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I already have a monitor for gaming but I'm trying to find one that is best for movies or just viewing in general, preferably 144hz and 24in+ also not sure if 4K is worth buying or just sticking with 1080p, any opinions?
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144hz monitor for movies? What movies are you watching?
4k is worth buying but not in your case
anything different than 23" 4k is retarded
I'm just so used to 144 that 60 rapes my eyes, plus interacting with windows and scrolling doesn't look good to me

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rm -rf /
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~ rm -rf /
rm: Es ist gefährlich, rekursiv auf '/' zu arbeiten.
rm: Benutzen Sie --no-preserve-root, um diese Sicherheitsmaßnahme zu umgehen.
nani kore

I need to get my hands on the most powerful laptop in the world for 300 bucks or less. I trust /g/ with my life since Im very happy with my redmeme note 3 and meme zircons. Do your best /g/, I believe in you. Shill that thinkpad like your life depends on it.
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t420 + aftermarket 2720qm processor
yes but it's cheaper on eBay

also you forgot the 2720qm

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Hi /g/ never posted here before
Guy I'm doing an internship for just gave me a speaker. I know nothing about audio stuff. What am I working with here? Is it any good?
Guy who gave it to me is a huge audio nut.
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That's a receiver

Plug shit into it using wires

The end
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Thanks bud
I don't know much about amplifier tech, but Onkyo are known for producing very good home cinema equipment. What you got there is probably pretty middle of the range, not excellent but very good.

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Any anon hero knows how is this encoded?

--key --password
umadudadu uaa/pJTCl5OV
ejynejybe qZa8vJ6ynauT
amutaruha pZK/uKSupaeZ
apuparuta pZLCuKCupael
uparutazu qquhzaWq
zamudazud qKuzsKWxlKym
tahupahup tKWzq6W9lJqm
tuzamudah rKXHvZG6qJaS
gygebygeg q5jLqpWvrJmW
tarutarut uKWztaXBlKSm
rumapurah rKPHsJG9qKSS
apuharura pZLCuJiupaej
apumapura pZLCuJ2uo6ej
mahuzarur tp6zq6XHlKSm
ynesybegy varAqKPGlZeY
arutatupa pZLEuKSup6eh
hahutarur tpmzq6XBlKSm
egygesybe qZa5vJeypquT
udatuzatu uaa2pKTCrZOl
vyjenyveg q6frzZXbrKiW
utamuramu uabmxJ3ipZOe
umapuhapu uabfxKDim5Oh
hapuharum sZnT06XVlKSm
sygeqybev uqTrypXerJSW
ynenyveny vargyJ7mqZef
ynesyvejy vargyKPmqZeb
umatupahu uabfxKTio5OZ
ysevyneqy varlyKbmoZei
zamuraduz vqvT0KXflJam
esyvebyge qZbl3KbSlauY
vyvegyqeg q6fr2ZXUrKOW
nyqejyveg q5/r1JXXrKiW
jyjejybes t5vrzZXXrJSW
byqejygeb ppPr1JXXrJmW
senyjevyj rqTX0anXmKiq
uparupazu uabixKLio5Or
ygenybeqy varZyJ7mlZei
arudaruha pZLk2JTOpaeZ
uhazuzadu uabaxKrirZOV
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also, even and odd positions swapped.
all of the inputs are 9 in length so maybe it's like this: [3,1,2,6,4,5,9,7,8]?

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How does /g/ position xir monitors and speakers?
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Incoherent post, their is the proper pronoun as it is gender neutral and is the proper conjugation whence xir is singular, and you are already assuming my preferred pronoun is xir, while I go by Thon.
>two monitors, one in the center and another to my left
>one speaker goes to the right of the center monitor
>the other speaker goes behind the right monitor, a little bit towards the center
use headphone. main screen i front of me and side screen in portrait and to the right

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Give me 1++ reason to not sage this thread
The issue with their products is that you need a periodic table to decipher which version supports what and at what price. Their 'free' version is hella gimped and has show stopper easter eggs.

Furthermore their incessant push to cloudify anything. I wouldn't trust a single line of proprietary code in VIsual Studio. Lightweight code editors will always be around. I use a mix of VIM/Sublime. If I want a feature filled (FREE) IDE, I'd pick up eclipse + CDT plugin.

Why the hell would I get VIsual Studies when there's (FREE) and trustworthy eclipse + CDT? Microsoft can go eat a dick w/ their bait and switch (CLOUD) software stacks. The last thing on my mind when writing serious code is microsoft/visual studio or windows.
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delet or I won't get my Redmond paycheck.

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B T F O ' D



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>frog picture
>blatant shitpost
Not even gonna bother clicking the video.
you're a cuck
and you're an underage r*dditor

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I think I figured out why Lisp never seriously caught on.


Lisp is such an easy language to create, it's easier to go off and create your own Lisp with blackjack and hookers than it is to converge on any single implementation. Attempts at standardization resulted in the design-by-committee Common Lisp and R6RS. The most popular Lisp (that isn't an editor scripting language) is a product of neither, instead its headliner feature is "Hey, you can use Java libraries!".
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because you can't expect an overwhelmingly Jewish field to use a language with overtly antisemitic syntax
Lisp did seriously catch on. A log of important features in modern programming languages come from Lisp.
gave me a giggle

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Don't you wish your operating system installed programs like this?
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No, why?
cp binary /bin
I am not retarded so no

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Why cant we be friends?
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you are judged by the company you keep, which is why I refuse to even share a room with Chinkpad users
MacBook keyboards are shit. Don't like Mac os.

They have nice screens though...
Why so insecure?

What is the most powerful and overkill computer you can build with current parts?

https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cHz8BP This is where I got with it.
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>Single CPU

Into the trash it goes.
Ok, then you make something better than I and post the results.
You need 3 things.
>Server Grade Motherboards.
>SAS Disk controlers for maximum Hard drive capacity.

If you even want to get close to overkill.

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Hello /g/. So I'm thinking about moving to Windows 10 from GNU/Linux. What are the caveats?

I know about mandatory update issues and telemetry, but my main concern is security. Is Windows security really that weak that it needs a Windows Defender? I never needed any GNU/Linux defenders and never though about viruses and cryptolockers as long as I'm not running anything with root rights.

Am I safe if I receive updates right away (like I have choice, have I?) and don't run any suspicious software with escalated through UAC rights?

How bad is Linux Subsystem for Windows?

Anything else I should be worried about? I'd like to read stories of your experience moving to Windows.
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Don't download shit for shaddy websites, block scripts for unknown / non trusted sites and you'll be fine, no need for any anti virus botnets.

If you do torrent games and stuff, just install malware bytes
Why are you switching to windows though?
You could you just run it in a VM.
>I'm thinking about moving to Windows 10 from GNU/Linux.

Being this retarded though.

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What's linux endgame?
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Lurk more.
something nice to use
i'm there rn

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>Not able to fix shit on the spot anymore
>Takes me time to figure out a solution
>Am I losing my touch in tech???
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like your flood of mimi arrows, youve grown too comfortable and overused.

learn something.
Who are you quoting? The tumblr gif you posted?
I feel really bad right now

I don't know what happened, at work I cant seem to function anymore while thinking about what might be wrong

Sitting at home at night, figure everything out and now I feel like absolute death

I might be losing my touch and I'm getting worried about my job

This might be my last month as a result of so many fuck ups

When you know too much you can't figure it out anymore

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