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bits, bytes, flip flops, transistors, microprocessors, microcontrollers, bios, uefi, firmware, bootloaders, kernels, drivers, modules, daemons, services, processes, threads, c-strings, caching, flags, bit rates, baud rates, frames, packets, ports, sockets, blocks, sectors, data buses, FAT32, NTFS, EXT, HFS, inodes, SSD's HDD's, ram, rom, prom, eeprom, encoding, encrypting, compressing, registries, registers, tls, rsa, ssh, md5, obj's, dll's, mysql, postgresql, ms sql, c, c++, haskell, pascal, java, javascript, c#, assembly, php, asp, python, ruby, BASIC, FORTRAN, DNS, DHCP, ARP, NAT, TCP, UDP, SSL, Bash, Fish, Ksh, Tcsh, Zsh, POP, telnet, IDE's, API's, VPN, stack, heap, SYN, ACK, FIN, SEQ, SSDP, SNMP, vertices's, textures, shaders, cuda cores, terraflops, frame buffers, data buffers, buffer overloads, interrupts, data dumps, subnets, routers, switches, firewalls, bitmasks, code injection, DDoS, enumeration, parsing, runtime environments,
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you can google all those words for 1000's of links explaining what they are instead of posting on /g/.
electricity houses and dancing
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now that's what i call a shitpost

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How does /g/ get their music? I currently use Spotify but I no longer wish to rely on its services since I don't actually own anything. Torrenting albums is easy enough with big releases, but what about the smaller not as well known artists? How can I find 320kbps versions of lesser known stuff? A shitty YouTube converter will get me nowhere on that.
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i stream from youtube to my foobar2k
I don't think anything has really filled the void left by what.cd, but rutracker has a lot of mirrors from it.

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Is there a reason for me to use UEFI instead of legacy/grub? I've been using grub for the past decade and it has always worked and configuration/customisation is easy.

What are the benefits of UEFI?
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UEFI has its own lightweight bootloader, and all it takes to link it to Linux after a kernel update is copying the vmlinuz into /boot/efi/boot/bootx64.efi. Also, you don't get that retarded GRUB screen that nobody gives a shit about except Arch retards who think they're 1337 cause they put an anime background on it.
don't need UEFI to use GPT
i use GPT on all my disks, and i don't own anything that supports UEFI

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>go to class
>make fun of people for using windows
>make fun of people for not using FOSS
>make fun of people for listening to music on spotify botnet
>make fun of people for using apple
>i'm the one being laughed at by everyone
>even the professor makes fun of me for using gnu/linux
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You must be going to some shit uni.
>some kid walks into the class
>walks up to me and says im part of a botnet
>ask him what he means
>says he nsa want to steal his dojins
>walks off
what difference does it make what you use

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What /g/ stuff did you accomplish this week? Brag ITT... no matter how small the accomplishment.
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>run linux
>ran out of space on root partition
>figured out how to shrink /home/ and expand root (both ext4)

Also figured out how to make linux stop running my CPU at maximum frequency all the time
Exactly nothing. Cant imagine more /g/-ish thing to do.
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>Also figured out how to make linux stop running my CPU at maximum frequency all the time

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html is the greatest language ever created it connects all languages together like the human heart
connects the head and feet. HMTL is the life blood of any and all languages ,from now till the end
of time all languages will start and end with HTML the mother of programming languages.
Before the creation of HTML programming was seen as some thing for the nerdy and highly intalagent
html was and is the driving force in connecting the programming legends with the common masses,
the simplicity in which HTML was created means that any console pesent normie can learn it in a matter of hours.
Of all languages html is probably the easest to pick up girls with, for example if you were to
teach a tipical normie women java, C or python she would probibly hey fastrated and confused and quit and you would be left alone
how ever if you were to teach her HTML the mother language she would find its simplicity quite calming
and inviting HTML will bring out her motherly instinct with its innocent and simplistic demeaner HTML.
HTML is so efficent in pick up women if bill cosby had desided to learn it our childhoods would slightly more entact.
HTML is the best language for braggibg rights being the first of you friends to be able to code in html is a major
acomplishment they will great you with envy when you tell your parants you can code for the first time they will say they are proud and mean it
how ever if you say to your friends i can code in C++ or JQUERY they will most like say "well i can code in PYTHON so get off your high horse man"
and your parants will say "thats javascript whats that?" then they will say they are proud and not really mean it
how ever will have a fake forces smile of their face/s.
leave my dog alone

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wtf I love Iridium now
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but what does it do
are German devs trustworthy enough?
what's with the xena /sqt/

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As a safety net for non-retarded Windows users, what antivirus is good, aka has good detection rates, doesn't kill perfs, and doesn't add a fuckillion vulns ?
>inb4 common sense 2017 edition
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Windows Defender
Common sense 2017 edition.
Windows Defender
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It's time to decide once and for all, who really is /g/'s 2D mascot.

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Where the fuck is Lain you stupid faggot. And Maki was just some random slut that was being spammed by some /r9k/ autist.

tl;dr Kill yourself.
It's Lain.
Also, kill yourself.
>Please select all storefronts
>Please select all cars

Fuck this shit

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Forewarning: I don't frequent this board.

I've been looking around a bit and I'm a novice in technology with big ideas, but the only thing I need answering is some costs about prices. For me it's really hard to find how expensive something might be to produce on a semi-large scale, especially because I'm not at the point where I can communicate with manufacturers.

Basically, my question is: How expensive would a small OLED or AMOLED screen (say a 5 inch display) be to mass produce for a handheld piece of hardware? Would it be inexpensive enough to sell on the market for relatively cheap nowadays, or should my future self stick to LCD for a cheaper screen? Context is that I want to start a company selling handheld systems at 100 dollars, but I'm not sure if technology innovations have progressed enough that the costs have went down yet.

Sorry if my formatting is crappy and the question is confusing, I haven't slept all night.
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You won't be making any profit at $100, but small OLED screens are certainly possible. Some high-end phones use them.
I heard that some samsung phones have AMOLED screens but I don't know what price they tend to sell at at wholesale. Do you think an LCD screen would up the profit margin by enough to give up the extra fidelity?
meant LED

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I just want to encrypt a few sensitive files, not going ballsdeep hard disk encryption.

So, what's your recommendation /g/,
VeraCrypt of TrueCrypt?
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what a coincidence, i'm currently encrypting my local drive with veracrypt after Hansa got fucked by the feds.
i also went the easy route and used bitlocker on my other drives, just because. i thought TrueCrypt got discontinued and that VC is basically the new fork.
VeraCrypt is the best option

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Will Threadripper slow down the advancements in CPU manufacturing? IE, what Intel is trying to do by minimizing the die as much as possible?

It seems that infinity fabric is just a shortcut and a temporary solution.

>inb4 anti-semitic remarks
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AMD will be on 7nm while Intel is still struggling with 10nm so I don't really know what you're talking about.
Yes, they can throw obscene amounts of silicon without tanking yields.
>temporary solution
No, 2.5D/3D packaging is the future. It just so happened that AMD is at least few years ahead of everyone.

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Stupid Questions Thread.
QTDDTOT thread etc.
Sometimes stupid questions get stupid answers.
Not kosher or halal.
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I'll preface this with saying I'm a student.
What I wanted costs about $540, and I have $30.
Someone an hour drive away from here is looking at buying my laptop for her kid for about $250.
Should I just sell my mATX G4560 system for $300 (worth about $450 currently on retail)? I'd be losing money on it, but it's an upgrade nonetheless.
I feel like I'm being ripped off living in this dorm. Could just go live with the parents while in college, and have cheaper living arrangement, if not free.
Nobody in my area needs their lawns mowed or dogs walked, and there's not a lot of options around for proper work.
height: 1px;
background: #e0374f;
height: 1px;
background: #e0374f;

How do I combine these?
height: 1px;
background: #e0374f;

Doesn't work.

Has anyone moved overseas, between any countries? What have your experiences been with region-locking, especially of cloud media content?

Or any other tech-related issues moving overseas?
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Are you implying anyone here left his basement anytime, anon?
Are you implying only americuns lurking in 4 channels?
Proxies mainly.

Big problem is Paypal. They won't allow you to change your country in your account. You basically need one account per country.
Main annoyance is that if you don't want to set up any payment methods in your new country, just use cards from your old country, and they decide your old account needs verification you can't configure a cellphone for a different country code, so you have to use your old phone/SIM card.
And if it dies or goes invalid then you can't make payments until you can sort it out.

It's a pain in the dick.

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When will the NT kernel get so convoluted that MSFT has no choice but to make it OSS?
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It already is and Microshit won't reason.
I give it 5 years at most. Who is gril?

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