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>better upload my shit on garbage sites like rapidgator, oboom and fuckingslowshit instead of MEGA or Zippyshare
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why would you upload your shit to mega or zippyshare when other hosters give you money for downloads
>uploading to a third-world hoster because you're so desperate for the thirty-eight cents it will eventually accrue

better stick it behind an adfly link anon, there's extra (((revenue))) to be made!
>imblying anyone clicks that

When do you think /g mobile chips will replace all desktop class chips and when do you think heat decipetion ( sorry i killed it) will be a thing of the past. I want to mobiles to be next consoles with superb graphixs
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No matter how good mobile processors get there will always be better desktop ones.
What if we make/find a semiconductor with no electrical resistance then 5gh or 10 million gh won't be a problem right *question of ma friend*
Maybe never. Mobile chips are designed to stay cool in trade of performance. They will start throttling to shit if you try to process an intensive task on them. Desktop chips are designed to have proper cooling to go along with them so they can reach 100 degrees.

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Why would anyone use *BSD?

>shit hardware support
>less free than GNU+Linux
>complicated to use
>lacks software

>FreeBSD's beautiful logo
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>complicated to use
But it's the precise opposite. BSD, especially OpenBSD is far simpler.
>Why would anyone use *BSD?
Because they want to.

>shit hardware support
OpenBSD supported my laptop better than Windows or Linux.
>less free than GNU+Linux
Quite the opposite.
>complicated to use
Not really.
>lacks software
Depends on what you need. Of course if it lacks software you use then you're not going to use it. Just because it lacks software you use doesn't mean it lacks software for others.
Because fuck the meta

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/g/, what's the cutest computer/case ever made?
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You want to pray gaem?
Where's the pink one?
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I have a bunch of dvds I want to rip to my HDD. What program should I use to rip them into a usable format for VLC?
So I don't have to put in DVDs anymore.
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Qbittorrent and a vpn
That looks like it may work. Thank you for the honest reply. I tried searching but got directed to obvious spyware and malware BS.

JavaScript or C++?
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Forth or Haskell?
React or lisp?

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What do?

Its an UN-rooted Xiaomi Mi Max

>tried 2 battery calibration apps
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>help guys, my chink shit is chink shit!?!
install gentoo
>battery calibration apps
fucking retard

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I just got a used reference 760ti, but the thing is that it runs loud and hot, What should I do to make it run cooler and quieter?
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replace cooler

don't buy reference gpus in the future
You're welcome.
Actually all you should really need is a good application of top tier thermal paste.

Worked on my laptop, it stopped throttling and it stopped being so annoyingly loud.

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Has anyone had their wifi drop constantly while using blue tooth? Is this common or is my new laptop a piece of shit or am I the POS?
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Wifi and Bluetooth share the same frequency so you may be encountering interference.

Or your wifi card is an cheap piece of shit that is also a combo bluetooth card and it sucks at using both. Try updating your drivers/firmware
There should probably be some "wi-fi compatibility" setting somewhere in the Bluetooth hw settings or vice-versa.
WiFi and Bluetooth can interfere with each other. Some PCIe USB 3.x cards will cause interference too.
Very inconvenient.
If you complain, each points a finger at one of the others.

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How often to you scroll through your code once you've written it and it's been deployed?
Do you enjoy staring at those lines of logic born in your head?

Me: yes
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Fuck no

Once it's tested and functional I never think about it again
t. codemonkey
You're not wrong

-t. Unemployed

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Is this not the coolest old man?
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I don't think anyone here even knows computerphile.
p.s. if you payded attention to most posts here all are based on consumerism.
/g/ is just that, consumer based technology board.
I like his videos. Would like having him as a professor.

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Stop using this shit, dumb fucks.
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stop using technology? but then how will i post on /g/?
(Find threads on /g/ about Technology)
>0 threads found.

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Leave FontKino to me
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Helvetica > *
What about SF UI?

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Hello Fellow GNU/Linux users

I've been running on old trusty dualboot of Windows 8.1/Linux Mint for a while now, but had to recently redo my T430, and wondered if I shouldn't the whole botnet in Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB.

The version I installed, and am currantly posting from didn't ask to operate in an eviorment, and was KMS'ed on install, so my question I have to ask...

How much am I telling the botnet?

Since installing, my T430 fan doesn't spin up unless I really strain it with a game, and my battery life has jumped with 45min.

>tl;dr, tell an average user how big the proverbial dildo is I'm going to have to stomach on Win10 LTSB.

Hasn't updated yet, or shown any ads, so I'm nervously wondering when it's going to bend me over.

>In b4 Gentoo. I just want to talk about the botnet, and how adverse it is.

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if you want to game you should just keep windows or dual boot. If you want to program or do other cool stuff I'd say linux. the learning curve isn't much at all if you go with an easy distro like ubuntu - so the problem of "is hard 2 use" will go away after the first hour or two of using it, assuming u aren't retarded.

I'm a bit biased, since for my job (work doing AI at a company that rhymes with MVIDIA) we *need* to use linux for literally everything, but last time i checked programming/ai/my-idea-of-work looked pretty shoddy on windows.
Anime is Trinity Seven, by the way
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Windows 10 LTSB has roughly 1/3 the botnet that the Home edition has, no ads, no Cortana, and no app store. It still has a dog shit UI and is the same patched together Pajeet shit that it has been since XP. You also don't get the same updates and security patches.

I've tired almost all Windows 10 versions in QEMU/KVM and LTSB is by far the least bloated and most stable. But let's put it this way, I would NEVER install that shit on my bare hardware or recommend that anyone do so. Use anything else. Linux, BSD variants, OS X, Android ARM or x86 builds, or even Temple OS are better choices. Do not listen to the CIA niggers trying to get you to install Windows.

hi /g/
I'm on a public PC with Bash as its OS.
I'm trying to get into the system admin (attempting sudo) but I don't know the password.
Password hasn't been disclosed, think the higher-ups are the only ones who know.
How do I go about doing this?
Do I just use brute force?
or are there simpler methods?
pic related, that's the OS type
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Since you clearly don't know what the fuck you're doing, you should just leave now, and come to terms with the fact that you are a brainlet.

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