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>running nightly
Why would you do that, it's stupid and there's no good reason to
hahaha epic xD xD
a fairly matured meme for mature people such as myself. chromelets only wish they could experience such a thing

>try to buy a laptop with good thermals that aren't $2000+
>they are all gaymen laptops
>finally find one without design that screams "gaymen"
>even the LED keyboard light can be turned off
>realize they literally printed the words "REPUBLIC OF GAYMERS" instead of just slapping on Asus logo
>into the trash

Why can't Taiwanese companies stop doing this? It seems like all of their "good spec, but thicc for good thermals" laptops go through focus group of 14-year old boys who play Cowadoody all day.
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Thus continues the dominance of MBPs and ThinkPads.
These two are the only laptops you ever buy.
with gayman laptops all you'll get is constantly overheating slim machines which won't last two hours of web browsing.

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>Doesn't own a Dragonbox

Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both?

>b-but it's under-powered!

And? Was life a contest about who can make a 4.0 GHz i7 fit into a pocket-sized computer?

>it's running Debian 9!

It can be used with other distributions if you don't like the stability of Debian

>it's....IT'S EXPENSIVE!!!

Who forces you to buy the premium model, fucking peat-gavel?
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>dual core ARM CUP
Into the trash it goes.
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This is a bad thread and you should feel bad.
is it a raspberry pi kit? this better cost less than $100.

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welding mask.png
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What technology are you using to watch the solar eclipse?

Glasses? Goggles? Solar Telescopes? Live streams?

Pic related, im using a welding mask, shade 12. I feel like a Borderlands bandit at my uni's quad.

anyways, solar eclipse and the technology required to safely view it thread
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HTC Vive
Just so you are aware, shade 12 is not enough for prolonged viewing. You need at least shade 14 to safely view the eclipse.
live streaming thru it?

Nasa says shade 12 is good. they say 14 if you feel 12 is too bright.

on my shade 12 it looks fine. granted im not staring straight at it for the entire time, only 10-15 seconds periods here and there, its working fine

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>"Working knowledge of [proprietary software]"
>"Experience in [proprietary software]"
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>being a freetard
Oh man, you mean in the work place you need actual experience with programs and utilities that actually work?

The only people who use FOSS compliant programs are those whose time is worthless (NEETs), and don't actually need the program to complete the job. They're simply using it because it's FOSS, nothing more.
Welcome to the real world, OP.

Nobody cares about the free software philosophy. Just suck it up.

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WHY the FUCK would someone use C#?
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Only for work, because it's cheap.
Too brainlet for C++
They work for a small to mid sized company

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Why ever use Windows?
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games, and it's shit at that too
>joke OS
It is familiar, user friendly and easy to use with minimal configuration.
Video gaymes are supported, as well as lots of other AAA software.
Backwards compatability is great on windows.

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Brave: 103.9
Chrome: 78.6
Edge: 62.27
Firefox Nightly: 61.2

Even Edge beats Firefox Nightly.

Why are there so many shills spreading false information?
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Runs of what?
>posting rigged benchmarks
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>Why are there so many shills spreading false information?
Because firefox fans are the extremely vocal minority. Shilling for their dying browser because they're too stubborn to move elsewhere.


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Is there any current day digital audio player that even comes close to this? (size, sound quality, UI)
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The new one with the color display?

One generation after this was nice but hasnt been in production for years. Current sandisk sansa players are larger, aren't rockbox compatible and have shit CPUs.

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How many hours a day do you spend at a computer?
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3~4 , about 24hrs a week
15-16 at least.

State of Linux

>purchase wireless headset
>boot into windows directly detects new hardware
>asks me if I want to download the drivers
>click on yes
>3 sec later my headphones just werk

>boot into Linux
>os doesn't detect wireless audio USB adapter
>reinsert usb
>now OS detects it
>still no sound
>try solution from the magical internet involving messing around with USB hid
>still no sound
>restart pc
>my mouse doesn't work, as well as my keyboard
>restart in recovery mode
>keyboard and mouse still not working
>plug-in old ps2 keyboard
>it works with different key layout
>change keyboard layout
>go to sound settings
>alsa sound library crashes
>pulseaudio gets stuck
>kill the process from the terminal
>mouse starts working again
>USB keyboard still not working
>plug out ps2 keyboard
>audio finally works
>USB keyboard works again
>bad keyboard layout, change it again
>audio stops working

I'm done with this.
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>Ultimate stupidity: the post
op here again,

Also, do you guys have a recommendation for a comfy toilet tissue? Here in the US, for paper towels Bounty is usually good but I'm not set in a toilet tissue yet.
>Purchase DAC
>Boot into Windows
>Have to install driver for a USB 2.0 DAC
>Boot into Linux
>It just werks

Raven Ridge Mobile Zen based APUs spotted;

R5 and R7 chips, with 8/10 CU's repsectively
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They'll be more power efficient than anything intel has to offer
t. i9-7900x owner

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What are you wroking on, /g/?

Old thread: >>62011075
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First for C

As for what im working on:

Teminal based audio player using SDL
first for feeling like you should learn lisp and never doing it
not sure what you mean

Hi, is your refrigerator running Tizen?
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I'm such a fucking retard for wanting this
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>install gentoo on fridge
>Ice dispenser is not working

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What happened of the geek culture on /g/ ?

For exemple, every Linux thread is about the out-of-the-box meme and normie exeptations like games or netflix.

What is good with Linux is that you can do what the fuck you want with it, who care about normies ?
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I only use Linux because some Ruby gems are Unix only.
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We have nugeeks now
"Geeks" don't want their OS to work OOB, play games, or watch Netflix? If you're a "geek", nothing should work and everything should be a pain in the ass? What the fuck are you really trying to say? You want to be a special snowflake pretend programmer? There are still plenty of those here

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