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What benefits do smartwatches have?
Is it better to have a notification checker on your wrist? or is pulling out your phone out your pocket just as effective?
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It just adds bloat to your wrist.
This. It's a solution looking for a problem
I have a Huawei Watch 2

>Is it better to have a notification checker on your wrist?

Yes, as someone who communicates a lot, it's really helpful. I also found myself using it quite often to answer quickly.

>is pulling out your phone out your pocket just as effective?

yes, but it can be incovenient

My suggestion: get a cheap-ass fitness tracker (less than 20$) that can show notifications. If you find it usefull, get a full smartwatch.
I did that.

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>listening to lossy music
It's like you want to be a normalfag.
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wavpack is my preferred option for archiving recordings i've made, or any albums i hold dear to my heart (the hybrid mode with correction files is amazing). music that is not dear to me, can be lossy as long as it sounds good, so the rest of my collection is mostly in ogg at 224kbps and i'm slowly transitioning to opus.
How do you even reliably find music with this high of quality?
>not using oggvorbis at 90k

Should I buy the S6 active?
>inb4 buy a chinkphone lel
Chinkphones have shitty cameras. I know that it only has 32gb of storage but I can always keep dumping all photos and shit on my pc. So should I buy it or is there a better alternative at that price?
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>complains about shitty cameras
>buys a samsung

don't know what kind of crazy pills you're on but there's potential in them
Yeah, samsung the company who's had the best camera, or at least top 3 camera in a smartphone for like 3 years straight.
Give me a phone at that low price with a camera like that.

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Are toroidal transformers a meme?
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Toroidals are physically smaller and have lower heat loses for the same power rating as conventional EI cores. This can be proven in first year college physics course. What exactly are you asking?
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O-Core toroid is the best toroid
They also make less electrical interference and humming. They are more expensive however, each transformer has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

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>run Windows 10
>see System(PID 0) is connected to 10 different servers
>explorer.exe is connected to a server in Virginia
>svchost.exe is always connected to and sending and receiving to 4-8 different servers.
>very often random CPU, disk, and network activity, using up my computer resources
>run a netstat:
>see 10-15 connections to different servers
>lots of ports open
How did it get like this, /g/?
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install gentoo
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Found your problem
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>How did it get like this
I also wanted to know.

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what are some videos to watch while I'm eating?
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Generally an episode of anime.
Or just watch American politics news, it's actually comedy in disguise.
>Generally an episode of anime.
what are you watching right now? i picked up gochiusa just yesterday and i find myself really wanting to drink coffee when watching it
I'm just watching Fate/Apocrypha this season as I'm into traps.

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>muh headphone jack

Daily reminder that if you weren't poor you wouldn't need a headphone jack. I have a pair of Bose Quietcomfort 35 headphones and have no need for an ugly obsolete headphone jack.

Apple is superior.
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Good for you. Thanks for the blog post.
my headphones cost more than any shitty bose.

Wireless audio compression is aids and I refuse to support it,

Is MDs worth getting into? I hear the quality is better than vinyls.
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Lol, what?!
>wanting something that requires special software JUST to transfer files to it (which also have to be converted before transferring)

I had it. The quality was good, but it was too fucking annoying to use.

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So I tried to do a homemade FOSS waifu using metal and glass as support and now I have 7 stitches on my dick

How long will take sexbots to become a thing?

Why is intel spending billions on 2% perfomance increases when they can fucking control the world with botnet whores?
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post dick


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What is the best option for visual programming/scripting?
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You mean Drag & Drop?
LabVIEW, but it's suited only for engineering stuff like DAQ, Instrument Control and heavy math.
Pure Data :^)

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we're trying to help
>no excuses
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>not owning a 4chan gold account
Kill yourself retarded frog poster. Legacy captcha is also shit.
3 rupees have been deposited to your google play account.

If you aren't using org-mode in any capacity, you really should give it a try!

I've recently gotten into using it. I'm using a bare minimum subset of its features and still notice a huge boost in productivity even over other notetaking applications.

Want to try org mode but you're a vi/vim guy? Give spacemacs a try. I've never used emacs in my life outside of the most basic commands and can comfortably operate it (including org mode) using vi/vim bindings.

http://orgmode.org/manual/ - Manual

http://members.optusnet.com.au/%7Echarles57/GTD/gtd_workflow.html - Using org mode with GTD Principles as described in the book by David Allen

http://spacemacs.org/layers/+emacs/org/README.html - Org Mode layer for spacemacs, perfect if you're more comfortable with vi/vim bindings than emacs
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I just use it for todo list and writing markdown.
Org mode charts are godly
I'd like to but I use vim and I'm not planning on switching to emacs

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What is his endgame?
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Charge his phone
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Impregnate the gringas.
Oh I remember that thread, that was funny.

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Why use Bash when Python exists?

>inb4 muh UNIX philosophy

You get a large, well documented standard library to use for your scripts. And with Python, you're forced to have good coding practices (e.g. for readability).
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> whitespace matters

McFucking Kill yourself
How about to run python scripts?
Why would I use python?
>have to get a shell AND a python interpreter
>have to learn another language
>can directly type smaller scripts into the shell without even needing a file
>can apply existing knowledge of shell utilities to script files
>can easily use any utility I'd use in the shell in a script

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2017 is a great year.
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wtf i hate youtube now!!
I wonder how many cases of false flagging from Youtube we have recently
Youtube flagged my fucking C&C Generals ISIS video. It literally was the GLA trailer spliced with some shots of ISIS fighters.

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