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>Mother comes to me saying that my sister needs a better laptop in college
>I gave her my i7 12gb ram gtx 860m laptop that is the fastest and best possible option
>Complains it is to heavy
>Rage.exe has stopped working
>Wants a $800 elitebook from HP
>only 128gb of ssd storage with 8gb ram and a i5 6200u

I tell her that there is laptops out there that will do her just fine in size and portability for 300-400 bucks since she uses it for basic word and office programs. Light web surfing etc. But mother literally rages autistically saying that she NEEDS that 800 dollar paperweight. Why are women so fucking retarded?
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Hell she could just buy an HP stream. Am I autism?
> But mother literally rages autistically saying that she NEEDS that 800 dollar paperweight
So what? Not your money.
True, but at the same time I dont understand why they need to spend that much. I have my own bills to pay and all that sure, it just joggins my noggin why women overspend on tech without taking advice.

>But Apple announced today that 4K and HDR movies are coming to the iTunes Store soon, plus the library of Amazon Prime Originals that are available in 4K and HDR.

Are the encoders/rippers ready? How is the stare of HDR encoding?
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HDR10 as standard feature on all monitors when

4K movies on sub 4k screens with a black bar.

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so it has 4k 60fps, that's a first, but how are you supposed to make use of it with only 64 and 256gb?
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the cloud that you have to pay, silly
are you poor?
4k on a phone is really only good for downscaling to 1080p and having it look FAR higher quality, you just don't have the storage necessary to do even lossless compression, which If I am doing math right comes to 6gb per minute at 30fps, would be 12gb per minute at 60.

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Got an iPad mini 2, absolutely love it. Now that Apple hasn't announced anything related to it for so long, what on earth do i do.... Any good alternatives boys/
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How about you just keep using it, you degenerate consumerist?
Another worthless shitskin thread.
>on my /g/

Get the fuck in here and discuss it


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Nice motivational theme I guess but I don't agree. He is saying that if your product is even just a little better than the incumbent you can still be viable but we have already seen with Snapchat and fb that is not always the case where you make your app with you're meagre improvement over the existing but then some giant can come along with a massive userbase and a bottomless pit of cash and do the same improvement...
PG is a blowhard.
Serious question: would memorizing summaries of PG's essays help me with getting into YC?

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>this board is now /apple/
Please fucking stop
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think I'm just gonna report every single apple product thread I see

fucking marketing spammers fuck off
Shills have to get bored eventually.

Hi guys. I recently started new job as a Junior Sysadmin. As part of my job junior employment I should choose a path of learning. What should I choose? I'm interested in networks and security. But there are other offers, like programming and... I dont know what else. I have to state what I want to learn in 3 months and choose a Mentor for that. Then he will report on my progress, after 3 months. Any suggestions?

I apologize for my bad english.

Picture is not related
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networking has no job availability because you only need 2 or 3 network engineers to manage a 5000 person company
small companies don't even need one network focused person since they can just call a contractor for a month till everything is set up then tell them to fuck off

if you're looking for a work environment that will be consistent, go programming
networking is possible but you'll be bouncing all over the place

networking is more fun though
I have some experience with powershell programming. Our company does something in C# and i think it's similar. Shoul I go for that?

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He's overrated. He himself did not think of even 1% of what came out of that company from he started until today. Yet people see him as some kind of genius.
He is prolly no more a genius than Amancio Ortega who owns Zara a fucking fashion retailer. Or Sam Walton for founding Walmart.
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>hire thousands of engineers who all came up with great ideas and renewing the tech
>yes im a genius

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Hey /g/uys, I need quick help. My academic network admin put in place some bullshit " naughty page, click to continue" on many sites, including 4chan. I am lazy and don't want to click the button each and every page. Anybody has any idea how to go around that? I imagine there should be some in which I could edit already existing Chrome extension to work like that.
>inb4 botnet
I enjoy using Chrome.
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Also, I must log onto my mobile network just to post on 4chan, help /g/, you're my only hope.
Just buy a VPN this the most simple suggestion and probably the only good one you're gonna get. Go with PIA, they charge like $5 a month
Tampermonkey + JavaScript

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>be hoob
>spinnan into server only to have motd opened in my face
>mfw my os has no fonts and cant render html
>literally incapable of reading the server rules
>spinnan into server and disrespectan the admen and breakan the rules
>dumb admen freezes me
>disrespect him immensly

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>implying /g/ and /v/ aren't synonymous
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>be hoob
>admen abusing poor innocent playors
>no hobo job
>my face but spinnan when

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Looks like I picked a bad time to be browsing /g/ right now.

Fuck off iBone pshitposters!
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It's pajeet time

Here's an idea
>Apple hid more screen underneath the camera notch. Just sand it off to reveal it
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It does explain why it doesn't do the thing essential phone does sitting full screen use.
We should do it

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Transforming Cellular Networks for the Coming Global Brain


(TruNews) The GSMA today published its second annual ‘Global Mobile Trends’ report, which provides exclusive data and analysis on the key trends shaping the future of the mobile ecosystem. Published at Mobile World Congress Americas being held in San Francisco this week, the 2017 edition of this flagship report series compiles data on mobile subscriber growth trends across both developed and emerging markets, plus insight on: device innovation beyond the smartphone; the evolution from 4G to 5G networks; industry financial performance and growth outlook; competition and convergence; and statistics for every region worldwide.

>“Our latest Global Mobile Trends report provides a comprehensive view of the opportunities and challenges facing the mobile industry as we move into a new era of ubiquitous connectivity,” said Laxmi Akkaraju Chief Strategy Officer at the GSMA. “Built on best-in-class GSMA Intelligence data and produced by our in-house team of industry analysts, today’s report maps out how future networks and operator business models are evolving within a rapidly shifting industry landscape.”

Key takeaways from the 2017 edition of the Global Mobile Trends:

Connecting the next billion: Five billion people are now connected to mobile networks, representing two-thirds of the world’s population. However, growth is slowing; it took four years to move from 4 billion to 5 billion subscribers and connecting the next billion will take longer still. Meanwhile, smartphone and mobile broadband growth is driving mobile internet usage and engagement, and new form factors are emerging beyond the smartphone.

Rapid 4G growth: Industry excitement around 5G overlooks the fact that 4G still has plenty of headroom for future growth. 4G is forecast to account for two-thirds of global mobile connections by 2025.
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Ask yourself, how privacy friendly is this?
but i don't need privacy because i'm not doing anything wrong, anon!
You are either a blackhat or a scammer, probably a CIAnigger tricking idiots into giving away private information to be exploited by big corporations.

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Hello /g,

need to reinstall windows 8 on a laptop but usb with ISO files faill. Microsoft provide an ISO of windows 8.1 but only have a product key for windows 8. Someone know where to have a plain windows 8 ISO ?
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Windows 8 is garbage

so either Windows 7 or windows 10
or linux
or Mac OS X
itsn't my laptop and the idea is to upgrade windows 8 to 8.1 then to 10 but as the tiles used to work ,parameteres panel was unreachable as the microsoft store. I installed fedora 26 by the owner of the laptop dislike it and now he ask for windows 10. As the only product key i have is windows 8 product key i think it's the only way to do (8->8.1->10).
I can upload one to the /g/ftp server if you want.
Linux is always a option too.

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>i skate where the puck is going to be, not where it has been
>releases tech that has been out for over 1 year in a package with less practical functionality

What did they mean by this?
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