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Why is the wifi on the PS4 such shit?
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Because it's $250. Same reason the case is so shit, the graphics are so shit, the hard drive is so shit etc
that's why there's a pro version now
Which uses the same wifi/Bluetooth module.

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>when it turns out that NVIDIA was actually behind half of the cryptocurrencies
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idling at 50ºC.png
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I'm all about amd and fuck jew business practices but my next gpu is going to be nvidia unless amd stops releasing oven's as gpus. I'm idling at fucking 50 Celsius pic fucking related.
woah, is that reference?
mine sits at 40C sapphire nitro, no fans spinning

this going to crash in half, this is actually bad for nvidia to have overpriced stock

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is it good?
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whats the red button for
the latest mac book is good buy , yes
Self destruct.
It's in a kind of a weird place desu, I accidentally destroyed two of my thinkpads like that.

give me one good reason you aren't using NT/Windows
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I don't want to shell out $200 for it.
> NT/Windows
Windows/NT, because Userland/Kernel.
-spies on me
-shit software
-no package manager
-costs money

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>install uTorrent
>click torrent
>it just werks

>Transmission works for a year
>randomly breaks
>"access denied"
>change permissions
>doesn't work
>sudo apt purge transmission
>"access denied"
>"Here's a bunch of gay commands to fix it."
>lol no
>try Deluge
>"not connected"
>not interested

I'm going to reinstall Ubuntu because of this, and It's going to take 4 hours to download the ISO because I don't have a fucking torrent client.
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Try JSTorrent for chrome
>Chrome """app"""

Kys. 2010s will be remembered as the age of cancerous JS faggotry.
>System upgrade/update
>Something breaks
>Have to look up forums to see what went wrong
>Nothing works
>Only option is to reformat and never upgrade again in fear of something breaking

>Automatic updates on/off
>Just works

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What is /g/ working on?
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How many security problems will this be causing once it goes into widespread use?
Fewer than Javascript.
like this [ ] many my dude

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intel Slide.jpg
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"Glued together desktop die"

Billions upon billions of dollars, probably ten times the workforce of AMD, and that is how intel plans to compete with Epyc after years of doing nothing.

Intel truly is finished.
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Says the comapny using mayonaise for heat transfer
Please tell me it's a troll presentation. Did Intel hire middle schoolers from /g/ for its PR department?

Here's the rest of them. Most of them are relatively normal (by Intel standards).

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>mfw shills shill so much they buy into the X299 mayonnaised firehasards

1700X 4.1GHz @1443mV LLC4 2H burntest

at 1.375 the burntest never goes past 50°C

During 99% realworld usage the cpu stays at room temps
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Did your parents hate you or something?
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Will cardio make me a better programmer?
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an hour of high intensity cardio every day will you give the HTML skills you need to survive

good luck anon
But I hate cardio, what about lifting?

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Convince me that Cloudflare isn't one of the biggest botnets in existence.
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I don't know
Is there any evidence that have attempted sell data for marketing or anything? As far as I'm aware they are happy making fat stacks off of the people who purchase their services.
Ask later

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>A Java Virtual Machine written in 100% JavaScript.


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fucking yes. this is the thing I was missing in my life
and it's only 25x to 40x slower than HotSpot when you're running chrome!
Anyone using Java outside the enterprise is either uninformed or ignorant.

What mobile 4chan browser does /g/ use?
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Web browser because i can open 27825882478 tabs without reloading and sync it with my desktop.
>sync it with my desktop
what did he mean by this
clover is the only right answer

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(((Microsoft))) is going to restrict the web via DRM


What is /g/ and /pol/'s stand on this?
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Sure thing shlomo.
No one cares about your shitty jewtube channel you filthy kike

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how can i move all files from one folder A to another folder B (which is empty)?
folder has many subfolders. files/subfolders from diferent folders can have same name.
i just want to copy files, not entire folder structure.
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install gentoo
>how do i move all files
>i just want to copy files
first, make up your mind faggot.

man find

man cp
man mv
you fucking retard

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Anyone here have experience using Wine for gaming? The only reason I run Windows is for video games, and if I can just use Wine with minimal performance issues, then I have no reason to use Windows anymore.
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wine runs 80% of dx9 stuff with little issue, some dx10 stuff, and a few select dx11 things like overwatch and the director's cut deus ex with a few cateats that you need to watch out for.

Use Lutris, it's a whole lot easier than configurinmg wine yourself.
Wine plays Diablo 2+LoD, Starcraft and Warcraft 3 perfectly. Those are the only 3 games I play on wine.
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works pretty great for me for sc2 and league

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