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Do thots like /g/ technology?
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Not really, it is mainly used for profit instead of improving the human race these days thanks to the modern generation being lazy fucks and the jews profiting off of them
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I had to search what the hell is a "thot"
Not really. They're sick your dick to get rid of a visit though. I lost my virginity to a thot who got adware on her 3k MacBook pro. Sucked my dick and let me fuck her to get rid of it. Lol

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Just bought a DROID 3 in a garage sale for 15 dls, any good use I can give to the phone?

As far as I know it's a great phone with a great overclock.
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These posts are fucking retarded. Just download some apps for it, you lazy piece of shit. It's a computer, it'll do whatever you want.
>TI OMAP 4430
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This wasn't a joke by the way. It's been abandoned by everybody.

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How do brainlets fail to grasp the concept of loops?
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How come no one posted in my thread?
You'd have to be rather stupid to not understand a loop.
Because you're underage and surrounded by freshmen.

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IPFS is a decentralized P2P replacement for HTTP and various other protocols.

Quick summary:
>files are addressed by hash, not by location
>like torrents, but you can build websites on it
>files and metadata are separate, so renaming or moving a file won't change its hash
>can add files with drag and drop like pomf
>can access network via HTTP gateways
>can stream video via mpv or VLC

How it works:
When you add a file, the files are split up individually into pieces and hashed. Any user can request one of these hashes and the nodes find seeds automatically.

>Is it anonymous?
As anonymous as BitTorrent: others can see your IP unless you use a VPN. You can build anonymity below (i.e. Tor/I2P/VPN) or above (i.e. GNUnet "fs" module) like the OSI model.

>Is it fast?
As fast as your network can offer, finding peers takes a few minutes for less popular files.

>How is it different from BitTorrent?
You can build websites on top of it. Rearranging or renaming files won't change their hash, so torrents where only a small text file is different won't steal seeders from the other ones.

>How is it different from ZeroNet?
IPFS is a file sharing network which you can build websites on, ZeroNet is made for websites, and isn't as stable or mature. IPFS layers with already existing infrastructure.

Websites of interest:
https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/ - official IPFS gateway, slap this in front of a hash and it will download it from the network. This is slower than using the client and accepts DMCAs.

http://glop.me/ - IPFS pomf clone. 10MB limit.

Planned features for next version (0.4.10):

https://pastebin.com/Xxz9qMkv - list of IPFS hashes

https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmU5XsVwvJfTcCwqkK1SmTqDmXWSQW aTa7ZcVLY2PDxNxG/ipfs_links.html - more IPFS hashes
(remove the space, spam filter)
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It's shit

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How to replace the fan? There are no accessible screws behind it. I'd rather not remove the entire heatsink.
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>I'd rather not remove the entire heatsink.
Grow a pair or throw it out.
Are you retarded? You need to dissasemble it.
> " Femanon"


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Let's create the kinkiest way to explain a person programming:

I wanted to explain to a girl the meaning of "_" in a return variable
you can define a function

def get_cock():
balls, cock = "8", "==D"
return (balls, cock)

now you can write

balls, cock = get_cock()

but lets imagine you want to massage the balls

def touch_balls():
balls, _ = get_cock()
return "Touching: " + balls

I wanted to explain lambda functions

def porn( myobject ):
print("Boob" + myobject + "Boob")

do_porn_with = lambda x : porn(x)

do_porn_with(" penis ")
output: "Boob penis Boob"
do_porn_with(" dildo ")
output: "Boob dildo Boob"
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Sex is gross, kys
I call this hard coding.
Why is this board so fucking underage?

Thinking about purchasing a X240 i5 4300U (1.9ghz) Is $380 a good deal?

Or there's another X240 i5 4200u (1.6ghz) for $325. Which is the better deal?

I just need a portable laptop for school and light gaming such as source games and Diablo 3. Will this suffice?
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read the recommanded specs.
The x240 has no dedicated trackpoint keys, which is bad.
X230 or X250 is superior
>light gaming
Buy something with a dedicated GPU. Even Nvidia's *20 GPU's beat Intel's GMA.

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wtf happened?
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>PAJEETWARE dingdongs
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>windows 10 built in top of windows 8
>anon says it so it must be true
sounds legit 4 me

Post. R8.H8.Love
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No punctuation keys on the main keyboard.

How is this still a thing
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Stupid phoneposter
Hitting space twice inserts a period, which ought to be enough for anybody.
>no commas, semicolons; only full stop here
You're a fag, and that makes me sad. At least double-space for period makes sense, in a way.

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Who else /CS student who lost all passion for programming and hates themselves and their life / ?
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Just become a pm you if you can't hang bruh.
>a pm

but i have no people skills
You can learn people skills you neet

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>stable (9.1) Planned 2017-07-22

Who's hyped?
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Not me, motherfucker!
I only use redhat products
No Linux kernel 4.10 for ryzen. Count me out

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Why haven't you came back to Windows yet, faggot?
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>The botnet wants me back
Youre more likely to be actively spied on if you try to take measures like using an open source os to protect your privacy.
Boot up Windows after months
Blue screen
I am never using that piece of shit OS again

We're training virtual robots to walk and do other tricks. This is a legit AGI project funded by the US government. Help us Unleash the singularity in realtime on Twitch!

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What the fuck do you need free help for if the US government funds you?
>>uses mac
Can't take him serious
found the delusional winbabby

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