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Anybody here know about tubes or mechanical timers? I'm scrapping an EDM machine and some plastic injection molding machines and I have 50 or so 6DQ5 vacuum tubes and a couple timers. Any idea what this stuff is worth? Bear with me, these might be a little sideways.
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I know these timers sell for anywhere between 100-200 each, but what about the tubes? Think I could get 5 bucks a piece for them? What if I pull the sockets too?
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They're only dirty on the faces, internals are clean.
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This one I know is German made.

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>stales behind you
your response?
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stale meme
doesn't stall on my machine
*uses utorrent 2*

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Is windows 10 based NT technologies, like 2000 or XP?
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2000, xp, 7 and 8.1 are stable as fuck.

not really sure about 8.1 actually. I still use 2000 in my old compi.
Which is why it's still garbage and has limitation on file transfers

Why aren't you using any ergonomic hardware?
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Looks like shit, controls like shit
I've been using a trackball mouse for over a year. I can no longer tolerate regular shit-tier "mice".
Is that an ergodox-build? Would like to try it myself, but rather as two seperate keyboard-modules.

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I just got a new PC, should I leave SmartScreen on or turn it off?
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Antivirus software is for autists.
Just don't run random .exe files.
I'm gonna install Adblock anyway, I just want to know if this'll send any personal data to Microsoft.
Someone enlight me.

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Sup /G/ I've been promoted to the Admin at my job. Boss doesn't care if I use old equipment for my own projects.

How can I monetize an old server? (40 cores 512GB of ram?) No gpus
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Cpu mine xmr I guess. Maybe a shitty little server for g to play on. Host some vpses? I'll buy a slot from you op provided the disc space is pretty good
I'd probably lose $$ on the power from mining.

I wana rent out VPS but how do I know people won't post cheesy pizza or some illegal ass shit
write up a TOS that your users agree to so that if shit ever hits the fan you aren't liable for the cheese pizza they put on it from a legal standpoint.
Also provide a way for companies to write a DMCA should they think one of your users is pirating their movies.

Just look at how other vps providers try to cover their asses.

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For my website's account system, which NoSQL database would be the best?

I think that having a columnar database or key-value store would be either way, very good. However I am undecided. I could use ScyllaDB, since it is just the faster version of Cassandra, or I could use a disk-based version of Redis like SSDB

These are my priorities in order:
1. Security: Nothing comes before this. Can't have SQL injections
2. Reliability: I need consistent results all the time
3. Speed: Speed is important, because I will be hashing the passwords 65536 times and then getting the database's password and comparing it with the hashed input.

Can you help decide which database I need based on the priorities and context?
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I think you want to hire a team of professionals for each point. Actually hire 3-4 companies for the first one especially. They should find quite a bit as you develop.

No money? Fuck, just try Scylla.
Use SQL. There is literally no fucking reason to use NoSQL unless you have highly unstructured data, aside from not knowing SQL and not wanting to learn it (which is not a good reason).
Use a text file

how did they get away with this?
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Turns out the Japanese aren't very litigious.
you cannot make this shit up kek
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Nearly all of Solaris developers were laid off by Oracle on Friday.

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Oracle is the devil
Sound choice, unfortunate as though it may be. Why would companies pursue products and services that are unprofitable and will not become profitable any time soon?

It is intended that they stop fruitless pursuits like that.

I want to go back to basics.
What are some good cellphones/flipphones right now? I just want off this media overdrive ride. Also, can you play music with earbuds on basic cellphones? Thats whats keeping me off from buying one right now, I want to be able to listen to music.
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Get the cheapest flipper your carrier sells that can do 4G and tether. They're all pretty solid. I've had LG flips for decades with no issues.
But can I jack my earphones in it and listen to music tho?
Yes, unlike iMemes the feature/basic phones all have headphone jacks and easily accessible local storage. I use my LG to store podcasts for my commute as well. Just plug in the usb to your laptop and upload the file(s). You won't have room for 1000 albums, but it's enough for a day's work.

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What is this for and why Mozilla wants me to have it in browser? Just over-engineered bookmarks or there is more into it?
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Google it, pajeet
It syncs with your Pocket application on other devices.

The only real use for it is saving pages to view offline. I use it on my phone to save news articles and read them when I don't have internet access.
Pocket is mostly a read-later service, it's not supposed to be for permanently saving links like bookmarks, although you could use it like that.

The other difference is that it keeps a copy of the page, instead of just the link. So it works better for pages that are constantly changing, or that may not be available in the future. Kind of like an automated archive.

That's it.

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I bet you get upset when people call all tissues, Kleenex
Son of a bitch....
Zip disquette

fucking appimages, how do they work? I built appimage for my APP, tested it on arch, ubuntu, fedora and solus. it just werks. is it magic?
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It's just a newer version of portable apps
How do you build appimages easy? for example i want to build kolourpaint on appimage so i dont have to rely on the hundred of KDElibs dependencies
Same question here, any good tutorial?

i didn't get a degree in computer science; my degree is unfortunately in business administration.

is it all over for me or will i be able to get into a respected masters program for computer science and then be able to focus on machine learning?

is this a common thing for people who have no background in computer science to get a masters degree in it?
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No university would accept someone into a graduate CS program without fundamental courses like algorithms and data structures.
The amount of pre-reqs for a graduate CS course for a business administration major would be so substantial that you may as well just get the bachelor's degree.
Undergrad CS is a joke and everyone knows it.
Undergrad CS establishes basic computing knowledge and theories, algorithmic analysis, data structures, and the foundations necessary to continue the education.
If one lacks all of this, how do you suppose they will fare in graduate school?

What os does the meka run /g/?
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Installed Gentoo
I think it runs
>ugly western bitch

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