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Anybody else excited for Inte's Coffee Lake? xDDDD
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Give me one good reason why I shouldn't continue to use Office 97
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If it works for you needs then why bother with anything else?
because latex exists

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How to root S6edge, andorid nougat 7.0 SM925F?
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stick it up your butthole and blow as hard as you can

Eat it and then masturbate cum into your inner anus
I love you 4chan :D

Fucking hell. I can't wear in-ear headphones, they're all just painful and don't stay in. I'm trying to find a bluetooth equivalent of this ear-clip form factor that isn't just chinkshit, but apparently it doesn't exist. Is my only alternative going full autist by wearing full headband headphones in public?
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Something like this is what I'm after, but no reputable brand makes anything like it
Pls respond. Are there any chinkshit brands that are worth anything, at least?

Future's looking grim if phones continue to lose headphone ports.

check these out.

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Does it even matter which email service i use if i encrypt my emails with pgp?
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yes, sage.
Yes. To understand why, set up a large billboard outside of your house. Every time you send an email go outside and write the following on the board:
>recipient email address
>date and time
>record of above information for all messages sent to and received from that account for the last week (the time is arbitrary; I just don't want you to buy too large a board)
It doesn't matter anyways, pgp is compromised. Just use Gmail and keep everything in clear text, you're just making it hard for good guy Google to make your user experience better.

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Mining zCash on Nicehash with my old R9 280x 3GB.

A month or 2 ago, I could get 3,5$ per day. However now it droped to 1,5$. The rate droped down from 0,7 to 0,3mBTC. What is it? the card can't handle the algorithm?The pool closed?

What are your rates with NiceHash miner?
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your card is dying or more people joined the pool.
The card plays fine. No problems in furmark.

Must be the pool.

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where do me findz secure email provider (dark or clearnet) that's free and does not require fucking javascript enabled?

tried to find, zer0 luck.
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>webclient without JS
does that even exists? remote server would have to read your emails to render them to html
Just use local client and any email provider.

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Whas up facebook baby, you no trust me no mo?
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>using facebook in 2017
>talking like a nigger, is probably actually a nigger
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What was the photo
>faceberg in 2017

lmaoooo, kid go install brave browser and qwant search engine and get with the times scrub

That's a notebook
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god, why are thinkpads so fucking clean
Maybe you are used to manufactures who put shitload of ugly plastic. If you are looking for MacBook Pro from Jobs-era but you just don't want Apple this is for you.

would you /g/uys ever use a worldwide chatroom? I used to love IRC back in the day but it's been dead for years.
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>worldwide chatroom?
no, too many fags

>the state of apple

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Whatever faggot. Beats the state of Google
>t. iToddler

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Been watching the prices of the rx 470 480 and rx 570 and 580 and they've been slowing dropping over the past two weeks. They're at around 350 now so hopefully in a few more weeks we can see sub 300 on the cost. Unless something happens to cause it to drop like a rock or shoot back up. Let us pray.
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What country?
>1 year later
>still more than launch price


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Can a Raspberry Pi be used as a streaming device for Steam? I have a decent gayman rig.
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RPi is an ARM device, and Steam is an x86 program, it probably can't run it without some kind of emulation

Plus RPi is basically an overgrown controller, it probably doesn't have the processing power for that kind of stuff

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Do videos have metadata in them like images? (exif data)

how do i find out?
how do i remove?
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They can
is there a way to implement false exif data that looks legit?

Am I doing it right?
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what the fuck does this actually install?

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