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What's the limit, legally speaking, when it comes to writing a clone or heavily inspired implementation of an existing piece of software? Assuming there is absolutely no access to the proprietary code, don't use it's formats, and no IP infringement, I should be good right?
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>click image
>pleasantly surprised
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Post your score in this manner. This is my 24/7 profile.
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What's your mobo ?
Anyone who does anything multithreaded uses a cluster.

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What is Object Oriented Programming?
Everyone seems to be aware of what it means, but few people can articulate it.
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Sexism since everything, including women, are objects
Its means do solid programming and not liquid or gazeus coding. Gazeus coding is so 1980s
Imagine a creature with for legs and no other features and let that be our blueprint or class. Now let's make 2 more creatures from that blue print. One I name cat the other dog. I give different attributes to cat and different to dog. The cat and the dog are both objects created from my initial blueprint. I didn't have to write a separate program for a dog and separate one for a cat , just used 1 class and give my objects different attributes to complete the program.

can anyone point me in the right direction

>looking for a basic microchip/sensor system
>chip comes within close proximity of sensor, sensor kicks on
>an example of this would be: have a little key fob with chip, the chip comes within 8 inches or less of locked cabinet, cabinet opens

>does something like this readily exist? or would have to be a custom job situation
>thanks bros
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whomst are you quoting?
8 inches is a lot. RFID can do an inch or two.

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Reminder, Intel has better processors.

Threadripper is literally DOA and any pajeet can make a giant CPU housefire and make it faster.

Intel is a better company and they care about performance and corelets should kill themselves.
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hehe preach it sister
>he thinks being backdoored is ok
I guess this is a designated shitting thread.
Hey there rabbi, whatcha doin?

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On an older DDR3 x58 Triple channel rig, I have these 6 sticks. I originally bought the 3 on the right with the system. When upgrading a few years later, I wanted to grab 3 more to increase capacity but the exact ram I owned was no longer available.

I matched the ram as close as was possible. 3x2gb, all 1866, all the same timing. But there was immediate problems when installed, I would regularly get BSOD and could no longer overclock. Hell, I couldn't even boot and I had to use memOK on my board (Which underclocked all my ram to ~900, roughly half the speed). I still got errors and couldn't use XMP or OC at all, but it worked 95% reliably. I kept it because 6gb was too little, I couldn't return it and I couldn't afford to just buy a whole new set of ram.

What's the problem? The only difference is the "version", so is it possible to "update" the older one? This incompatibility issue is over my expertise level
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stop using windows ?
It's the voltage, stupid.
>Lincucks barge into another unrelated thread and start autistic screeching
Don't you have something productive to do, like making X work?

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Which relational database management system do you prefer or use in your projects? Top choices rarely change. (https://db-engines.com/en/ranking/relational+dbms)

Is there really only two choices for a serious project? Either SQL Server or Oracle?
MySQL/MariaDB -->Outdated
PostgreSQL --> The engine is somewhat okay, but the tools for it not.
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I use MSSQL, it's what i've learned to use
Why would being outdated matter if it can still do your typical crud app? What "serious projects" do you do?
>SQL Server or Oracle
have fun paying truckloads of license and support fees when there are perfectly viable (and often superior) FOSS alternatives

ps. relational databases aren't the end all be all, check out Cassandra and Redis too

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anyone that owns one of these fucking tumors should be exterminated
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>case looks like a cylon
I own a blue LED one.
Case is good, are you jelly or someone with one or something?

Post your collections
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thinkpads were designed for secretaries to type emails on right? they are basically the smartphone of the 90s and 00s, even has the same derogatory connotation in the name.
are those edge thinkpads?

Don't forget to tape your webcams. They're always watching--- listening. Stay Woke!

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Previous: >>61347724

/ourguy/ edition

>Not sure what private tracking of goodreads are all about?
The mission of /ptg/ is to curate and promote the highest possible standards of bookreading initiatives to 4chan and its outer demesne by advancing the interests of its readers and concurrently their literacy.

Not sure what books to read tomorrow?: https://pastebin.com/SLdgTiuc
Wiki for collating book data: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Private_trackers

Use >>>/g/ptg as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>Staff occasionally read these generals and Infinitely Jest
>This is a thread for educational purposes. Although Powerful Users may occasionally indulge in soma, please do not laugh at them.
>Staff may pretend to be normal users and request invitations to Trantor. His Imperial Majesty Cleon I forbids these requests and individuals who participate in this rhetoric will be shot and killed after a lot of discussion on what is and isn't permitted.
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first for exigo
Second for Auckland library being blacklisted as proof for bib invite.

Im thinking about placing one of these near a free wifi and using it as a vpn tunnel. Do you guys have any ideas where I can get a source of free power downtown somewhere?

I guess I can put it in some kind of power strip, but they might get removed. I have a solar cell and a pretty good battery but that becomes even harder to conceal.
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>find free wifi
>tape to bottom of table it something
>leave it there
>someone finds
>thinks its bomb
>calls police

Wow what a terrible fucking idea.
Maybe you could kindly ask someone working at these places if you could set the device up. You could attach your name and phone number to the device so in case they have a change of mind.
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I have that one and aside from the wi-fi being slow and unstable as shit it's a beautiful smol machine.

Which one is better for everyday usage and why?
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I prefer LibreOffice. I never used Office.
Why is that even a question? MS Office all the way.
Bring this on SQT next time.
>Everyday usage


>Professional / Job usage

MS Office

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mfw waiting for the trusted professionals at Best Buy to install Norton for me for only 99 dollars
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>tfw animeposter
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Literally how can anyone even compete?
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by not being gay and not using a gay device
you need to be 18+ to post here
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by not giving shit about irrelevant performance and enjoying basically infinite battery

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