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I want to torrent some shit but I don't want Commiecast to see what I'm torrenting. I don't want to use Tor because it'll kill my speeds and I don't trust VPNs either. I've also heard that the encryption feature in most torrent clients won't hide what is being downloaded either.

Any other solutions, /g/?
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Just buy it.
>Help me do (x), but no (y) allowed!
Sounds like you know what you want, so do your own fucking research.
I just dunno what else there is out there, anon. I don't know what else to start researching.

The only ways of anonymization on the Internet I know of are Tor, VPN/proxy, or some type of encryption. I'm hoping for encryption since I wouldn't get a speed slow down, but some quick searches for bittorrent encryption tell me to use a VPN or the built-in encryption from a torrent client (which, as I said, I heard doesn't work). Looking around further gets me more VPN/Tor/built-in encryption shit.

Point me in the direction of something else and I'll look into it. Or, if there isn't any other solution outside of Tor/VPN, just tell me and I'll be done with it.

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What is the name of that Russian web browser everyone uses in Russia and Belarus? If I have to join a botnet to get a browser that isn't sjwfox, I want to be with the good guys.
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How many do you recommend for Firefox?

Should I set it to the same number of my CPU cores for maximum usage, or should I keep it lower?
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It should be based on RAM and not number of cores. If you fell for the 16 GiB RAM meme you can set it to 50 or something.
Yes I have 16GB of RAM. I'm not a RAMlet.
wait can this be a solution to fixing the memory leak i always get while using firefox? Its getting really annoying i'll be using /g/ and youtube (2 tabs) and it ends up using 200-350mb or ram. and that's without extensions

ive been using a headset with only the right ear working for over 6 months now, using it 6+ hours a day, what else are we poor /g/ users doing?
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I'm still using my iPhone 6s plus. Have no money for 7
Jesus fuck, learn to solder you useless neet
I'm on an iPhone 4s, not because I'm a poor applefag its just mummy gave it to me when her boyfriend gay her his old iPhone 6

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I've got an old computer and wanna use it, but somebody says that it isn't secure because win2k is installed.
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just don't connect it to the internet.
Also computer not connected to the internet are the most productive ones, no matter the software installed.

Put in in the middle of an empty room with a desk lamp close to in and no windows or any that will distract you and in less of a year you will be a top nobel writer
Install Gentoo
I just asked. I also wanna connect it, but i will read 4chan and watch anime only.

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>mfw mom found the stage3 tarball
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>not putting zip bombs randomly around your file system
Well she's finally gonna install Gentoo since you're too dumb to do it yourself
>mom put a reverse terminal on my pc and I cant get it off
help guys

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What's your opinion on Trisquel? Have you ever used it? Is it any good?
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It's pretty decent, I think Trisquel and Void Linux are the most underrated distros out there right now.
Fidget Spinners.
I've been using Xubuntu and Manjaro for some time and wanted to try one of those "Free" OSes. This one looks the most decent atm.

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I too have been enjoying nightly. We'll see how long is lasts though. I go through a vicious cycle of getting fed up with firefox and switching to chromium and repeating ad nauseam.
>winblows 10
fucking retard
switched from stable to nightly with v57, i love it so far. i had to drop some addons, but the most important stuff is already available as webextension.

with the compact themes, i don't even miss classic theme restorer. i just hope tab mix plus gets ported at some point, but i can do without it.

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ITT: we make up tech buzzwords of the future

I'll start: domestic robotics
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Diverse artificial intelligence
Distributed computing.

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>b-b-b-but Google is a private company, they don't have to be unbiased
>They can host whatever they want
Really, Even though Google and their Ilk are given American taxpayer money (and doubtlessly money from other governments around the world)?
Doesn't taking tax money give them a moral duty to act in a way which will serve the people?

Proof: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/aug/23/nsa-prism-costs-tech-companies-paid

(I added a funny picture to lighten the mood)
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>Google has the right to shut down any channel they want for any reason, they're a private business, capitalism
The logical hurdles liberals do are ridiculous
No, because Google also pays taxes, and like any taxpayer, they have a right to lobby to have the things they want funded.
Google is just taking back money that the government stole from them.
This is illegal

>Google has the right to shut down any channel they want for any reason, they're a private business, capitalism
This is not

Also you faggots sure have some double standards because you wouldn't care if people not sharing your political views were prevented from voicing their opinions

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When will /g/ give up on shitty markdown and bloated images and return to plaintext, like real men?
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After the next major solar flare hits Earth and wipes out all technology so we have to return to pencils and paper
When will /g/ give up on excessive technology like pencils and paper and return to stickdrawing in the sand?
>he uses tools

Show me what you got
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I wasn't dumb enough to buy one of these.

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since gpu is 1000 times faster than cpu why don't we use gpu as cpu all i heard is just gpu doesn't have the same instruction set but duh just add it then and we can enjoy our terahertz clock speeds
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OP is a faggot.
even raspberry pi uses the gpu for booting
performancelets btfo
wow why have they not thought of that yet

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>market share increased by 68.5% in one year
Windows and Mac just can't compete!
It would stand to reason with Linux being dominant in every market other than desktop, with a Linux distribution (albeit a very non-standard one) as the most used OS on the planet that the desktop market would start to see erosion of the old monopoly.
Until Google abandons Linux, sure. They're currently the only ones with enough shilling power to popularize Linux.
And those graphs are NOT the real representation of Linux desktops. They're based on ad and tracking reports, and most Linux users block those. The market share would technically be closer to the share of Macs, or larger.

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>he says coder
this makes you sound retarded please stop this
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i say h4xx0r

fite me irl
>doesn't know how to type a proper sentence
Look in the mirror, faggot.
>fite me irl
>>he says coder
>this makes you sound retarded please stop this

>>he says h4x0r
>this makes you sound retarded please stop this

>>he says Software Developer
>this makes you sound pretentious please stop this

>>he says App builder
>this makes you sound millenial please stop this

>>he says programmer
>this makes you sound like an oldfag please stop this

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