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What one is better for gaming? DDR4 has been around for so long and then RGB ram comes out. Do the colors make it so the graphics are snappier? I need something that will not lag up my games in the long run.
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worst bait ive seen in a long time
Idk goy, you need to watch more Linus Tech Tips.

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Anyone know how to create a malware?
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ask your mom.
What kind of malware
First, hang yourself
Second, try again if failed

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>vega is shit they said
>vega is DOA they said
>vega is a year old they said


where is your god now ?
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Is this another thread we pretend that Vega isn't dog shit? Because we already have like 5 of them going.
apparently people can undervolt it at about 200mv giving it 1070 power draw and having 1080 perf
(for the 56)
>Currently, however, an undervolting is still quite complicated, since the software can not be trusted. Indicators for the clock do not have to be correct and if the voltage has been accepted, is only ensured by a glance at the consumption. A simple setting of the values in the software is not enough at the moment - everything has to be validated.

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Can you just stop it, retards? I'm tired of you.
Imagine how much of a bitter faggot you'd have to be to care about this
>Fire FOX.
>Shiba inu.

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2nd year Software Developer here, I was wondering if any veterans could explain if programming chances much later on. And what about a ''programming calculator'' why would I never have to use it? For those asking how much/little experience I got, I made Windows Form Apps in Visual Studio: Mario, Zelda immitations, basic Calculators, text editors, other basic stuff. In C# (not c++).

Thanks in advance
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Oh, and ofcourse I made websites with PHP and Java aswell.

But what about getting a Job: Is there a lot of demand? Will there still be need for us in 50 years (probably yes)? How do you become a programmer without going to a school?

Too many questions!
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Where are the peoples?
Now it will be a cat thread
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what the fuck is this reddit tier shit. get out.

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Can anyone explain why ping varies so much on fiber??

Sometimes it's 2-3ping, sometimes it's 30-40 ping

Is it just shitty ISPs or could it be something on my end?

Also, speedtest just done
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It's more than likely your ISP is just a bit garbage.

I get 2-3ms consistently at all hours of the day.
My ISP is the best in the country for bandwidth. It's competitor relies heavily on an adsl network with even shitter pings
I'm not saying it's not better than the others, you're in australia afterall, every option is gonna be shit.

however, for fiber. That's truly abysmal performance.

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I'm building a computer for my buddy, he has a budget of around a grand and I'm wondering if /g/ can help me find parts that would help him game at ultra.
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Save his money up cause 1k isn't enough for ultra graphics
Back to ≥>>/v/

What the fuck is wrong with them?

Why cant they build fucking more?

pretty sure rx 400 series is a good lesson but they didnt learn at 500 now vega. wtf it makes me consider nvgimpia
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Buy a 1050 Ti. Easy.
Maybe if Bitcoin shills would fuck off and die, there would be cards available to the real public that actually wants them
Nah, the 10 AMDfags that are actually interested won't save them.

What's the most unbloated version of Windows 10 I can get for my laptop; or should I just use Windows 7 instead?
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Windows XP
Definetly LTSB. On Microsoft’s website they let you “evaluate it” for 90 days. I’m using it right now and it’s comfy af. Windows 7 is great but remember that you are on a dated platform. Just depends on what you’ll use the pc for. And of course
>Install Gentoo xD

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Do you guys defrag your hard drives?
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Windows does it for me
I have an SSD, so no.
NTFS partition yes, ext4 once, not sure why I did it though, probably wanted to see e4defrag in action

Backpacks are technology. Which backpack does /g/ uses for their EDC shit?

Also, is pic related a good buy?
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satchels are better
>using a backpack
>carrying anything except keys, wallet and ID-card.

go back 2 uni, fagget.
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Fuck you long canvas and leather wallets are comfy as fuck

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Name Apple products then name something wrong with it and how Apple chose to address it.

>iPhone 4
Holding it with left hand blocks antenna signals and results in frequent dropped calls
>you're just holding the phone wrong, goys

>2015-2016 MacBook Pro
Time-remaining battery indicator feature on status bar giving wildly inaccurate readings
>Apple removes that feature from all Apple computers in an update
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Do you even know who the CEO of Apple is?
You just listed the only two mistakes Apple has ever made.

While not adopting Vulkan is a mistake, it's obvious that macOS, or Mac systems aren't built for gaming.

Apple is the Father, Steve Jobs is the Son, and Craig Federighi is the Holy Spirit. Anyone who doesn't believe in the Holy Trinity will indeed go to Hell and burn for eternity.

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What's a good, affordable desktop processor with 8 or more cores in the current year?

No (((Intel))) because it's botnet.
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How can a processor be a botnet

It's just a processor
FX-8320E OC'ed to 5 GHz
Frogposters only parrot what other people say without knowing what they're talking about.

Skylake-X confirmed to be a literal joke, good going Intel, AMD will make good use of that revenue.
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bump for Macaco reactions
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>Amazon's choice

Foooken nice mate

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I've never had a mobile phone because I'm a friendless loner and the rare times when I need to make an outgoing call I just find a freephone number and use a public call box. I have no idea how to use a smartphone. I notice even old people these days have smartphones and are more proficient them me.

Basically, how fucked am I?
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you're good

smartphones are devices that spy on you 24/7
I'm a friendless loner too. I use a smartphone just as a handy computer, Internet access device, media player and to call my mom.
this. i'll tell you a secret, /g/ wishes we could be like you.

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