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If you found a vulnerability in a device or operating system that would could give you millions of credit card numbers or millions of peoples private information (lets assume you did the equifax breach or something similar) What would you do?

>Sell the information on the black market for a fortune but this essentially makes you a criminal and have to look over your shoulder for the rest of your life

>Sell it to an advertising company

>Hold the company you found the vulnerability of to ransom, again making you a criminal

>Go turn in your vulnerability and collect one of the bounties (lets assume its one of these nice $1million ones)

>Turn in the vulnerability for free just to make the world of technology a better place

>Give out the vulnerability for free to anyone on the internet and let them cause chaos and hopefully it will in turn make all the technology companies take security more seriously.
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nice try, FBI
nice rhyme slime
1 million dollars is a nice sum of money. I think I'd go with that option.

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Where can one see the difference between Yoga 510 and 520? What sides do anons use to see differences between similar and new/year old models?

Id think screen might be different but there is no way to tell
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>still uses a laptop when smartphones exist
Dont get the ideapad. If you're gonna buy Chink shit there's better options. The thinkpad yoga is also better than this

>still using this piece of old shit

Fuck off, grandpa. Just let it die already
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>t. Atom user
I know there is nano and emacs. What else works from console?

But muh routers run freebsd and have nothing but vi

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>the state of lagdroids
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Lmao so true
>have to lie in order for your shitty joke to work
die devin

According to geekbench benchmarks, the iPad Pro is THREE TIMES as powerful than Samsung’s latest tablet.

It’s also more powerful than most laptops and the Microsoft surface pro.

Why haven’t you bought an iPad Pro yet? Are you poor?
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People who use tablets are either 5 years old and easily amused, or too old to figure out how to use a computer.
These posts are very tiresome. They'd nearly make you switch to Android out of spite.
>Are you poor?
Says the homosexual who bought an iCrap in 12 payments instead of a Microsoft Surface. You are like those middle class soccer moms who need an SUV just to prove people they "have money", while people with real money buy boats or actual luxury cars.

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1500 AMD Ryzen PRO will heat homes and offices in Bordeaux, France
>Every processor heats. What matters is the Thermal Design Power, and Ryzen Pro is producing the same heat as the equivalent Intel CPUs we were using while providing twice as many cores. A good fit for our customers that use core count to evaluate their computing needs.

>Earlier this year, Qarnot has won a social housing project in Bordeaux (the city of wine in France). For this project, we have decided to switch to AMD to power our Q.rads. 1500 Ryzen PRO will be heating homes and offices for free next winter.

>In the meantime, we are considering AMD’s CPUs and GPUs, as we are working on new products, including a boiler for domestic hot water and swimming pool heating solutions.

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wow meme haha
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at least ryzen manages to get the heat outside the chip, unlike intel's mayo tim.
>Ryzen Pro is producing the same heat as the equivalent Intel CPUs we were using while providing twice as many cores
Intel literally BTFO

Old one expired like my old intel chipset which is no longer supported by intel.

Here, listen to a nice soundtrack while you update.

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Fuck windows and
Fuck microsoft
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You can't fuck operating systems you know? But if you find out how... remember to use protection.
> remember to use protection
It has an antivirus built-in, so it's good.

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Friendly reminder in order to obfuscate your browsing, you should click on ads you are not particularly interested in. Also, there are addons which could do this for you automatically.
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Fuck off with your dumb adense scam, /pol/.
Wasted dubs.
Post the pasta with that script that users ought to execute to fuck further with Goolag
also friendly reminder to be nice to google shills who take the effort to comment

Does not work for me, did not bother to bookmark, sorry. Also rring the image with the reddit jew for further threads

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What are you working on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62395061
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Why haven't you learned Haskell yet, /dpt/?
Because Scala.
I'm unemployed!

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Ok, so there are two 8GB theoretical ram chips working on 1600Hhz frequency. One has CL of 11 and the other of 9. Is the difference of 3 noticeable for regular GNU/Linux desktop user?
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A difference of 20 and 1ghz in ram frequency wouldn't be noticeable if all you do is browse the internet and open libr-okay well you might need something better for libreoffice
barely cas latency has never made a difference. ddr4 is proof of that
Is theoretical ram how you run a virtual machine? Is it as fast as real ram?

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Why does everyone here only buy budget phones/desktops/laptops etc?

Is there not a single richfag here? I swear to Christ this is the poorest board on 4chan. What is it about technology that attracts so many 3rd worlders, neets and minimum wagecucks?
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if someone was rich and autistic, he'd be @ /sci/
you don't get rich by spending money

which one of these people is more likely to buy a music cd?
the burn out stoner, or the electrical engineer
It's because if you've actually had the hobby a long time you'd know it's futile to dump a lot of cash on something that'll be severely out of date in 2 years and drop to 1/3 value.

It's better to just repeatedly buy "budget" shit. A $1000 PC is still going to get max settings and play everything at 60fps, just not at 4k or 144hz/fps.

The people that jump right in and buy $3000 PCs are basically casuals.

Is Palemoon a meme?
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Yes, get Otter Browser instead
Anything other than Firefox/Chrome/Chromium is a meme

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How do I unlock it
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Use one of these, Jamal.
Let me know if you get it figured out

Nand flashing

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Australia's internet is a shithole. Telstra's copper network is a nightmare and the NBN was utterly destroyed by political one-upsmanship. WISPs are the future.

I've worked in this industry for years and I'm currently a wireless engineer for a WISP. I predict that the 5GHz spectrum will become an unmanageable shitshow just as faith in the NBN hits rock bottom. Maybe if Cambium Medusas hit a price point that becomes practicable for mass rollouts, it might be salvageable, otherwise we're pretty much doomed unless licenced frequencies see significant change. What are your thoughts?
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>have a plan to give everyone FTTP
>Based Tony(TM) kills the plan
>Get killed by a deadly spider/stung by a jellyfish/die in the 40*C heat
>Just another day down under

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Holy fuck man, FTTN was such a disgrace. I saw people get forcibly cut over to VDSL from ADSL LOSE sync speed.

HFC should have been a triumphant return to form, but it's a provisioning nightmare with no end in sight. The idea that we can settle for 12-25Mbit speeds for the next decade or two is an outrage. AND, we're forced to introduce new infrastructure for a supposed budget conscious replacement model. The purchasing of any infrastructure from Optus and Telstra exposed how much of a joke the Liberal NBN plan was.

>want to use phone
>have to lift it up and hold it in front of your face to unlock
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>he doesn't have a personal driver
I have all the usual numbers I would want to call in emergency contacts, and don't use fingerprint to unlock. So I press home, and instead of entering in my 25 digit long code, I press Emergency, and then Medical ID, and then tap the name I want to call.
>he needs a person to drive

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