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Quick whats the best web browser? I prefer the absolute fastest and with a flash player thanks

For mobile and chromebook
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>another browser thread
>flash player
Those threads are fucking shit I want an actual answer

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I've seen these in threads and I am interested.
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wsr kk tkl
Memeboards, they tend to cost an additional $50-$100 and are effectively the iPhones of keyboards

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Before and after installing Arch Linux
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Did you mean GNU/Linux?
better on the left tb h
I want to smash his (both of them) face with my dick real hard. Shit.

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Is this the final nail in the open source coffin?

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No, not really.
The musician blames open source software, yeah right
>write shit software
>blame Apache
You're fired

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Is there any reason to use Vi over Vim?

Vi just seems so counter intuitive to me. I mean the whole arrow keys type letters in insert mode shit, and the fact that hitting backspace doesn't immediately erase characters. Wtf is up with that shit?

Should I learn how to use vanilla Vi or just stick with Vim which i can live with. Why do Linux distros come with Vi installed and not Vim?
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Vi is pre-installed on most things.
still call myself a new (n)vim users, but my assumption was you can use vi in all sorts of machines, and use vim or any of the other derivations with all sorts of customization on machines you can do that on.
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I prefer Nano

Is "Made in Japan" still a marker of high-quality or nah?
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Only for JAV and hentai
Japanese girls are the highest quality
Gooks are only good for children's morning television shows.

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I want to go back to this, desu.
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I would agree if I thought switching back to old-school texting would increase the amount of people I had to message.
you can get phones like this for 10 dollars mate
literally look up "phones for old people"

i'm not kidding
I don't miss the 3310.
It was a decent phone and I had it for a long time, but there were so many improvements on phones after this.
For me, the glory days of phones were the sony erricssons.
k750i and beyond had a better OS than anything we have available today.
Everything were keyboard driven and it worked so much better than android.
The camera sucked, the GPS didn't work and the email wasn't encrypted, but it probably would have that if it was still alive.

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anything about shortwave radio and the stuff those who listen to it find
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Getting a radio soon, so I'll have to monitor this thread. Have a bump OP.
what kind are you getting?
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A SW radio, of course. A friend of mine got this one and recommended it to me, a Tivdio V-115. It's pretty cheap and he seems rather pleased with it, so I'm considering it.

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What if he was an ugly neckbeard like us
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he is an ugly neckbear like us thats why /g/ licks his asshole
He's 64 years old cut him some fucking flack.
>implying he's not

Any of you guys have tech-related jobs? What do you do? How did you get there?

>inb4 everyone here is an underaged dilettante.
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yeah i gotta tech job.... in youre mom LOL
>What do you do?
"Big Data"
>How did you get there
Went to business school, became a programmer because talent, side projects and interest since 7 years old.
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I work the drive thru at McDonald's

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hey /g/uys i was wondering if i could have your opinion on my life plan
>be me
>graduate highschool
>go to community college
>going for an associates in Software Development
so far i really like my courses and im pretty good at them. I mostly use Java but trying to learn C or something else.
>going to go to school for two years ad then go for a job
starting with an associates as a software developer is like $90k a year which is really good

do you guys think this is a good idea or not? how can i improve or should i just plan to do something else?
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also id have whatever company pay for my schooling if i need more than two
cuz im going for tech related job and i want to see if how i planned my life is gunna fucking fall apart cuz i have no experience int the /g/ workforce

also nice trips
Hope you have acquired 5 years of fullstack experience while in shitty tech school bud.

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>computer has average temp of 61 degrees Celsius

ow do I fix this before it blows up and kills me?
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>Get $25 aftermarket cpu cooler if using stock cooler
>Remove cooler and clean off old thermal paste with iso alcohol
>Installed new thermal paste with new cpu cooler

Easy. If it still is not then your case probably has dogshit airflow or you have a dogshit cpu. My overclocked 4790k idles at 27C and rarely breaks 60C under load
nvm figured it out

Upgrade CPU cooler. Something like a CM Hyper evo 212

Put more fans in your case. This is verrrrrry important

reapply thermal paste before you put the new cpu cooler on.

that's really about it.

my cm storm case only came with 3 fans. My CPU would get up to 80* C not even overclocking and my GPU would get up to the mid 90's C. It eventually killed my GPU. My case was HOT AS FUCK to the touch.

I bought a metric shit load of Noctua fans, plus their most expensive cpu cooler and my shit is ICE ICE BABY now

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ITT: Pretend we are on HackerNews.
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If you aren't worth $100M by 30, kill yourself
*writes a 14,000-word screed pontificating that this startup is doomed to failure because it does not address my particular use case*
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ITT we pretend it's 4chan instead

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What's his name again?
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Thick Cock
Tim "stroke my iCock" cook
Tim took cock in his ass

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Has anyone here done the GPU passthrough for linux?

The goal being to be able to play video games on a windows 10 virtual machine but use a linux distro as your OS?

I would really much prefer linux as my operating system but I can't stand to give up gaming.

Is the GPU passthrough legit? What kind of performance hit do you take?
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>Is the GPU passthrough legit?

>What kind of performance hit do you take?
Unless you're completely autistic or have fairly outdated hardware, you'll probably not even notice it.
how does this gpu passthrough meme I keep hearing about work

if it does what the meme says it does, why is it not just a built in feature to the vm software?
what did he mean by this

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