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post those cute terminals
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Ok /g/ which one of these big players is the most evil and why?

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I think Apple is the least agenda of the three
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>literally Diablo Mephisto and Baal

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What tech would you put into your emergency backpack before running away to look for the nearest shelter?
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old thinkpad as you know those fuckers will survive nuclear war
Right now my bag has a 10Ah power bank, a handcrank weather radio (with some other features) and a spare tablet with some downloaded maps that get updated monthly.
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The DS/3DS is durable and comfy
a few unopened prepaid android phones for preservation of knowledge (pdf, epubs, tv shows, games, etc.)
USB, laptop

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How do we fix Wikipedia, /g/?
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It needs to be privatized.
we make our own wikipedia with roff

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Does Linux Mint have a bad rap here on /g/?

Understanding that it is not on the FSF approved distro list, and that Arch fans may criticize Mint for their own reasons..

Mint comes in a veriety of DE flavors, SystemD is optional and not installed by defalt, it has good hardware support and optional proprietary drivers for modern Nvidia GPUs and such, and can be had either with Ubuntu or Debian based.

I don't hear people talking about Mint much here, myself I prefer OpenBSD, or maybe Devuan, or an FSF approved distro in that order. I recently got some new hardware though, and I would need to downgrade my GPU to some old Radeon card to get back on OpenBSD. For the meantime I installed XFCE Mint (I like XFCE and run it on OpenBSD too.)

So far so good, I don't think I have installed anything proprietary either, even have a free driver for my Nvidia Quadro K620.

Thoughts on Mint? It is consistently #1 on dostrowatch, probably becuse it just werks tm. I know it isn't a barbones distrobution, but it als doesn't seem bloated. My install had the normal XFCE programs, Libreoffice stuff, the usual kind of shit in many distros.
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>Linux Mint mixes Ubuntu and Debian packages (see https://wiki.debian.org/DontBreakDebian#Don.27t_make_a_FrankenDebian)
>Due to the mix of Debian and Ubuntu packages, when an update is released that breaks Mint, the maintainers blacklist it until it works again, even if it is a security upgrade. (Note: they don't try to fix it, they just blacklist it)
>Mint doesn't publish CVEs, and you can't check if you are vulnerable because you don't know where a certain package came from.
>When one of their packages has the same name as a upstream package, they block the package and replace it with theirs. For example, the package mdm contains Utilities for single-host parallel shell scripting, however, in Linux Mint (and only Linux Mint), the mdm package is the Mint Display Manager(aka a clone of gdm).
>Security updates are optional.
>By default, using the Update Manager, you won't get updates for critical parts of the system(xorg, systemd, kernel), even security updates.
>The use of old kernels means that newer hardware isn't supported

You will probably have a better time with Ubuntu(or any other distro) MATE or by installing Cinnamon on Ubuntu(we really need a Ubuntu Cinnamon Spin) than with Linux Mint.
>systemD is optional
Since when?
>it's 1st on distrowatch
Means nothing.
>open source nVidia drivers
The libre nvidia drivers are shit in general. There's nothing wrong with using proprietary drivers when the hardware itself is proprietary anyways.

It's basically the same as Ubuntu except more out of date. There's absolutely no reason to use it over any Ubuntu flavor.
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>when one of their packages
>for example mdm.

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Welcome to /retro/, post about your oldschool, classic, or obsolete computers and other technology. If its old, we wanna see it.

So I got an offer on my PS/2 from last thread, 100 bucks. Take it or leave it /g/? I only got it for 10 bucks so its already a win, and its a local collector that wants it, not some fag whos gonna gut it for a sleeper.
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Unless you want to fuck with it more go for it. From what you said, it will be in a good home.
Maybe someone can better explain, but why do 2000's Laptops look so ugly compared to 90's and 80's ones? Mains things that happen in the 00's was making laptop's similar which might be factor. Thoughts? Will there one day be an interest in getting them?
Brought this 1988 Halikan LX-20, didn't come with power cord and the port is a DIN-5 with the male end on the laptop. So not sure how I'm going to get it working again.

Also the orginal owner fucking took the ESC off it before delivering. How can I order a new ESC in nearly the same colour as it uses standard mech keyboard switches?

Kodi is on the official Installgentoo recommendation list, but is it any fucking good?

Also are there any privacy/malware issues with 3rd party addons like Exodus?
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Kodi is best suited for mouth breathing retards who don't know how to hide their IP-address
Bumping out of curiosity. I have Kodi installed on my Pi and use it for DLNA streaming

I wish that you could use the Plex client on it without a plex pass... thats really pissing me off right now.
It's called Covenant now, and use a VPN or the gestapo will turn up on your door

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How to make data from your hard-boi impossible to recover, without physically destroying it?
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Format the drive then make a program that copies smug_anime_girl.tiff until the disk is full. Reformat, do it again with a different picture then reformat then you're good to go.
Is it that easy?

It can be done with a shell script

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Any worthwhile apps on this thing?
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Google pls
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>Oh no!
>How does Google DARE give me more options that actually don't affect me at all
I guess it's true, if you have no other problems, you try to find some where none exist.

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>Mozilla cucks will defend this
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Looks like you need to upgrade your computer, Pajeet.
A Pentium III and 256MB of RAM just isn't going to cut it in the modern world
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it has nothing to do with my computer.

here's Palemoon being fine.

>6 core
>12 threads
what else do I need for Thunderbird to scale properly? :^)

hey /g/.

my ex-wife's boyfriend is a video editor and he asked me to put together new PC for him. I don't mind helping other people so naturally I agreed to. Anyway point is, should I go with intel or amd cpu and how much ram should I get?
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32Gb, the fastest the better
hey /g/.

my wife's son produces rap music and asked me to put a workstation for him. he uses pro tools and adobe. what cpu should I get him?
give him ur pc like the cuck u are lmao

>what frequency should we use for our grid?
>Just fuck my shit up senpai
>say less

Also only 100 V
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>anything below 220v
lmao voltlets
What the fuck is happening on Honshu? Are they still at war?
We SHOULD be using 24V DC and powering all homes with solar power and battery banks.

Until we wake up 120V 60Hz should be used internationally for safety and compatibility reasons.

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So are these all pieces of shit? They have some pretty cheap laptops for the specs so I'm a bit wary it'll just crap out on me or physically break after a year and a half.

Also any general insights about Acer laptops would be appreciated.
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They have really inconsistent reviews over the long term. My experience with their laptops (and a monitor) has been uneventful.
Hit or miss, so check out reviews before buying.

They got nice customer support in Germany at least.
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I got acer laptop, it's usable.
tho some function key shortcuts don't work properly under windows, they work fine under linxu tho

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what's his endgame /g/? was getting fired part of his plan?
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He will die in an (((accident))) soon anyways, why bother with him.
As a white "man" and obviously a cuck his only endgame was to watch his career get cuckolded like the nasty little cuck that he is. Why else would anyone want to work at google if he wasn't into cuckolding?
>(((white man)))

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