in California
Designed by Chinks in China
I like them if I have to be honest. I'd never buy one in the foreseeable future but I do think they are nice. Well I'm mostly referring to the trash can looking one.

This is where we wait for the latest AMD graphics card which AMD will surely release in a timely manner and will definitely blow all of our minds, no questions asked, 100% guaranteed, no chance it'll fail, just you wait.

Last time: >>61149166


The latest:
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It belongs in the trash.
You belong in the trash.
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j-just wait, guys!

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Why don't you have a 10''- display? A MINI ONE
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Link me up senpai
Recommend me 1 fgt
Why would i

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font shittering.png
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>current year
>font rendering this bad
how do you tolerate using windows?
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>intentionally made fonts look bad
>why do they look bad?
Because we aren't fucking font fetishists jerking off to comic sans on lincucks you stupid niggerfaggot.
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but this is with mactype
here is without

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What went wrong?
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Your mothers pregnancy
Apparently nothing because Intel's doing the same thing with optane

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Using the analogy of data as water, could I refill my bucket (phone's mobile data) from the well (wifi modem) and thus use my mobile data and just 'refill' whenever I run low via my modem?
I understand this is a stretch and I probably sound retarded for even suggesting this (I am clueless about tech) but this is the only way I can think of to use internet at a remote location without relying entirely on my finite mobile data (my wifi at home is unlimited).
Any help with this matter is greatly appreciated.
>pls no bully
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I'm not sure if this is one of the best baits I've ever seen or you're the most retarded person I've seen on this board in a long time
Your bucket of data is filled up at the ISP or Cell tower well. The Mobile data is limited, because profit. The wifi data is also a bucket, not a well in your analogy, and your home ISP is the actual well. They just let you take as much as you want.

10/10 troll made me reply

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I'm fucking tired of trying out every mouse and mouse pad in existence trying to find the perfect match. Somebody please tell me the one god-tier combination that will end my search...

Currently using Kone pure owl eye + corsair MM200
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How about you grab a handful of cock you retarded faggot, I bet it will be the perfect match.

Just go to staples and buy a wireless laser Logitech like everyone else.
So far I have tried:

Nixeus Revel
Zowie FK1, FK1+ and EC1-A
Sensei Rubberized Black
DM1 Pro S

Mousepads I've tried:
HyperX fury
Allsop Raindrop
Roccat Taito Control
Glorious pc gaming race
Reflex lab
Corsair MM300
QcK Mass
Mamba > Deathadder

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Safe voltage?
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What a stupid post kill yourself
How about taking a screenshot and not a photo?
fucking normie
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thoughts on the Rossmann?
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Reminds me of romanoff
> starts masturbating
isn't he like 4 feet tall

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>setup finished for mouse's light driver, please restart your computer to use it
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stupid frogposter
stupid frogposter
>mouse's light

Why have good custom-build laptops eluded us for so long?

Is it for lack of parts?

Hell no.
>ssd very small and large storage
>tiny boards exist
>plentiful screens
>thin keyboards exist
>thin joysticks exist to replace nub mouse

Is it because we need a custom case?


>3d printing exists

Why haven't we done it?
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sounds like work
can't i just pay someone to do it?
do you really wanna carry around a medium-sized 80 pound computer case everywhere you go
implying the OP goes anywhere

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What absolute shit specs can you find on ebay so I can buy it like an autistic monkey?
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macbook pro
I need the cheap shit, like 70 dollars.

Dell Latitude E6410

I got mine for under 100

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do you use a vpn with tails? like installing a vpn on your laptop with tails and connecting it before using tor, or is that overkill?
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You don't have a VPs in a non 15eyes country?
use heads.iso
No such thing as overkill

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