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Can anyone recommend me a good book, video series, or website that will teach me how to make 2d android games?

All the youtube videos on making android games i've found so far are trash
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Public Libraries
the most recent computer book at my public library is a sendmail manual from 1996.

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> Code of Conduct

May be I'll think about it if GCC and Firefox works
Even 4chan has a code of conduct

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What's up /g/ I am very regular on this forum indeed, what is your opinion on putting sentient neural nets in sex robots?

I think its ok as long as they don't use Java.
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sex robots cant do into nueral nets dumbs cunt where would you even try on the gagibit unless cutting your own fingers???
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Haley Joel Osment did a pretty good job considering Spielberg's overall trainwreck. I would have sued if I was Aldiss but I guess that asshole is so old his walker's got racial segregation.
Maybe he was just big money already.

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What's his problem?
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CIA niggers are holding him hostage.
"You are a dumb nigger, you are the blackest gorilla retard nigger I have ever seen" - Terry A. Davis

I dont want to spend over £50 on a phone and only use basic apps to message and browse the internet.

Why shouldn't I buy a Lumia 550?
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Battery problems, lack of spare parts. You can't even buy a fucking spare battery anywhere.

Source: me. I have 950xl and 535. Both batteries dying after one year. Random reboots. 950xl's battery is so fat now it could explode.
Holy shit, i just posted my semi-praise post about my 550 on another thread. Lucky i didn't spend more on the MS phones, are the qualities that bad ?
get the nokia 5510 , its 40$ i think and its the classic brick phone , done new

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Do we call Haiku's kernel micro or monolithic?
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Haiku more like Haikute

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it's been long enough since we had one of these, /g/

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I solved a few,
I doubt anyone else Is going to solve them
Especially the harder ones
There's a reason this isn't posted often
ACMICPC's questions are harder than these.

How can i use 3.5in floppy disks with a SATA interface?
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USB floppy drive into a usb-CompactFlash host card to an IDE adaptor to a SATA adaptor.

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An IP address
ip of someone that tried logging onto your gmail?

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I just remembered having accidentally deleted a save file for a particular game years ago and learned that there's no recovery tools made for the Wii yet. You know how computers can easily use a program like Recuva to restore the contents of a formatted drive or other deleted files? It's been over a decade now, is there something that's stopping the Nintendo Wii from having a tool developed to be able to recover deleted data?
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Wii uses flash storage, so you're screwed.
Those tools work because when you delete a file, it just tells the system to ignore that file, so its technically still there
However, if another file was written over that file, then it is forever lost
For the flash memory of the Wii, you would have to open it up and have the shit to read its flash chip ( I dont know much about that so you would have to look it up)
More than likely its long gone, so don't waste your time trying to get it back
If anything, try to find a save file editor out there that you can use to create a new savefile that is similar to your old one
You'd spend longer saving the save file instead of just replaying the game up to your progress point.

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considering booting Damn Small Linux from USB, any tips?
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Make sure you put it on a USB and not on your hard drive
Don't do anything stupid
elaborate please

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what did he mean by this
newfag spotted
Pls spoonfeed me

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Looking for in ear buds for gym and snowboarding if they last a long time

>android and ipod control is a must (volume, skip, play/pause)
>listen to a lot of metal so something with good bass and clarity
>not a fan of over ear rigs
>don't need to be specificaly water proof just not super susceptible to water/sweat
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Try the LG neck dangling doohickey,
>Android and ipod control
>Good bass and clarity
>Not over ears
>Not really water proof but wont break from a little water or sweat

Hope i helped, anon.
Try asking in the Headphone general >>>/g/hpg/

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>"Please disable adblocker."
>Does so
>antivirus blocks a malicious ad
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>anti-anti-adblock detected
>please disable adblock and anti-anti-adblock
Adfly now has random domains to block antianti ad block scripts. Global override kill button fucking when

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What is going on with AIO's lately? Everyone and their mother seem to be using them these days. Did they suddenly improve in reliability overnight? Did the prices drop considerably? Is it still a meme? I thought to have a decent water cooling experience you basically had to custom loop it or GTFO.

Have a rare Stallman
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pls respond
it's still a meme

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