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desktop thread, lets get ur best /g/
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That's not actually Windows 10, is it?
Show 'em your fancy desktops.


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First request /g/: what is that laptop brand and model ? Apple ?
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looks like a lenovo laptop
Second request /g/: Who's that pokemon? Koffing?
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>tfw you forget the picture :(

Is there a way to have copies of texts on another phone sent to my phone? All those spy app websites look shady
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Sms forwarder hide its notifications. If the person isnt savvy it should work if she is dony try it
The fuck am I looking at? The nigger version of Good Will Hunting?

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is anyone else having a issue with the Wi-Fi in windows 10 not working? I mean it detects their is wireless networks and but I can't connect to mine
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it's happened to me before where I had to reset my entire operating system then wait 4 months without using it
then installing custom drivers on cli and then format the system and re install an os. Then it fixed :^)
In Windows 10 nothing works properly
kill yourself winfag

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Hey /gentoomen/, while I may be really (!) late to the college "party" I just started a computer science degree at my local university!

So, to help immerse myself in the technology world, I'm going to be hanging out with you guys for a while! I've seen a lot of funny posts, like the one about a guy who hacked into a Jack-In-The-Box but was stolen away before he could order. It was just a tall tale, but it still made me smile :-)

I'm trying to get acclimated to your memes and inside jokes. For example, I figured out that there's this thing called a botnet that is like the boogeyman of this board, kind of like the "chads" and "normies" on some other boards. I can't wait to find out more stuff!

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help, we're all going to be "room mates" after all :-)
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I know this post was bait, but it still hurt.
I genuinely chuckled at this.
nice to meet you friend, can't wait to see all the rad messages you have been cooking for us! :D

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Need a mini research problem for my Phd Comp Sc degree.

Can we get some brain storming?

some of my ideas, Accessibility guid lines on mobile applications positively or greatly affect vision impaired users?
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are you serious? if youre getting a phd and you cant think of a research question, or better yet you can do some research and think of a better solution (hint) maybe you should get a masters
>4th year PhD student in biomedical sciences
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It's a joke because comp sci majors are retarded

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What to choose, anon?

Mainly usage is watching youtube and browsing.
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which one is faster, and ips?
Neither. Get a reasonably priced 1080p IPS screen and save some money instead.

Anyone want to buy a SNES classic. Only 300$ :^)
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why don't people just buy a pi and a snes enclosure?
I have a working SNES, as well as a WiiU with VC. I see no reason to buy that emulator.
>the completed version of star fox 2

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Anyone else here embrace the botnet yet?

I've got phillips hue lights, a smart lock, a robovac, and a smart thermostat so far. The convenience factor of this stuff is just too nice to ignore.
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Nope. I'm not too lazy to take a handful of steps to do something by hand. Even if it wasn't a privacy nightmare, I wouldn't see a need to use it if I wasn't disabled.
I'm interested in smart electrical sockets, in order to be able to remotely activate/deactivate devices with my phone and to have an easy way of tracking my power usage. Getting a lot of those sockets is pretty expensive though
my parents use the wifi thermostat to passive-aggressively inconvenience each other when out of the house

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google earth.png
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>boot into Windows
>open Fedora Media Writer
>pic related suddenly installs itself and creates desktop shortcut
What do?
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enter the void
>What do?
Shoot yourself.
install gentoo

It is never going to end. There is no end.

This is the new normal.
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What's the best instant messenger/chat client with voice chat, video chat and groups that doesn't leak your ip for others to see, that is encrypted and doesn't steal your data. (((and maybe has screen sharing)))
>also here's a frog killing itself for your enjoyment
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tox through a vpn
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Presuming you aren't looking for something that is limited to phone (at which point, go for Signal), you'll want Wire.

E2E encryption, fingerprint verification, open source everything, register with phone or email (either of which can be deleted or be a throw away number/account), and, next year, the ability to host on your own server.
the good ol days when you needed to use a proxy or a vpn to just talk with someone on skype
>fuck you skype

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You're kinda late to the party
The meme has died with our savior Terry Davis
No, he did not die but he probably got arrested by a cia nibber
>censoring nigger
I want reddit to leave
I haven't tried this in years. Is it fun now?

So I have been having this specific BSOD the last 12 months. I have changed out every part of my computer but the CPU at this point.

Got a

-Asus 97z-ausb3.1
-intel i7-4770 @3.50ghz
-2x 8gb ram sticks
-Nvidia GTX1060 6gb

The symptoms for it aren't clear but it happens when I play some games. I say some because I have notice it happen on some and not others, on games it bsod's it happens at random times but within the course of an hour, not dependent on tempature, workload, or performance. On other games i can play and even leave on and walk away from the computer and it still runs.

Games that cause this include
-R6: the seige
-TW: Warhanner
-Steel Division:Normandy

Games that are safe from BSOD

-Rising storm2:Vietnan
-mechwarrior online
-Homefront: Revolution
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>I have changed out every part of my computer but the CPU at this point.
Well then.
In case you're too dense to get it, it's either a CPU or motherboard problem.

>have to pay to be able to learn this language
How did they get away with this?
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ever heard of piracy
It's the principle of the thing anon
Does C count?
For a long long time, the only real reference was K&R first edition.

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