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Why do cameras and people often blur the background and focus on the main object? Why not just leave the whole image sharp without any distortion?
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>t. retard
To put more focus on the actual subject without the background distracting from it and because bokeh looks good
because that's not how optics work, light always needs to be focussed.
there's a thing called hyperfocal distance though, which describes the circumstances that situation appears

>tfw KDE will die once Ubuntu fully adopts gnome
Give me one reason not to abandon the ship right now
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Please do and leave KDE to the people who aren't special needs
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> fully adopts gnome
You mean like every one adopted Unity ?
I'll miss unity.

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What browser extensions / addons can /g/ not live without? Personally I've always used some sort of ad blocker. Other than that I am very curiuos to see what I've been inevitably missing out on
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Cookies manager
HTTPS Everywhere
Privacy Badger
Secure Sanitizer
Tab Mix Plus
Save Image in Folder
uMatrix, only extension that needs to be installed. Everything else is just bloat.
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exploring different browsers, liking vivaldi. tell me why I shouldn't use it.
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No reason not to, it's perfectly fine to use
I like it

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>try to give mozilla meme forks an honest chance
>update and immediately my add-ons are no longer supported
>"just use this less secure older version"
>"just use firefox anon"
>"use this placebo waterfox anon"
>"use this broken slow as fuck palemoon, anon"

Literally any other browser in 2017 can block ads without installing the corporate botnetted version or autism legacy ware 1902.3892
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What makes you think I care about you and your browser, anon?
>"use this broken slow as fuck palemoon, anon"
works on my machine :^)
Use GNU Icecat anon

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About to go buy a new Macbook Pro 13 inch model. I can get the 256gb non-touchbar for $1300 or the 256gb touchbar for $1375. A lot of people seem to hate the touch bar but it has a better CPU and from what I've read it has better read/write speeds. Is the touchbar one worth $75 or is it the touchbar too useless to warrant it?
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I like my TB model. I have the 15" though.
For only a 75 dollar difference get the touchbar model. You get a faster cpu, the iris 650 instead of 640, touch id, and two extra usbc ports.
The TB is pretty comfy, I can only recommend it

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what if isntead of making computers faster ecause mmores law ended they instead can put the computer in a smaller bubble universe where time goes twice as fast so that it solves the problem instantly

or they could put the computer in a spaceship, and accelerate the solar system at the 90% speed of light away and then come back, and then 1 billion years would have passed for the computer and it solved every problem for us already
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>you will never get a nico nico footjob

Why even live?
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Nico 183.jpg
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excuse me this is a computer thread
you have to talk about computers
i want to fug nico

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Last thread: >>62142648

Should I run a homeserver for compilations if my CPU is trash?
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Firefox Nightly or Dev? (I'm not a dev)
already one up
On ubuntu gnome with numix theme from the default theme selection, how do I make the bar on the top of a window, were the close (X) button is, smaller? Currently it's almost an eight of my screen.

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Vim or Emacs /g/?
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Did you know? When the JSON license forbids using the software for evil, they don't mean it in a moral sense. They just dislike evil-mode.
Sue me, faggots.

vi -> many clones, one of which is stevie -> vim -> neovim
>vim is not even it's final form
>perfect from the beginning

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>making GUI application in Linux
>have to choose between GTK and Qt
>don't know which one to pick
At least on Windows it is easy to choose because there's only one GUI framework to pick. So what do I do?
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>So what do I do?

stop fucking with Linux
Google you fucking nigger.

And never take any advice from /g/. Ever. This is just a board for memes.
Use Swing instead

Do you own a smartwatch, /g/? are these things any useful to you or is this just a fad meme
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>he needs to recharge his watch

this shit was dead on arrival
watches are fashion accessories, I don't want to connect it to my phone
>a fad meme

So, a fad?
Only thing smart watches are good for is stupid fucking retarded topic threads.

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Why is MS trying to turn Windows into a web browser?
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they want to poo in it
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So they can have all your OS config files on their cloud and become the final evolution of botnet.
not only start menu is cluttered with ads of third party products, but also it looks fucking terrible, how could anyone designing it think this looks acceptable.

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>hurr ddurr muh bootstrap is for niggers

well then, provide me with a link to a single website that doesn't use a framework that works and is popular
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Well it is popular, since it's used to teach you meme.js babies a basic lesson in efficiency
Fuck, meant to post this

there is a reason no serious website does this

How to git gud at programming besides learning a language or two?
Which maths particular do I need to git gud at? What else?
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Learn a language or two.

Start with C++
You don't learn languages, you learn concepts

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Best FOSS alternative to Nova on F-Droid? Also general F-Droid app recommendation thread
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NewPipe as Youtube alternative
why this over skytube?
Never used Skytube, I want just simple Youtube player and NewPipe is working fine.

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