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When Google starts making androids, how will they call them so that they aren't confused with Android?
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downgraded or defective models will be called womandroids

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Yoo i need some help with this assignment.
i had 1 month to learn the basics in C#
and now the time has come for my last assignment but i dident learn anything. the teacher was fucking shit from day one, i made an offical complaint 2 days after starting in school the teacher really was shit.

i need to learn how to make a little console application game, that comes with a presentation and then the game should start.

-The game must generate a random number and then convert it to binary and ask the user for the right number. it should do this 5 times.
the user must have 3 right answers to win.
at the end the app should show how many right and wrong tries there was

just post some links where i can learn this thank you
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This isn't Stackoverflow, you dummie
what do you mean ?
Just kill yourself.

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Thanks to the (((W3C))), DRM for browsers is now standard. What this means is that all popular contemporary browsers such as FF, Chrome, Edge, etc. contain support for DRM websites. Earlier this week, Spotify changed their web player to enable the browser's DRM features.

What does this mean for you, especially if you don't use Spotify? Well, if you're using a normalfag browser and it's up to date, you already have the DRM features. Expect to see more sites using DRM protection in the very near future. If you're using any non-normalfag browser and it doesn't have the DRM feature, they will need to get a license from Adobe and implement this into the browser. So basically, HTML5 DRM-enabled content is now in the hands of Adobe. Every time you want to view the DRM content, you'll have to connect to Adobe to download a session plugin to be able to decrypt the content, which is an invasion of privacy.

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I don't care, I pirate everything anyway. I haven't paid for content or even not used an ad blocker for years.
It'll extend to other sites as well. Even if you have all the music/video you need, websites will soon start using it merely for text. Again, if you have a normalfag browser you are already being infringed upon.

Macfags on suicide watch!

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Stop spamming this faggot's video
God, I hate this fucking queer
he keeps popping up on my youtube feed
who dis qt senpai

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>programming while listening to anime music
So THIS is why weebs are the best programmers...
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Agree with op, but he is still a faggot
I only listen to real music while programming

Can't change the fact that you are a faggot.

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Got fed up with iTunes so I deiced to look for some alternatives. Got into AIMP (3), and I really like it so far.
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>music player
People seriously still listen to .mp3?
Winamp 5

Advantages to using this operating system? I assume most of you aren't journalists in repressed countries.
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come on anon, you can figure this shit out for yourself
To play Sonic & Tails
MacOS is probably more secure desu

>Apple cares about your Priv-
>new version of OSX you cannot disable Apple Analytics
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click the lock you retard
>Click the lock to make changes.
>click lock to make changes
Oh no, it's retarded.

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Alright lads, where should I start for learning this language
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Coursera courses and Oderskys book
Why use Scala? Convince me.
because my employer wants me to

Why the fuck is this shit even allowed to be used in an academic environment? I'm in a CS program where over half of my peers (including myself) use GNU/Linux as their main OS, and now we are being forced to either dual-boot or borrow a Windows laptop from the university tech services to take tests. At least if this shit could run in a VM it would be fine, but no, proprietary shitware doesn't like to be useful.
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Did a master's degree in CS from a top 5 school. No one used Linux. Now, I am in the process of obtaining a PhD from another top 5 school. None of the students in the classes I teach use it. Just get over yourself and be normal for once.
Link a tutorial.

Maybe in India.

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PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive - Which One is Best?

Leink relaten
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where the fuck are all the anti-indian replies? I won't do them I'm not a racist
I may look like a navajo buy I'm actually apache
(also 70% of US citizens are racist 10% of which are afro-americans)
blasting a jet of poo out of my ass

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Anons, let's create a group to study programming and hacking?
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>man cave
I'll do the logo
What's your background?

Why was everyone so excited for Windows 95?
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Because they didn't take pictures of the people who were not excited
wow, that's actually a pretty good answer.
Can I use windows xp today? Anime and some sites only.

Desktop Thread
Extra points for cozy DEs and ricing lubuntu to look like shit
Minus points for changing your desktop wallpaper for the screencap
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"But anon-kun... you don't actually write documents in proprietary bloatware software instead of compiling them elegantly in TeX, do you?"
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>wrote presentation on Linux with LibreOffice
>sent that to wincuck schoolmate for his contribution
>also uses LibreOffice
>line feeds broken despite
if you want painless life, go full botnet and google docs
>google docs
>write in whatever you want to write in, and format it how you can/want
>export it to pdf
How hard it is?

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