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WD40EZRZ @ 105€
ST4000DM005 @ 113€
MG03ACA400 @ 122€

Which one should I get? Do you have anything better to suggest in that price range for 3.5" 4TB?
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HDD - WD.png
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Wondering which one can store music and films in the most patrician way
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HDD - ST.png
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maybe I don't need this much high-res
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HD - Toshiba.png
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this one is cool

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I'm starting college next week for CCNA and the first week's lecture is going to be 2-3 hours long but I don't have time for this shit so I figured doing it at home would be better. It says "module 1" and nothing else, anyone who studied and goy CCNA could tell me what module 1 is about?
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Then don't pay to go to college you fucking retard.
Go to the lessons

There's quite a lot to ccna
there is nothing in the CCNA that would be referred to as "module 1", unless they're talking about a very specific piece of modular equipment being placed into a cisco device, which would not be a 2-3 lecture

that is something unique to the curriculum your school is using, and non-standard

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Ryzen 7 with up to 3.7Ghz turbo
RX 580 4gb

Will it be good for work?
How to best hide the gaymen logos?
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build it yourself in a cheap, small, minimalistic case you faggot
Print off a picture of your own eye and slap it on top.

Do it.
Depends on your work and what >>62162002 said

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Since Google is becoming a leftist paradise, is there any other search browser that's actually better and easier to use?
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More to the point is there any off line search engine which can filter results?

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What are some things that improve your programming experience and results?
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Masturbating and cumming into my mouth once in a while. Helps me think.
Pramiracetam and silence.

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Can someone redpill me on NextCloud? I'm trying to de-google myself and my main concern right now is having a way to sync my contacts and calendars. It's basically my last hurdle.

What do I need for it, and what's everyone's experiences like with it?
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Works great. For calendar/contact sync use davdroid on your de-googled android.
A server with ~ 1gb of ram, a valid domain and letsencrypt (if you want the desktop client to work)
On your phone, you need davdroid (is on f-droid) to connect contacts and calendar, everything is pretty straight forward.

As for experiences with it:
It works great for small files, but if you change them a lot, pause the sync and then turn it on when you are done working or you will use a ton of data and all your other devices freak out.
Say you are editing a 10gb video file, you might find that you need to reupload that several times when you make changes.
The client works perfectly fine without a domain and self signed certificates.

Sure, google...
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>uses a phone
>is concerned about his privacy
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>Press cancel
Congrats you've beaten google

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I'm doing some firecode questions to prepare for coding interviews, and I'm struggling to figure out what's wrong with this code. The goal is to find the minimum sum path from root to leaf. The example tree in attached pic should return 10, but it's returning 14. Can someone help me understand why? I'm not great at recursion.

public int findHeight(TreeNode root) {
if(root == null)
return 0;
int l = findHeight(root.left);
int r = findHeight(root.right);
if(l == 0 && r != 0) return root.data+r;
if(l != 0 && r == 0) return root.data+l;
return root.data+Math.min(l, r);
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works for me, maybe you have the tree wrong
Works for me (sorry for shitty code I never use C and wanted to see if I could do it)

#include <stdio.h>

int min(int l, int r) {
return l<r ? l : r;

struct TreeNode {
int data;
struct TreeNode* left;
struct TreeNode* right;

int findHeight(struct TreeNode* root) {
if(root == NULL)
return 0;
printf("%d\n", root->data);
int l = findHeight(root->left);
int r = findHeight(root->right);
if(l == 0 && r != 0) return root->data+r;
if(l != 0 && r == 0) return root->data+l;
return root->data+min(l, r);

int main() {
struct TreeNode root = {6};
struct TreeNode four = {4};
struct TreeNode seven = {7};
struct TreeNode eight = {8};
eight.left = &seven;
root.left = &four;
root.right = &eight;
printf("%d\n", findHeight(&root));

Returns 10
Thanks guys, I'm just going to assume it's an issue with the way their tested builds the tree then because my code logically makes sense. Plus, you guys have pretty much verified it.

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I heard you guys like Code of Conducts
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thats why you dont want SJW, faggots, transfestites and women in programming
My code of conduct is: don't be an asshole.

Trouble is, almost everyone in FOSS fails that test spectacularly. Most people on /g/, too. Y'all some salty motherfuckers. Contributing to open source attracts all the assholes around it. Last time I do you people any favors.

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I've always wanted to learn how to program and so far all I've done was make a shitty program in Ruby, and a small unfinished Game.

I want to be able to do more so I was wondering what the best way to learn is.

I was thinking of installing Arch Linux on my old Netbook and pretty much forcing myself to figure out how to use it with only the Wiki online but now that I type it out, it sounds kinda dumb.

I would continue to make programs with Ruby but I just don't know what to make outside of stuff that is too hard for me.

I'm pretty much going to end up forcing myself to learn how to Program, I keep hearing that the future of the job industry requires knowing programming, and I want a job so if me not knowing how to Program is why I don't get a job, it would be embarrassing.
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what distro should a complete noob to cli start with. ready to learn and tinker
Just use Debian

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Why code at a desk that's stupid for your spine. Who else codes in bed?
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I don't code, I program.
i used to a bit
>Implying half-laying-down is better for your spine

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Is this real or just a placebo?
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everything in computers is placebo because its not real, its virtual
But it's phone app, not desktop program.
Phone is a computer.

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sudo systemctl start engine
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>muh sysvinit
>muh minimalism
linux finally gets drivers
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How long until OEM no longer produce prebuilts and component manufacturers focus solely on mobile?

Desktop computing is the most comfiest experience but how long does the traditional desktop PC have left?
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Until non-shit mini-itx builds like pic related are possible

Raven ridge from amd will hopefully make this possible. Anything bigger than pic related is considered clunky and ancient to most.
unfortunately this

normies ruin everything
A long, long time, considering how many units companies like Dell move.

Just got a tablet that I'm running Ubuntu on.

What's the best manga viewer for Linux?

Also general program recommendations. And Neofetch.
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which tablet anon?

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