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>both of my banks require nonfree javascript to operate
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>he doesn't exclusively use cash
enjoy your botnet
>tfw the banknet wants you to starve
>using banks

This is what happens if you don't get a MacBook Pro.

A real man's laptop.
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>those sneakers
>real man
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ching chong
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Just a friendly reminder for those who are/were using it

This is a legit honeypot
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>free VPN
Of course it's a fucking honeypot
whose pot and whose honey
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cia man.jpg
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>there's no fifth internet yet
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Inb4 we circle back around and just call the adresses by inserting our cell phones into neo-old school audio modems.
And use power meters too famicom 64, to connect them. :3
>he doesn't know about the fifth internet
I can't find my laughing_whores picture but you get the idea

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What is some good technology to come out of India?
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shitting streets
Loos that you poo in

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Friendly reminder
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too dumb to hack
Forgot to draw prison stripes on the 'cracker' unless you live in NKorea
You do know they make great money in the US? They help companies with their vulnerabilities.

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is it too late to be 24 and wanting to build a gaming computer ? i will be finishing college and getting a job and i will definitely spend my money on macbook and gaming computer and 4chan pass and live comfily alone UNTIL i can mature up and get married with someone. i will have very short time to be liberated alone.
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>computer gaming
>beyond the age of 14
Just forget it.
You should be mature enough when your 20, if not 18
>. i will have very short time to be liberated alone.
Try 34 like me

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Hey Guys, long story short a asked here a little while ago how to help speed up my mom's computer. We are poor and can afford a new computer and I would really like to play games.

Someone on here told me I could see if I had won the "silicon lottery" by "taking of the lid" of my cpu. It took a while but I got there in the end. How do I tell if I won the lottery? I told my mom about it and she seemed excited about maybe winning. What is the prize for the silicon lottery?
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Look for a diamond. If not dig deeper
Yeah dude looks like you won, I can tell by the colours and from seeing quite some lottery wins in my time.
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More pics

Hello /g/ I'm a shitty meme tier coder who wants to learn the fundamentals of computer networking.
I plan on buying a cheap unmanaged switch and a raspberry pi to get me started.(I have a laptoop)
Is this alright? Should I get a managed switch?
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No, just sell the Pi, your laptop and get a mac.
Before you get a rack and stuff it with hardware, just spin up a half dozen VMs. Any hypervisor will let you simulate multiple machines with several interfaces each, and connect them up in various ways.
But I want something physical to touch and feel.

For the past few hours, my mouse has been moving and clicking somewhat randomly, and the behavior persisted even after I disconnected both my mouse and keyboard. Vid related.
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Forgot to mention that something similar kept happening even after I disconnected from the internet, though the mouse clicking and moving was more random and less frequent.
Its windows, just reboot
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>Have i been hacked
Dipshit pull out your ethernet and see if it continues, if does just reboot

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Daily Autism Thread
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Nice chargers faggot

was that necessary? you dont need to type that in everything you post btw, we still know ur a reddit kiddo

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I want to learn to program but I don't have time to learn 30 different languages.

What is the most widely used, cross platform, and future proof programming language?
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> html5 and css
> Javascript (learn to access RESTful services)
> SQL queries
> C# or Java (I dont even know anymore)
> Python3
If you can learn C++ you can understand every other language
what happens to train

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what is "net neutrality" and why should I care hat american animals do with their internet? they're already fucked with tiny bandwidth limits and slow connections due to the entire country being divided into local monopolies by like 3 companies

why is every website recently getting in my face with this crap? they keep telling me it's the armageddon but somehow I suspect that if google, amazon, uber, and other megacorps are against it, it must be somehow working to our advantage
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>are against it
They aren't. It is just bread and circus for the Ameridumbs.
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Ajit Pai Tweet.jpg
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Obama redefined "net neutrality" as giving the government control of the internet.... and all the morons actually fell for it.
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>Pajeet Ayyy in charge of murrica's internet

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what the fuck
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Google is using us to train missile drones that target cars
Fall back to legacy captcha or mislead it
Hmmm, Google is developing a self driving car while at the same time having people identify objects in images reminiscent to what you see why driving.

Is there any connection? No, there can't be, because I post on /g/ and I'm a fucking retard. Now excuse me while I debate endlessly over which version of Chrome will suggest the least amount of cuckold porn.
modern day slavery

you are literally working for free

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Does it make sense to use hdd? I keep trying to tell myself it makes sense it is cheaper but really does it make sense?

I mean think about it.

In one situation you have a circuit that stores data.

In another situation you have a shiny metal magnetic disc spinning at warp velocities with a magnetic sensor a hair's width away from it reading the magnetic dots. It is basically like a large volume cd.

Does it make sense to use a cd?
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kill yourself
CD's are not magnetic. they're optical. it's a laser.
you'd never get a head crash with a CD

go with CD (or DVD)
I love Asuka!

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