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>UK is the fourth most technologically advanced country in the world
>South Korea, Denmark and Iceland narrowly beat the UK to top the rankings
>Britain has the fourth-best communications technology in the world, trailing closely behind highly connected nations like South Korea and the Nordic countries.
>According to the International Telecommunication Union's index, which takes into account a number of factors such as broadband speeds, the percentage of people using the internet and the number of broadband subscriptions, the UK has a score of 8.75.
>Infographic: https://static.independent.co.uk/s3fs-public/styles/story_medium/public/thumbnails/image/2015/12/02/12/ictchart.jpg
What're technolo/g/y's thoughts on this?
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We're 4th but can't even stop our NHS from being hacked by ransomware? LEL
The strength of a network is dependent on its weakest.

Aka humans. The more it interacts with humans, the worse secure it is.
I'm in London. Makes sense. The government provides free wifi in many places, but my gchq tinfoil hat wont use them.

Hey /g/, quick question. I'm making food right now, and I forgot to unfreeze the bread. Can I put it inside my computer so it warms up quickly enough.
Can it damage my computer? I put it on the black/dark green surface with a lot of silver dot.
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Just put it in your microwave or oven.
Put it on top of your fridge.
This is certainly one of the more creatively stupid things I've read.
Like who'd have some frozen bread and then their first instrict is not a toaster, microwave, oven, or radiator, but putting it right in the computer?
Pretty funny. I know you're not serious but that bread looks nice.

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Why isn't Apple suing?
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thanks to apple, other companies can look good now
Install Gentoo
because it looks like shit?

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Why does the US Navy R&D department use Gnome?
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Because it just werks.
Where'd they get those 9:16 displays from? I can't find them anywhere.
That ain't GNOME on the far screen is it?

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>he "upgraded" to kabylake
>he's going to upgrade to coffeelake
>7% performance increasd from Skylake and it's just a higher clock number
>using Intel's increasingly bad TIM
>Needing a meme AIO to cool it at stock

Here I am with my Skylake CPU, getting 100+ FPS in every game, no stalling, everything is buttery smooth and I never exceed 60 degrees under load even while on ultra with a $40 air cooler.

Feels great /g/
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You still got jizz under the lid, so stop bragging.

t. 2600K Sandy Bridge soldered master race.
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>getting 100+ FPS in every game
Are you manchild or just underage?

Hey /g/
Got my new laptop arriving in 2 days; MSI GP72 17.3 In i7 16GB 256GB 1TB GTX1050Ti

My question is how much of a pain will it be trying to install and use windows 7 instead of the cancer that is windows 10? Tried before and got nothing but broken drivers and eventually, hard drive errors (that mysteriously did not occur when I installed 10) Any thoughts?
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Very true, but with new hardware older windows are a pain. Feels good on my Sandy Bridge though.
nothing wrong with the OS. Has support until 2020 but i don't see you having any driver support on a new machine for an 8 year old OS
I eventually settled with Windows 10 on my laptop since it didn't have drivers for 7 and was slow as shit.

You can try it and see how it works. But it's quite possible that it isn't going to run well on 7.

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Is ethereum dead or dying yet?
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nah I'd say its pretty healthy.
There's no Pepe Silva.
The value has been declining for over a month, you decide what that means.

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Floens you lazy fuck, why aren't you updating Clover. Where are my /pol/ flags?

Also, have you considered to update the f-droid APK? It's still on 2.2.0.

Used to be the best imageboard viewer but this shit is seriously starting to get annoying.
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>something gets worse because it doesn't get updates

Truly the most intense kind of autism
Maybe because you're a lazy fuck yourself and didnt bother getting it from github?
Fdroid is on 2.3.0, update your repos

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r8 my autism
Stallman/10 very autismal
Not as happy as with KDE Plasma. But gonna replace Budgie soon. Otherwise a great distro

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pic related
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>112 degrees
>1 Hz
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Ryzen & Pascal

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How do we save Terry? He was drinking all last night and is probably still drinking

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He should have mentioned it was 9 American """beers""".
his waifu ain't single anymore
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reminder that it's /g/'s fault if he kill himself

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>can't move paused torrents to a specific category

Why is Qbittorrent shilled so much here?
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Because all of the stuff it CAN do.

- download in sequential order
- add peers manually
- trackerless LAN file transfer
- add peers manually
- trackerless LAN file transfer

what this do?
So you mean things that uTorrent 2.2.1 can do without stalling, automatically redownloding deleted files, or randomly deleting all your torrents?

What are you working on, /g/?

Previous thread: >>61364395
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Fist for C++ generic programming deliciousness.
first for the glorious C programming language
Writing some Windows API toy programs to refresh my memory. The last time I programmed in Win32Api was 15 years ago. Then I switched to Linux but now I'm back to the superior OS.

Feels good to have an stable API that doesn't break every version and that works exactly the same after all these years.

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I use Duckduckgo, and you ?
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I don't
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I use it, but it's quite shit imo

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Are there any modern none thinmeme laptops without gaymen aesthetics?
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Thinkpad P51 or other business workstations
If you want non-Quadros, check out Clevo rebrands like Sager.
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