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You can only post here if your CPU isn't compromised by intel M.E or it's AMD equivalent.

>intel pentium E5800 masterrace reporting in
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How do I check if it's compromised?
Any and all modern cpus are
Is my FX-8350 compromised?

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Lets be honest anon if you play esports games only and you use a radeon 5770-6770 youre probably the smartest anon period i sold my gtx 1080 for more than i paid for it because i thought playing AAA games in 4k would be the top memes but it was just the same experience stepped back to my radeon 6770 to play the games i usually play anyways rocket league, counterstrike shit such as
what the fuck was i thinking /g/
i mean i love pcs i have a 6600k with a 212 cooler
16 memes of ram and ssd to boot no case just carboard boxing mobo
but seriously man dont waste your money if all you play is esports
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since when was pressing buttons and moving mouse considered as a sport, kek
Are you fucking retarded anon? literally both of you obviously they arent a class of physical sport however MANY people call esports a division of games you dumb fuck you live under a rock you reddit kekker?
esports games is a category you fucking knitwit
cs go , rocket league , LoL, dota
jesus christ get off of /g/ if youre that retarded theres no way in hell

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Everytime I create a fake facebook account, they close my account and ask me to provide an ID within 5 minutes of usage, even though i'm doing nothing special. It's like they can trace me and see that multiple accounts have been created with my computer. How do I stop them from closing my accounts ?
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provide them with fake photos and fake residence and fake info in general
also vpn up
already tried, they just say "we're gonna help you out after we review your photos " but then, the account doesn't open, it's hard banned instead.
Always use gmail to sign up. They usually fuck you if you use temporary email etc. I have 5 fbs on my android right now, all working fine for over 4 months.

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Tech nigger biased towards Apple, Samsung & OnePlus
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why do you use such harsh language
why are you so mad? the htc memesqueeze blows dick.
>technigger biased towards the phones that have the highest quality (mostly due to budget)

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I'm a long time gamer, started when i was 6, now im mid 20's.
It was and still is a fun journey, but i was thinking i should get involved in something else, but also computer related. Something that will be fun, engaging, and potentially long time rewarding. First thing that comes up to my mind is programming, but i have no idea how to start. Also. is there something else worth considering?
All tips and tricks welcome.
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If you're a brainlet learn python. After that, learn C and maybe C++. Skip the first step if you're not stupid.
thanks for advice, i will do some research on that
don't start learning programming in your mid 20s. you will never rise above pleb tier.

the people who do this... the highest point they reach is solving "programming problems" for fun, much the same way grandmas do crossword puzzles.

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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of a long time ago (outdated)

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>PRAISE THE CHINKPHONES unless you live in America you shits

Confirmed: OnePlus 5's Display is Upside-Down - Likely Causes Jelly Scrolling

Sony to unveil flagship smartphone with 6" 18:9 screen at IFA, rumor says

Sharp is launching a pair of totally bezeless phones in mid-July

Xperia XZ Premium: Would I Buy It? (Likes & Dislikes) - Erica Griffin

Samsung Galaxy Note8 to have two storage options: 64GB and 128GB

Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro May Be the Best Phone for just $249!

old >>61152449
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Is there a way to set bluetooth headset as the default way to answer a phone with android?
new nokia phones WHEN

I want a decent midranger 660 snapdragon phone
I could get a 4g/32gb new for $229 at Best Buy or open box for $201.99. How does price matching work?

Reposting for response

Why doesn't everyone use MVNOs for mobile providers? They are cheap as fuck compared to Verizon/AT&T/Sprint.

Which service is best right now?
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kajeet is best for pajeets
This is actually for unlimited data since you get unlimited data at 2G speed once you reach the 200 MB limit for LTE data.
I just use T-Mobile and they're cheap enough. $45 for unlimited everything (I had the $30 plan with 100 minutes but then I moved out and started calling mommy every day)

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Real sick of cable break. This shit seems to happen to all my headphone and micro USB cables at least every couple months, no matter how careful I am.

/g/ know of any company that makes extra heavy duty breakproof 5 inch thick headphones and micro USB cables?
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Look within.
Anker or those steel coated dog proof ones
Don't know what cheap shit cables you buy, mine last great.

>Standing desks are for faggots
>The extra work c requires often negates the performance boost
>White people use java and they make good money doing so
>Compiling code yourself doesn't make it faster
>Stallman is a communist at best, faggot at worst.
>Companies won't go bankrupt bankrolling LGBT bullshit
>Git changed IT more than Linux
>It's Linux not GNU/linux as I am not [country]/anon. I could have been made anywhere.
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Truths thread?

OP is most likely clueless /v/edditor manchild
>OP is a faggot at best,
>Git changed IT more than Linux
you would have to expand on this one, but otherwise you're right

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I need to buy a phone this weekend (huge discounts where I am), what I really want the phone to have is good battery, good camera resolution and a good processor that doesn't lag. Any help would be appreciated. (pls no LG)
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

might have shit camera though but good battery and the cpu is good enough and power efficient
>chinese name
>no thanks
Ah, I see. Get a iPhone, you apparently are a retard caring about brand only, so that is the right choice for you. Case closed

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Hipsters that,
>Use slacks to post reddit memes
>are Ruby on rails coders
>attend microbreweries and meetups to discuss hipster tech stacks that will go out of date in 6-months
>don't know basic OOP concepts
>don't know Data Structures/Algorithms
>don't have degrees, but won't hire you because you don't their tech stack, despite your knowledge in data structures/algorithms
>pretentious and think they're smarter than everyone else

What gives? These guys are everywhere in my city. I cannot get hired by any startup cause all these hipsters want X years of experience in the latest tech stacks. How are these guys even hired? They barely even know how to code (and implicitly admit it through their github accounts and tech talks).
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Category of people you call "Hipsters" fall into a larger category of people who'd like to reap the benefits without doing any hard work.
Startup gives them chance at being bought/sponsored/funded by a large corporation. The rest just dies out.
Understandable. It makes me mad that none of them will hire me. Half of them don't have degrees it seems (I do) and they look down on me when I tell them "No, I don't have experience in your tech stack" -- despite having strong foundations in Computer Science. They seem to think "Well, if you don't know Ruby on Rails, then there isn't any way you can be a good coder!" (while ignoring the fact you may know haskell/java/python etc).

Additionally, if I try to talk foundational topics with them (like algorithm analysis of their code or what have you) they say that isn't necessary to know.

So, what that tells me is bootcamp graduates are more qualified than I am. One engineer admitted his programmers can barely code. They just have a "hacker" mentality and like to get things barely working. No idea why I put so much time and effort into studying hardcore theory in CS and put tons and tons of practical coding time into side projects etc. just to have every startup in my city say "No we can't hire you because you don't know X" (where X is different from each company and some tech fad).

Literally a sophomore computer science student knows more CS than these guys do.
what do rails start ups make?

waited for vega
got cucked wayyyy too hard

its shit and 2x expencive then nvidia

now because of miners i need to pay more for 1080ti

i shud have bought nvidia when i t came out FUAAAAAAARK fuuuuukckkaukcukauascdsv
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Fuck of dumb faggot, wait for Vega gaming cards, go and suck the green dick
Cucked by miners
Cucked by Raja
Cucked by Huang
Just all-around cucked

>Just waitâ„¢

AMD cucks, always waiting.

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>OS X is shit
>Windows is shit
It's about fucking time my mans,about to install my first linux distro and i don't know much but never looking back to propietary operating systems
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Which distro are you installing?
ofc the best one: Manjaro GNOME
>3 posters
Fuck off Manjeet shill

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>torrented several pornos
>realize only later I forget to turn my VPN on

It is over for me isn't it, /g/?

Now my ISP knows what I'm doing and have maybe sold me out to IP trolls. Any day now I'm going to get a letter from Brazzers LLP suing me JPY 1,000,000 for illegal downloading. Worse, it is a crime punishable by upto 5 years in prison in Japan.

Is there still any hope left for me or is suicide the only option?
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no charges but they know and some AI has prob already added those torrents to your profile and your complete online profile package got a lot cheaper for someone to buy.
Only if you live in Japan. And anyway, 99% of the people punished for piracy are uploaders, not leechers.
plausible deniability?
do you have (open) wifi and live in a crowded house?
blame the neighbours

Will Ryzen get a budget cpu?
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Ryzen 3 this quarter, APUs probably very late in the year.
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Yes, 4c4t R3 chips are coming. They were advertised during the Ryzen Pro reveal recently. There'll be APUs at some point too.
Aren't ryzen r3 supposed to be like 100$-120$? That's not really budget.

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