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>Jumping off of Google's dick because they fired someone who offended leftists
>Jumping on Mozilla's dick even though they did the same exact with over a dick joke a few years back

Why not use Opera or Vivaldi, they can even run extensions design for chrome.
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>be me
>use firecuck to spread my rightful hate across the internet
Because chropera is garbage and Vivaldi destroys memory
Opera died when presto died. Its just a chrome reskin now.

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AI will be limited to 180 APM. Superhuman starcraft bot soon.


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>180 APM
Lame. Crush the humans with your inhuman APM.
only 180APM, I was pushing 180 when i was fucking kid.
did your performance improved when you stopped fucking kid?

>this is literally how iFags dual SIM

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Who are you quoting?
Who the fuck dual sims kys
get the fuck out out fucking HUE

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Here we identify harmful inner-platform/softcoding effects.
- web browsers
- office software with VBA or similar
- emacs/jEdit/Eclipse
- the whole UNIX userland
- big CMS that rebuild entity/key-value systems in their database

What else do you have, /g/?
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only bump
It's shit. It's horrible. I don't understand people who get into it.
Good catch.
>It's shit. It's horrible. I don't understand people who get into it.
As in for those who buy it: Those are managers and don't have to use it.
As in for those who program that stuff, money is nice I guess.

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heads up.jpg
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I really hope you guys aren't biking near Google's self-driving cars
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Google's trying to go for only headshots?
I really hope you guys aren't bicycling.

t. human driver

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How do I keep my ethereum and other shitcoin investments safe? Should I learn linux LPIC 1-2 and CompTIA Network+/Security+? What else would I need?
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Nigga use a pfsense firewall. If your bitcoin stack big 0s then honey pot with DMZ network so you can separate your personal shit from your good good nah'sayin..
If you're just holding onto them send them to an offline paper wallet.
How did you yourself come to this solution, what sort of level of education do you have? How do I reach your level of enlightenment? How do I understand what I'm using is close to the best there is, how do I research what is currently happening? How do I even understand what something is doing when I find the packages and install it onto my system?

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Why is windows so fucking shit?
>move my Users folder to another drive and link it so that browsers don't rape my ssd
>windows randomly deletes the link now
>everything breaks
>remake the link
>error, location not found
>copy the whole users folder back
>still can't log in to my fucking user account
What an ungodly pile of shit
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>do something in unconventional method
>ms clearly warns this breaks windows if you try to google how to do this
>do it anyway
>fuck up everything
>blame someone else

>not just using a portable browser installation on another drive

Uninstall your life retard.
Windows must be pretty shit if it can't handle a symlinked user directory. I have symlinks all over the place in my home directory and it works flawlessly in GNU/Linux.
>unconventional method
I wouldn't be forced to use such methods if the OS was actually good and let you do such simple tasks
>hurr can't let you relocate this simple folder because reasons
>portable browser installation
>still not writing to user folder
>what are programs that self-install to users folder to avoid elevation
fuck you, I fixed it. And I'm going to link it again and complain again when it breaks.
Also, this broke while installing VirtualBox, what a fucking surprise because that's made by another amazingly shit company

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i want to believe.png
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is there any decent free data recovery software?
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Testdisk. Now what's the story with your pic?
they won't steal muh data?
it's just a nofap troll pic re-purposed from a pineal gland calification pseudoscience pic
Backup drive

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How can I force my TP LINK N600 router to update the hostnames in the DHCP table?

I've updated a few hostnames on devices to make them more understandable but the leases stay the same and the router resolves them with the old name.

Windows server would let me use scavenging, but I'm just using the routers built in DHCP server.
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There should be an option in the list of DHCP leases the thing knows about to tell it "delete this lease". Turn the machine off, do that, then turn it back on.

Also demote that piece of junk to an access point and get a pfsense box.
>Firmware Version:0.6.0 1.12 v0021.0 Build 150507 Rel.40130n
>Hardware Version:TD-W9980 v1 00000000

Doesn't seem to be anything about deleting leases?

I know, I apologise profusely. Not my purchasing choice...
look in the client list. Failing that change the address lease time to one minute. You might still have to wait for the current two-hour leases to expire. Remember to change it back after you've got things where you want them.

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itt: brands that people say suck but actually don't
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Pic unrelated
Disregard this. I suck cock.
op btfo

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Why has the programming community abandoned finite state machines /g/?

They are so fast and powerful
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Try to read the first paragraph and understand what you read.
They have? I worked on a large java botting project where we used a fsm. It was pretty fun desu
imperative >>> functional

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macfags will defend this
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Moshi moshi, bait desu.
How is this bait?
I know some porn sites have mac os sets in the zip file. Sucks.

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So what are you doing tonight, /g/?

Pic related, currently flashing coreboot.
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what is that clip!?
That looks pretty damn sexy. I'm only going to daddle with photo editing and video editing so perhaps I can work with youtubers. I don't know I need a fucking job lmao.
Where are you from?

I'll pay you to flash coreboot on my T420.

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Do you use a custom BIOS for your x220? Which one?
Bonus: It doesn't make calls home
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Sage and hide.
Teach me senpai

Do I need hardware flashing>

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They say its "some Rare data" but i dont really think so.

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I ain't clickin that shit nigga.
Are you.. scared?
No, I just don't trust autistic frog posters.

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