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Have you accepted that OOP is on it's way out? Only FP can provide the proven security and ability to handle large streams of data that the world needs in the information age.

Anyone who complains about losing machine level features can't handle their abstractions and need to get with the program.
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OOP is the fusion of procedural and functional programming.
Modern OOP languages already stole the best aspects of both paradigms, leaving FP to rot in the pages of history.

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crypto JUST keeps on giving, i don't care that the gaymans don't have a cheap gpu to buy at the moment, go play angry birds on your iTurd or something, you can have your cheap gpus when the mining boom is over but right now fak off and let me collect these jeezy profits mmkay?
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are you handicapped?

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hello /g/eltmen poorfag here
Xubuntu or Lubuntu for this laptop?
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This is our current attempt at passing the turing test. pitiful.
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50% of it is actually ok.
That's primitive stuff right there.

Anyone here created their own forum website? I was thinking of starting one where membership is limited to invite only to keep the discussions somewhat less shitposty but I'm not sure how I'd go about finding the members.

Anyone here have any pointers on running forum websites? Experience? Stories?
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Why even bother? It's a major pain in the ass to maintain.
> to keep the discussions somewhat less shitposty
lol, enjoy your dead forum.

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I have an airgapped win7 i7 6gb ram machine i use for jriver media centre and my hi-res library transcodes

anhows lately it seems to warn about running low on memory and closes programs when i pass 4gb ram... there is definately 6gb installed and i ran memtest from my live mint usb and 6gb is A OK

windows reports 6gb but looses its brains after about 4gb and warns of low memory and wants to close programs ... its definately an OS thing... has this happened to any of you guys ?... its a annoying glass ceiling...see pic
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Take a look at task manager and see what's consuming your memory.

i have looked and i know what is consuming my memory

but the point windows is refusing to use the 30% of ram i have spare

could you imagine if you had a car that ran out of gas at when the gauge said 30% remained

and yes i need windows.....because firewire soundcard

uggh help me win bros

would windows sperg out on ram if my page file was disabled ?

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Do you still have to download a gigorillionbytes of source to build Android?
>pic unrelated
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Any risc-v single board computers i can get right now?
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No, the only chip that has been made as of yet is basically a microcontroller.
Only if you count FPGAs.

There'll be a lot at some point, just definitely not until the "privileged ISA" is set on stone, which isn't.

Look into lowrisc.org.

Microsoft is cucking wincucks into downgrading to (((windows 10))). Why is this allowed?
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>Why is this allowed?

You have a choice to not use windows
Because what >>61303009 said and because normies don't give a fuck because they're so deep in Microsoft's loo that they depend on them for software support
It's allowed because you're completely powerless and wholly too inept to stop it, and they know it. That said, you still have the option of walking away from Windows.

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>the /g/ user watches psycho pass or some other dystopian fiction
you do realise many reddit users act exactly like this
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How do you know how reddit users act?
we watched /g/
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Oh look, another childish slide thread

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Why do pajeets love Windows so much?
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Because it's CEO is a Pajeet. They worship him.
pajeets are too stupid to use any other OS other than windoors
Apple products in general aren't popular in india I don't know why. MS is the main competitor to Apple in the desktop market so naturally they support them.

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Why aren't we net-battling yet?
Why aren't we using cross fusion yet?
Why don't we have Net-Navi Ais doing everything ues?
Are we even fuckin close?
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Just play vidya
We're still trying out VR
We got Siri

I want to make an instant messaging app like snapchat, what backend should I use for it? Should I make my own or use something like firebase?
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Do they actually check your hard drives at the airport?
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They shouldn't unless you're on some CIA nigger list.
t. I brought 3 laptops abroad in 2 different cases and my carry-on and none were checked
They can do if u have edgy encryption stickers on your laptop.
TSA pulled my laptop out of my suitcase because apparently ISIS can make laptop bombs now. I have a big TOR sticker and they did give a shit, they just let me go.

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What is the best 4chan archive on the Web?
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>thinking that “best” is an attribute
>doesn't know the answer so replies with sarcasm

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