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Alright people. I need help.

I have to pass an exam to get into uni. This exam has nothing to with uni, it is basically an exam to succesfully end my secondary school. I need a paper to be allowed into uni. The thing is, I chose Engineering as my secondary studies. And I hate it. The teachers are basically engineers with pedagogic minimum and have no idea how to teach. The materials are so spare, that I had to pay quite the fucking money to have at least something to lean on. Now, there are two engineering parts to the exam, both oral exams.

>Electronic computers

I suck at all this. I don't even know how I slid through the four years at this school without failing. How do I cram 50 technical questions, each at least 4 A4 papers long? I have no trouble with studying. I just don't know what to do. I have about 17 days left. My ADHD medication helped only slightly and I'm afraid I'll lose the only chance life gave me at becoming a normal person. I don't have a head for numbers but I have no problem understanding things.

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Go to the library sit down and start reading. Make notes on everything, obviously they'll have to be brief summaries since you seem to have a lot of material. And then just read over it again. You should learn from understanding but you don't seem to have time for that luxury.

Also not getting into university isn't the end of the world and there are many paths you can take to get into one. What are you like 18-20? Anyway if you're on here you're already wasting your fucking time so get off.
Do you have any recommendations on remembering the things? I also have to study one whole different subject.
El bumpo

gibbo edition
put a tag on vega 64 on about 900
lies about msrp
liest about hashrate
people call him out
his store is the only one left with big stocks because no one buys from him anymore

the state of idiocy
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>this is YouTube in 2017
This is why Richard Stallman was right, why didn't you listen?
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I don't listen to any human. We are all stoopid.
>why didn't you listen?
But I did. The average consumer is too ignorant to listen to reason, though.
>you will see dumbass memes die in your lifetime
Fucking finally.
Next up is moonman I hope.
*spoiler and then /ntr/ spoiler

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What is the point of this browser?
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its font rendering
To take your Queen

this desu

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>Linux is better than Windows
Excuse me?
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They're hardly compatible frog boy, they have two different design philosophs
dumb frogposter
Stupid fucking frogs

Its become evident that 4chan is being overrun with bots lately, repeating the same old shit over and over again. Its become noticeable on the bigger boards like /v/, /tv/ and /pol/ just how bad this problem is. So how exactly do we deal with a problem like this? What courses of action can be taken
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We embrace our new bot overlords
4chan pass = pay2bot. simple as that
Become a bot.

I live in an apartment block on the 8 floor, while my mother lives directly over my on the 9th. I dawned on me that we could use the same wifi. I cancelled her 20mb, while i upgraded mine to 180mb. This way we save money.

1. Is this a smart solution speedwise?

2. If i connect to a VPN will that hinder or disrupt her connection.

3. I have only a cheap ass router, will an expensive 100$ router do much difference?

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Router wise get one with a gigabit wan and lan ports. Make sure it actually has a multigigabit backplane.

Either get a access point or one with both 2.4 and 5ghz with wireless ac.

Do not spend more than 60 if your local currency. VPN usage should not disrupt other users but do this at the end device bot the router unless your vpn subscription allows for multiple users.

It is a smart solution to increase speed and potentially save money.

Ill find a router in a bit

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>"i'm a full stack developer"
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develop this full stack

*unzips dick*
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Any more examples where poos get blown the fuck out?
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Why do you need to "blown the fuck out" people who shit on the streets as a national tradition?
Why do you need to force yourself to their level?
Just help China nuke them.
This is not a technology thread
Saged and reported.
>triggered panjeet

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What's the most stable linux distro that doesn't have systemd and still gets updates? I'm new to linux, been using MATE for a few months and read about the problems with systemd so I want to try out a different distro.
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riced debian
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best thing that ever happened to my computing life

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Is blocking ''facebook'' enough or should I add .com to block everything related to the jewbook?
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since you're blocking IP adresses there, you probably need to add .com, so that your computer can check to which IP the adress resolves.
are you actually too retarded to not know how hosts file works?

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hifume laugh.webm
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>his headphones have wires
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But her headphones have wires too

yeah but he is a girl so it doesn't count!
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>his headphones have good sound quality

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>create wix site for $10/month
>sell it to client for $500 plus $16/month for "registration"
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t. freelancer pajeet
teach me senpai
all monies yours
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fucking nigger

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>web developers create sites in a text editor
>they know what it will look like
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a thread died for this
And you're going to die next.

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>he still doesn't use his own domain for email

Why? Your email provider is spying on you. And even if you don't care about that, using your own domain means you can keep the same email address while switching providers. You never have to change your email address again.
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Well how do I do it
I am considering it. But I am waiting for a new tld to come out with a domain name I can be happy with keeping.
by domain, do you mean running your own mail server?

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