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>attending a classy event
>hi-tech building
>sudden urge to take a shit
>the toilets require Facebook ID to use them
>tfw botnet toilets
>leave the event
>the nearest building is a gas station
>go straight to the toilets
>they require Facebook ID
>the need to shit makes me crazy
>take off my pants to shit outside
>someone calls zuckerberg
>he teleports at my location and points his phone at me
>he starts streaming at Facebook live
>tfw i am live on every single screen on the planet
>tfw i push but the shit won't come out
>i wake up from the nightmare
>i go shit at my toilet
>tfw zuckerberg wanted to help not to shit my bed while i was sleeping
>tfw a jew helped me
>tfw i am a jew but i dont know it
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Glad to hear everything worked out for you.

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>reinstall windows and clear all the files because im too lazy to clean up my desktop
>right away type in firefox download
>see "why microsoft edge is better than firefox" link
>install firefox anyway
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>be a frogposter
>kill yourself
The botnet has taken note of your transgression.
Frogs make the stupidest threads

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What do you use for organizing, storing, and searching scanned documents?

Ideally I would like something free and open source.

Or should I just use Evernote (botnet)?
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I use botnet. I don't deal with many scanned documents in my personal affairs so that leaves me with work. And they couldn't give less of a shit about open source.

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>le noting tu fear nuting 2 hyd xD
If you are this retarded, you have thirty seconds to reply with all of your personal information.
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Chad Thundercock
[email protected]
password to all accs: ifuckwhores123
Snapchat: thunderchad1
My Facebook, Instagram, Twitter i, Snapchat and Apple ID can be accessed.

Pic related is my bitch

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Aside from buying one, what's a way of testing the speed of a connection for ethernet over power? I don't want to drop money and the old house I'm renting is shit for ethernet over power.
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That's a really funny name for it, because there is also something called "power over ethernet." I feel like calling this ethernet over power is just begging for confusion. Is that its name in your country? In Burgerstan we call it powerline networking.

I can tell you from personal experience that I get 83% of my powerline adapter's rated speed on sustained LAN transfer, which is also more than enough to support my cheap broadband internet connection. Unfortunately an actual test under your conditions might depend on your store's return policies.

What I can say is that if you want best performance during the test:
>don't use the two outlets for anything except the adapters
>avoid running large appliances such as an air conditioning unit or vacuum cleaner on the same level/area of the home as the adapters
>don't run the signal between levels or sides of the home if you can avoid it
>take a look at the circuit breaker panel to get an idea of which rooms are on separate fuses and sides of the box
By buying it and returning it if it's not good?? You stupid fuck
Oh I almost forgot: run a constant ping from your computer to your router/modem during use. Some of these adapters have a power saving mode which can turn on when activity is at zero for some time. The ping will just make sure that doesn't happen so you can get a fair test. If you're otherwise happy, you can find a software utility which will disable power saving.

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What's the best way to organize my notes in a plain text file? Is there a standard format or do you just use whatever works for you?
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>inb4 "le plebbit"
but I use Markdown and indentation. To me it's very readable, and obviously more so if I convert the formatting some time afterward.

In terms of structure it's basically like an outline but I try not to go more than three levels deep. Hurts readability.
I'm currently working on a little program to address this myself. The idea is that I write my notes in a really simple markup language (that I'm also making myself) so that it's easy to type quickly, then the program reads the file and produces a nicely formatted PDF document so that I don't have to spend time going through a nasty-looking plain text file

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This will probably happen along with flying cars and mars colonization so we won't be there to witness it.
>New hardware will not be made for old [Software]
This seems to be a vital part of Intel's business model though, so doubt it.

>how do I defeat the DRM an evil corporation put on this thing I bought?
>dude use their software and have fun lmao
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Move to a country or state where such DRM restriction would not be legal.

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will AMDlets ever stop shilling?
>let me repost the same shitty joke thats been posted 100 times before!

>pajeet """"""""""""""""""""comedy""""""""""""
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Stay mad.

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>Either deal with the shitty screen sizes of a CRT or use an LCD that will have shitty Black levels
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Or stop being so poor and get oled
>what is VA
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>burn in

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I don't even know how most algorithms work, or even how databases work. I just do what the manual says.

Also I use a lot of templates and adjust it a bit to make it passable.

I also often subcontract my work to pajeets and take the margin.

I barely know how to use git and barely use do any testing.

I always overcount my hours when I invoice.

I rarely read technical books and keep up to date.

basically I'm barely competent.
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Get away from IT altogether and join the orders, you pathetic sinner.

IT here

I read people's emails in my closed room.
You sound like every normie in the business

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Is there any money in developing accounting/business systems? Most are pieces of dogshit but every retard end user seems pleased with what they have.
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Are you a kike? Then maybe.
Are you a white boi? Then no.
>be working for a big player in the CPA field
>Making lots of mo selling borderline autism as a service
>Thank god we have phone support for mad kikes
>If you dont have live kike support DO NOT EVEN TRY TO KIKE THE KIKES ON THE NET

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Tomatoes on "onions on NetBean"?
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You're not funny.
der Hahaha

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I wish this language had taken off as the de-facto standard for strongly typed pure functional programming instead of Haskell.
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It handles lazy evaluation and IO in a manner that is much better than Haskell, but because it has linear types it can do safe-Rust-like imperative programming efficiently without breaking referential transparency.

Also, it has a lot less syntactic sugar. There is no if statement, just a lazy if function.
That looks like a very interesting language as I look through it. Fewer warts than Haskell.

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>making a desktop application in C
>make a .c file, add libraries you're using in same folder
>start programming away

>making an application for android/ios
>install the IDE which is several hundred MBs in size
>more hundreds of MBs for the SDK
>the IDE is complex as fuck, buttons littered all over
>every little program requires you to make a "project"
>every project has thousands of files and directories generated and a jungle of .xml or whatever bullshit files
>not even sure in which file are you supposed to program
>the IDE is slow as fuck too, lags all the fucking time

Why can't we have simple software again?
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yup, thats the state of programming shit for mobile
for stupid helloworld-tier app i had to download at least a GB of SDK and it was deprecated when i finally got it because Android API changes every few hours or so
Android applications are managed by the OS, not by you. Your code is supposed to go into activity/fragment lifecycle methods and UI event handlers.
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I was going to post this pic but trying to do Android development obviously made me retarded so I forgot.

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