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let me share my insight to you.

android users need to find meaning (or compensate) in their existence by bashing on apple all the time

windows users need to find meaning (or compensate) in their existence by playing video games

linux/ubuntu users need to find meaning (or compensate) in their existence by showing off their cool looking desktop

apple users don't need to do all that stuffs. they're comfortable already with just using it and not bashing on others, playing games, or showing off their browsers. that's the prize of using apple products : fulfillment. you need to get into hobby to find meaning in using linux, android, or windows. using macbook, you only need to worry about non computerial stuffs like whatever your job is. it all makes sense now. apple users don't need to justify their existence and enjoyment anymore.

i'm glad i'm an apple user and i don't feel bitter towards others
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If you are fat you can't complain about how fit you are. it's the same with apple users.
Most Android/PC users who keep saying Android/pc is much better and apple sux are people who couldn't afford an apple product.
Sounds like daddy's wallet is funding your ego.
what if I have the money but still decide to use a GNU/Linux distro on a ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 5 and Android on an Samsung Galaxy S8+?

>people will unironically buy this over a previous gen Retina MacBook Pro
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>people still buy apple products
>people will unironically a Retina MacBook Pro
Waiting for the Retro.

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What's the point of buying micro SD cards if they can barely last a year
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>barely last a year
don't buy them from china then?
I've had good quality SDCards that still haven't failed. I had an ancient 1GB card that only failed after 4-5 years of constant use.
nigga what are you doing to them to kill them that fast?

I only buy SanDisk microSD cards and I never had one go bad out of 10 or so.
stop buying kingston

Have you ever looked at or tried to implement an HTML parser? The language creators idiotically decided to allow unclosed tags such as <br> and <input>, which means that you can't just watch for the end tag while parsing but have to keep a list of which tags are allowed to be unclosed and which aren't. They also decided to make it part of the standard that mistakes such as <p>...<div>...</p>...</div> should be automatically reordered by the parser into <p>...</p><div>...</div>. An HMTL parser SHOULD be 100 lines of code long or so. Instead one is typically several thousand lines long. Dumb dumb dumb.

Personally, I also don't like tag names such as "p", "div", and so on. These define semantics and behavior, but the idea of semantic HTML is absurd nonsense. As for the behavior, why not put it in an attribute. Instead of:
<div class="someclass" id="3">...</div>
I'd rather write:
<tag="div" class="someclass" id="3">...</div>
This would make a parser even easier to write and be more consistent. HOWEVER, I understand that they wanted HTML to be a derivative of XML, so I'll let this one slide.

Here's another one. Browser layout is GARBAGE. That almost goes without saying, of course. The sins of browser layout are well-known, although personally I feel that it still does not get the treatment it deserves. In an ideal world. its designers would be excoriated and widely MOCKED for this garbage. Flexbox is only now becoming widely adopted. You fucking kidding me? Its capabilities should have been part of browser layout from DAY ONE MOTHERFUCKERS.

Here's another one. REST is GARBAGE. HTTP verbs are a DUMB idea idea. Get/Put/Post/Delete? Fuck you! There should be only one type of HTTP request. There is no way to absolutely or ideally classify request semantics, so this should be left up to users.
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>Hasn't heard of XHTML and W3C's subsequent cucking to WHATWG
>Hasn't heard of HTML5 semantic tags
Would a cock in your mouth calm you down, sweetie?
>Hasn't heard of XHTML and W3C's subsequent cucking to WHATWG
Tell me more.
>Hasn't heard of HTML5 semantic tags
You mean <form> and <table>? Of course I've heard of them, but it's a bad idea. Semantic stuff should be defined in attributes.
>Would a cock in your mouth calm you down, sweetie?
Probably not.
>You mean <form> and <table>?
HTML*5* ones: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_semantic_elements.asp

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Sony Vegas 14 vs movie studio Platinum 14 which should i get
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Torrent both see what you like
after effects
Movie maker

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FUCK THIS FUCKING SHIT. No matter how expensive your XPS or X1 Carbon is, you will experience this sometime in the future in your most urgent situation. I'm not a programmer goddammit i have a job and a wife and shit to think about, i don't have enough free time to be into shit anymore, i just want a computer that simply works.
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>you will experience this sometime in the future in your most urgent situation.
Didn't know Windows Explorer was included on Linux
>stable operating system
nice tweet

More like Blunder
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I've only ever used it as a video editor, but once you get used to "the Blender way" of doing thing it's actually pretty good at those kinds of things. Beats having to buy/pirate stuff or use Windows Movie Maker.
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More like Doors
But it renders so slowly.
How do you use it without going mad?

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Learning C++ after programming extensively in Python, Ruby and Java for the past couple of years. I want to know, is it really worth it to use arrays and manually manage the allocation/deallocation of memory like in pic related when resizing arrays rather than just using Vectors?
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I can't read that shit.
Write it in C instead.
You wanna use modern C++? Use vectors and std::arrays.

On a side note, use smart pointers.
No, it isn't worth it. That's pretty obvious -- where are you learning c++ from that's telling you to do this?

Why though?

Will it be another dead-end project that ends in mass layoff like Apple Car?
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It will be the juicero of 3d printers.

Too many companies doing awesome shit and research. Too much open source stuff, too much community. Plus to actually properly utilize a 3d printer you must know CAD, and apple would have to make their own cad app.

I'll be glad when they fail, might as well launch a raspberry pi competitor while they are at it.
Now Apple makes dildos
Source? Closest news I found is a printer made by a *former* Apple employee.

Though I did see one interesting headline bringing up 3D printing being paired with AR kit. Which would bring printing to the masses (with money,) and you know that shit is going to work seamlessly.

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What does /g/ think of the Radeon RX84?
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How many Teraflops
i think its on Level with a Nvidia GR-N50
but imho you should better buy a Intel FX450

>The NVIDIA GR-N50 has been gimped heavily better go with a GRX-N99

>Buy an Intel FX450

Better wait for a new Intel EBIN Copper 1200

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So what do when Comcrap and Ad&Hd inevitably fuck us after net neutrality is kill?
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Move to a sane country like Russia.
keep fitin da good fite
gb2/b, frogposter, your maymay spam doesn't belong here.

What are you working on, /g/?
Old thread: >>61341350
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imagine using a language that doesn't support multicore
What's a good C# framework/library for someone who knows the fundamentals?
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akari ^^.png
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How does it feel knowing that programming without a license will become illegal in your lifetime?

>TSA: why would you carry a programming book if you don't work for a computer company???


Is this the most antisemitic processor ever in existence?
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>antisemitic processor
Not entirely certain such a thing exists
This CPU kills kikes.
the core i9's do a better job at making smoke if that's what you're asking

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Do you ever see people controlling organizations github's who will accept anything from SJW but will do whatever it takes to block others?

I found this a bit funny too. DuckDuckGo had an instant answer for the president of the US. It was removed right before Trump became president.


Are they just signaling?

I've made a ton of pull requests and have been arguing with some of the maintainers.

I feel like they're judging me because I have a hackathon project called ISISdetect and a hacked version of Shia Labeouf website on my github.

Anyone else have stories of SJW corrupting open-source?
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Why not just fork the project. You can literally copy any of their upstream changes but only the ones you want.
maybe just maybe your code was shit.
>these retards push for trump impeachment
>get trump dethroned
>the vice president assumes the lead
>the holy war aka ww3 starts the next day
>lqgbtp is declaed illegal and "internment therapy camps" become a booming industry
>pence's face when

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/g/ humor
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>how to get your portfolio thrown in the trash
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