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What software for burning Disc (CD,DVD, BD) do you do you recommend?
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Try looking for some products of DVDFab and see if they satisfy you.
dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda status=progress

>when you factory reset your Android phone
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it's amazing how poorly windows and android clean up after themselves, that you guys feel the need to occasionally completely wipe your systems clean.
lol, this. I've been running the same arch install for 6 years and I've never cleaned shit.
I feel the opposite more annoyed
Linux can be just as poorly optimized

Hey bois. Im getting a new phone so should I get htc u play(250€), nokia 6(250€) or motorola g5+(300€) if you have any other sub 300€ suggestions tell me
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What is your usage like? What activity, how long, etc
Android poorfag.
I watch a lot of youtube, listen to music like many hours a day and social media snapchat mostly so good camera is a big bonus. No gaming

What are the /g/ approved shows? Doesn't necessarily have to be tech-related.

pic is most disappointing show in history
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Backdoor sluts 9
Love Live! School Project

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Is it time to kill composite video?

The RCA connectors themselves will probably outlive you.
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fuck no, I watch low res streams on my crt and it makes them look great, also internet is shit where I live so HD is a dream for me
Same could be said for the headphone jack but we keep it around because of its convenience, its function over form, technology is moving forward and stepping over itself in the process
Don't wish things away, you'll miss them when your wish comes true
Listen I dont care if a company can save 12 cent getting rid of composite. Why not leave TRRS? whats the harm?

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pepe ree.gif
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>load webpage without javascript
>it's a blank white page
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>load AMP page with AMP blocked
>almost unblock AMP
>it loads in the last second
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>load game without flash
>it's a blank white page

>/load /g/
>its a dumb frogposter

A thread died for this




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lol, so, you fags still claim US is white country??
I never cared about history. Were there really that many black american inventors? Or at the very least - are these really the most significant ones?

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Does anyone on /g/ actually use this honeypot?
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how is it a honeypot?
Yes, but why is it a honeypot?

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My bed covers the plugs but I'm going to use an extension cord.

Is there a high risk of fire?
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Only one way to find out
the only risk is if the plug were to get so hot that it would catch the bed on fire. there's also the risk that you could be moving/kicking the plug while asleep so that it would break after a while
I'd say it would be ok but if you're worried maybe pull the bed out a little. If the wire is going straight down from the plug or any other non-stressed angle then it should all be good.

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What is your favorite programming language?
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Python and Matlab
Lately it has been C#.

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>Drive activity light suddenly flashes rapidly
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>laptop power light turns on midnight
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>desktop turns itself on
>check monitor
>'shota hentai'
>pic related

Have I been botnet?

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Why does /g/ like hasklel so much?
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Because it sucks, like their life
It's a good language
We don't, but it's more of an academic language than a tool for getting real world work done.

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apple teho.png
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Why apple is so op now?
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Ei vittu nyt oikeesti.

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>tfw I fell for the linux meme

I'll never trust /g/ ever again
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>tfw I fell for the linux meme

/g/ how can I ever repay you
welcome to a superior world

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I need to transfer ~80GB of data from a desktop HDD to a laptop HDD.
Cloud hosts proved worthless.
Are sata-USB adapters a meme?
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they ain't exactly blazing fast but they do work.

note that if it's SATA you can just plug in ordinary desktop cables.
Get one, they arent that expensive and they are pretty useful for many things.

I would probably get a nice dock tho.
I see some listings on amazon specify pin numbers on SATA.
How many pins does a regular desktop full sized HDD have?

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