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how many hundreds/thousands of $ has /g/ conned you into wasting?
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I managed to convice my boss to buy us all maxed out P70's with the whole "superior chinkpad design" skit
About 50 of them total, so a couple hundred grand on thinkpads.
0, I would never take anything posted here at face value, because I'm not retarded.
I literally have not bought a single /g/-related thing since I started browsing 7 years ago
calle calle

Why did Apple go from having 10/10 aesthetics on their iphones to having chinashit-tier aesthetics?
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Steve Jobs died and the current CEO is spending his time developing a shitty tv studio and worrying about Tennessee passing bathroom gender laws.

Apple needs a CEO with an eye for detail Jobs had.
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>tfw no slightly larger, modern 5s with slightly reduced bezels

There are enough threads about the new iPhone already, I just wanted to talk about the X branding.

Is it coming back? I remember when it was a 80s-90s fad for making things seem futuristic or next gen but everyone kind of stopped doing it after a while.

Is Apple bringing it back?
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They called it the iPhone Ten though, the X is a roman numeral and not X for Xtreme like the 90's
I wonder what they'll release next year. The iPhone 8S and the iPhone X 2?
They'll probably rebrand it iPhone Pro, the X is for 10 years of iPhone terror

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Why didn't you write your last code in JS or Java /g/?
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Because I do data science
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I did
I used Kotlin.

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Why do Indians hate Apple ?
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same reason /g/ hates apple. mindless fanboyism + can't afford it + don't understand the real purpose of hardware/software.
respect the pajeet

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Why does the tech industry hate this number so much?
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It's a cursed number.
...number 9 large...
Because people end up claiming GETs on just one 9.

But really, >>62396565 is true.

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CloverOS GNU/Linux

Official homepage: https://cloveros.ga
Current ISO: https://cloveros.ga/s/CloverOS-x86_64-20170907.iso
Git: https://gitgud.io/cloveros/cloveros
Package count: 3020 https://cloveros.ga/s/packages.html
Official IRC channel: #cloveros on Rizon
GPG: 78F5 AC55 A120 07F2 2DF9 A28A 78B9 3F76 B8E4 2805
License: WTFPL
Mirrors: https://useast.cloveros.ga https://uswest.cloveros.ga https://fr.cloveros.ga https://uk.cloveros.ga https://nl.cloveros.ga
Current CFLAGS: CFLAGS="-Ofast -mmmx -mssse3 -pipe -funroll-loops -flto=8 -floop-block -floop-interchange -floop-strip-mine -ftree-loop-distribution"
Previous threads: https://warosu.org/g/?task=search2&search_subject=cloveros
Video: https://a.doko.moe/cngnzh.mp4
CloverOS memes: http://cloveros.booru.org
Validate ISO:

gpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv-key "78F5 AC55 A120 07F2 2DF9 A28A 78B9 3F76 B8E4 2805"
wget https://cloveros.ga/s/signatures/s/CloverOS-x86_64-20170907.iso.asc
gpg --verify CloverOS-x86_64-20170907.iso.asc CloverOS-x86_64-20170907.iso

Changes: Packages upgraded, if you had a problem with zlib's new slot before, it's fixed now. sdlmame is now latest version using an overlay

Download ISO from all mirrors:

aria2c -x5 -j5 -k10M https://useast.cloveros.ga/s/CloverOS-x86_64-20170907.iso \
https://uswest.cloveros.ga/s/CloverOS-x86_64-20170907.iso \
https://fr.cloveros.ga/s/CloverOS-x86_64-20170907.iso \
https://uk.cloveros.ga/s/CloverOS-x86_64-20170907.iso \
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What is CloverOS like? Can I put palemoon on it? How much memory does it use? Is there a 32bit nopae version? Howcome I never see anyone on /g/ shilling cloverOS but they are always shilling gentoo?
umm >>62397147
>What is CloverOS like?

A fresh Gentoo install

>Can I put palemoon on it?

emerge palemoon

>How much memory does it use?

Under 64MB, see op pic.

>Is there a 32bit nopae version?

No 32bit yet

>How come I never see anyone on /g/ shilling cloverOS but they are always shilling gentoo?

CloverOS is Gentoo


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the future.jpg
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So what are femanons going to do to compete with sex robots when they begin to be inevitably replaced by them? No, "providing a second income" is not a valid answer, and you know it. Let's hear those strategies, ladies.

Guys, let's talk about your rigs. What are you looking for in your upcoming buttbot purchases? What materials do you find work best to get the job done? Let's talk shop.
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why are all these sex robots skinny bitches, where are the thicc af ladybots
I will provide training data for the perfect qt anime sex robot (male) <3
when are they going to do ones that are attractive?

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>Android throws away the blobs
>Replaces them with even uglier (2D) emojis
>Apple comes with great looking 3D emojis
>You can literally make your own reaction in realtime, and even record animation including audio

Any chance google will make something like this for Android 0?
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>applefags are excited about animated emojis
I have never owned an iphone, but nice assumption, retard.
Theres not much more you can do to phones now. Weve basically reached the limit for thin phones. So little cool things like this are going to be expected and appreciated and anything new with hardware now is only going to be a bullshit gimmick (i.e. muh motomods)

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>P2P free VPN
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It's botnet
proof? source? toughts?

It's a honeypot

I dont normally post here so forgive me if I am not up to date on the board culture here.

For years I exclusively used Android OS, I had the first droid phone and I love it. Slowly over time it progressed to the point that the phones (for me the S4) came with to much bloatware that it was insane. Not only that but the phones seemd to have a 18-24 month life span before they became so slow they were unusable. I switched over to an Iphone 6s about 2 years ago and the phone still runs as fast as it did when I bought it. This being the case, Apple products generally lack the latest technology as well as being very restrictive (no finger print on the Iphone X, no head phone jacks, no expandable storage). However I still feel like the Iphone is the better choice currently.

I am kinda thinking about going back to the android OS on my next phone so I can have the latest tech, although in the back of my head the bloatware and short life span is making me hesitant.

>should I stick with the Iphone or go back to android for my next phone?
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Apple is like an abusive boyfriend.
When he's good to you, he's reaaal good to you. But the rest of the time he's just slapping and beating the shit out of you.

Stick with Android. Maybe wait for the next Pixel.
This is a really hard debate.
I personally prefer apple. And to be fair android still hasn't a good 3dtouch implementation and sometimes has some tech but it doesn't work ( like face recognition in samsung phones).
>implying facial recognition will work on the iPhone
>implying you have an alternative

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So /g/

How do you think the apple cultists will break these new phones?

>Ios 7
>waterproof phone upgrade

>Ios 8
>charging phone in the microwave

>iphone six
>bend the shit out of it

>iphone 7
>drilling a hole for headphone jacks

Can they be memed any harder?
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Sand off the camera area for total screen coverage?
I don't think meming them harder is possible, but I'm looking forward to being proven wrong.
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>Want your iphone x to feel completely flat? Get some sandpaper and scrub the camera until level and smooth.


If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>Reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated - blame /csg/)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

Apple unveils iPhone X with bezel-less AMOLED screen

Appleā€™s $999 iPhone X packs an edge-to-edge display and dual cameras

iPhone X, 8 & 8 Plus Released! Everything You Need To Know

iPhone X hands-on live from Apple Event 2017

Apple iPhone X first look

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus hands-on live from Apple Event 2017
Samsung hopes to launch foldable phone in 2018

BlackBerry confirms Priv will not get Android Nougat

old >>62392233
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I am a luddite who just got my first smartphone a month ago, Samsung Galaxy J7 V. I was recently informed I should be able to access a test screen to, among other things, boost signal strength in exchange for battery life. I live in the woods and charge the thing once a week as it is so I would like to do that. The code *#0*# does not work. Did Verizon disable it and if so, how can I enable the feature again? Factory reset?

polite sage for old thread under bump limit.

verizon disables all that shit, and you cannot enable it again
Which phone should I get once my 6S poops out?

I want off the Apple ride

was thinking nokia 6/8 tbdesu

lmk ok ty xx

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What's the point of extra power in iPhones?

Native games will never need that much power, devs won't invest that kind of budget into mobile games.

The OS has been perfectly smooth for ages.

At least with Android you have an active emulation scene and Gamecube/Wii emulation using the power of the newest ARM chipsets.
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Nobody should give a shit about phone performance. It literally does not matter. It's a miniature shitpost machine and phonebox. Phone performance in its entirety is a meme. If you want portable emulators, get a laptop like a real man.
The only laptop good for emulators is GPD Win, people want emulators in their pocket.

Especially Gamecube/Wii/Dreamcast/PS2 in another year or two.
The same point of having a 100" 8K 144Hz TV in the living room for watching 720p """HD""" TV @ 23FPS. It makes your dick seem larger.

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Your angry snooping girlfriend can now unlock your phone just by pointing at your face.
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Is that a new Linux DE?
>implying that cucks won't open it for her anyway
>women won't be able to unlock their phones without caking on their makeup

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