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Richard Stallman is my hero, but he does some confusing shit. For instance, theres a video that shows him pick something off his foot, then he puts it in his mouth and eats it. Theres also a part of this biography "Free as in Freedom" where the author was having dinner with Stallman and he was eating pieces of his beard.
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I think nobody disagrees with you. Stallman is the kind of lunatic we need, but he's a social idiot.
>He's not consuming his body for ultimate efficiency
And that's why you're pleb
He's the best chance we got. But he eats his feet.

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whatd the best binary conpiler?
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these nuts
For speed: https://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-parallel-studio-xe

(Good luck getting the output to work on non-Intel chips)

For flexability; the old Metrowerks compilers. Those were amazing.
>these nuts
>not deez nuts


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ITT: post useful bash one-liners

Here's what I use to remove duplicate astolfo pics from my computer!
while true; do rm -v "$(find astolfo* | xargs -d '\n' md5sum | sort | uniq -D -w 32 | cut -c 34- | tail -1)"; done
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i don't do one liners cuz they suck

# faster urandom source using openssl
urandom() {
head --bytes=128 /dev/urandom 2>/dev/null \
| base64 \
| openssl enc -aes-256-ctr \
-in /dev/zero \
-nosalt \
-pass stdin \

mostly irrelevant since the kernel cucks made urandom some salsa20 bullshit stream cipher but it's still faster.
this is one i use for colorizing PS1's to differentiate different hosts.

 # $1 - get hash of string
# common colored name algo
color_hash() {
declare -i chr hash_val i len
# i=1 because zsh indexing
for (( i=1; i<len+1; ++i )); do
chr=$(printf '%d' \'"${1[$i]}")
hash_val=$(( hash_val * 32 - hash_val + chr ))
echo "$hash_val"

this might be zsh specific given the whole string char access.

for bash cucks, just change ${1[$i]} to ${1:$i:1}

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Hello /g/, I've been having a problem since a random power outtage, my pc wont turn on.

I've tested the PSU with the paperclip test and it works just fine. I think the motherboard works as well becaue when I plug in the ethernet cable the light turns green, so it must be getting some kind of power right? So then my problem is I have no idea why its not turning on

My specs are, i5-6500, gtx 970, ASUS micro atx B150M-A motherboard, 16 GB of ballistix ram, a EVGA 600B PSU and windows 10 os.
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The first step I would recommend is actually using another outlet in a different room.

should that fail, use a different PSU.
Try a different PSU. The fan turning on doesn't mean much. Same goes for the ethernet light on the motherboard. A bunch of shit can still be broken on the motherboard. When you turn your PC on pretty much everything has to work, that's the point of POST.

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>buy ryzen
>memory running at 1066 mhz

guys, its working r-right?
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You're clueless.
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Did you buy 2133 ddr4? Then yes it is working as intended. Next time take this to /sqt/.

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Any good ways to play/rip Blu-ray discs on Windows 7?

VLC doesn't seem to work, even with the available codecs. And I've my scepticism about MPC-HC since it stopped development.
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I've been dragging BDMV files into Macgo Blu ray player and so far it works fine. As for ripping them? I just copy and paste from the disc.
>I just copy and paste from the disc.
What about that scrambling thing most discs have to prevent you from accessing the contents, even if straight up copying them?

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/nsqt/ - not stupid questions thread general ill start

1. did IBM sell their technology to lenovo/another japanese or chinese company
2. if IBM stayed in business and Microsoft never made windows the standard of computing would the tech world be better overall
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How the fuck do I make my initramfs open the root partition?
No need to talk about 2Mb GRUB partition
/sda2 - luks encrypted 1Gb /boot partition, where all kernels, initramfs and grub.cfg go
/sda3 - LUKS encrypted Gentoo partition with all my shit
/sda5 - reserved for encrypted swap
reply gaylords

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are N64 emus for jailbroken iOS as good as the ones for legit android?
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try it and report back
Nope. You got the wrong phone bucko, looks like you're in for some hell.

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>go to website
>realize i really appreciate website
>decide to turn adblock off so they make more $$$
>see they have pop ups
>a window opens up every time you click somewhere
>turn adblock back on

why people insist to use annoying ads knowing we will try to block them or even stop using their websites?
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Because they make far more money using them on the people who don't block ads than they would from the tiny handful of people that block ads but turn them off for sites they like
Honestly, fuck all websites. Just use ad nauseum and never turn it off, even on sites you like.

Are you staying safe online, /g/?
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Your tipcode is dog shit
You two should kill yourselves
why would someone just will go to the internet to tell lies?

is this a jew trick everytime i pull fukn card out of my phone and do a factory reset it doesn't work after that and refuses to format please recommend a non poverty brand
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Their RMA policy is surprisingly generous. I got a two year old borked card replaced with free shipping both ways
good to know I'll make sure keep the box and receipt on next one
I once bought a chink replica that didn't work, RMA'd to sandisk without having to provide any product info, and received a genuine card back. 6 years in the same phone on daily use.

Anyone have issues removing shared files in Google drive? Asking for a friend...
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Nobody here is dumb enough to use google drive.
This probably isn't the place to ask...

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Hypothetically, if someone wanted to make a webpage for malicious purposes, what would be a safe, anonymous hosting service that no one would be able to trace to that person? Preferably one that accepts payment in monero.
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Something that LE wouldn't be able to trace.
You're obviously a retard and should find a different hobby.
You're dumb fuck if you're asking this on a clear web forum. Dumb fucks get fucked. Jesus said so

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What is the programming equivalent of a momentary interject?
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thread preemption

Let's talk Voice Recognition.

I'm thinking of hiring someone who knows English, for a data entry job. I record myself, they give me the text version of what I said. This way I save a shitload of time writing shitty e-mails.

Somehow, I don't trust Google/Amazon/Whatever to do this for me, nor any other 3rd party corp.

Am I wrong? Or are humans just better?
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>megacorporations that store data about billions of people are not trustworthy
>some random Pajeet who can use your emails to extort you is trustworthy
freetards earn their moniker with every post
No senpai, idgaf about privacy, I meant the quality. I don't trust them to give me something I won't have to fix after recording myself.

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