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Why is tempered glass meme so popular in the PeeSee case industry?

Can't we have some good cases for once?
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What is wrong with the case?

That case is b e a UTIFUL

What's the consensus on Smart TVs? I just bought one.
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They're a meme and spy on you.
Enjoy your literal botnet
Infinitely inferior to the experience offered by the Apple TV.

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Redpill me on NFC/RFID hand implants.

Who has either? Both? What are they useful for? How risky are they? Are they really as useful as they seem?
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NWO meme to drive you willingly to be tracked
Literally mark of the beast
Revelation 13
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Reminder the company who makes rfid chips is (((cohencidentally))) located at 666 5th ave.
Some saturnian shit going on here boys.

Daily reminder that you're probably using malicious hardware.

Your hardware is botnet if you're using a recent Intel or AMD platform. These CPUs have a small SoC integrated into them that can't be disabled or else the machine will fail to boot. The AMD version is the Platform Security Processor. It does power management and less is known about it than the Intel equivalent. As far as we know it doesn't have networking capabilities but you should definitely assume so. The Intel version is called the Management Engine. The ME has access to your RAM, your hard drive, all I/O including cameras and microphones and it can turn your computer on and off. It can act as a keylogger. A lot of these "features" are made possible by a firmware frontend held in the BIOS chip called Active Management Technology. AMT can set up a virtual serial connection that could potentially allow and attacker to pass data around a LAN, allowing malware to not only be spread silently to all of the machines utilizing and exploited AMT/ME, but also to bypass the machine's firewall. In other words, it has the potential to allow 13 year olds to grab you by the balls regardless of your OS, your motherboard, or any extra hardware apart from the ME and AMT. The ME has full network access and can access the OS network stack or set up its own. It has read-write access to all memory, including the BIOS flash chip, which it can silently update if you're running Windows 7 or higher. Everything Core i3 and greater is compromised in this way. Some Core 2 models also have a ME but it can be disabled. The Intel ME is openly offered as a "feature" for enterprise use, but it's so much more than that. Search around for Project Odin's Eye, brought to you from our good friends at the CIA.

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Dirty phoneposters aren't safe either. Every smartphone has a baseband processor that acts much like the early implementations of the Intel ME did, where it's not integrated into the CPU, but is on a different part of the main logic board. It has been proven in some older Samsung Galaxy models that all of your flash memory, cameras, and microphones can be accessed remotely over a cellular connection because the baseband hardware isn't isolated, allowing it to bypass the HAL and kernel to access these things. Keep in mind that iPhones and iPads use baseband hardware made by Qualcomm and Intel and they use closed source, proprietary firmware that neither iOS nor LineageOS devs can do anything to mitigate.


>Apple baseband device list:

>Android basebend problems:

>Intel ME stuff:

>AMD PSP stuff:

Archives in case anyone wants them. They're in the same order.





>Poo company tries to outplay another company
>Lies about price
>Produces inferior product that runs hotter and slower than current industry leaders

Lmfao AMD is finished and done.
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>amdfags will defend this
Rx outsold everywhere,Finished ? sure thing
RX makes sense for Minerfags but not Vega as it's a firehouse and too expensive.

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wat do.png
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my computer is riddled with viruses and doesn't let me restore to fac settings or run .exe files

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you need to release the gentoo
Dban to give viruses extetminatus.

Install new OS manually.
english please

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So this is the power of Panjeetâ„¢
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>base64 encoded passwords
Jesus christ.
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is that rust?
Nah this looks like dumb burger code
You usually find pajeets writing JDBC code

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>be me, have regular android
>decide to install lineageOS because I like free software and want to remove bloat
>plan on removing gApps because fucking google botnet
>I need apps like Instagram and Snapchat to talk to my friends in their normie group chats because I can't join their iMessage groupchats
>hear of apps like Yalp Store that let you install APKs from the Play Store so I assume you can install Instagram and Snapchat on them
>install F-Droid then install Yalp from within it
>open yalp
>literally every app has "requires Google Play Services" including Instagram and Snapchat
>the web version of Instagram doesn't have messaging and Snapchat doesn't even have a web version
>I now have no friends all because of FOSS
thanks Obama
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What about swimming u like swimming don't you
>he fell for the freetard meme
get an iphone like every normal person if you want privacy. trying to avoid google under android is impossible.

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>not using one email for one account only

Stop embracing the botnet.
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Are you going to waste an entire thread or are you going to post more lewds?
dumb whore of babylon poster
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anti systemd fags BTFO forever eternally.
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systemd is so overly bloated that it would take centuries for even the best minds to think about all of it
>this shit is free
This is an official RMS email btw

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My wifi is fucking shit, lags like all hell..

Anyway, for online gaming on my Laptop should I get a Ethernet Bridge or Wireless Range Extender?
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always wired if possible
>my wireless is shit should I put more wireless in the way of my already shit wireless to try make my wireless less shit
Are you slow mate, just buy a long cat6 cable
Can't really run a cable directly from my router to my room due to the locations of them

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Stupid Questions Thread.

Use an internet search engine before posting ITT.

Post here before creating useless threads.

Old Thread: >>61996472
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Does anyone use tachiyomi? How the fug do I get it to read CBR files?
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My hdd is showing reallocated sector warnings this evening(ST32000641AS).
Could i replace it with a ST2000DM006? Its in a raid-6
Same rpm(7200),cache(64mb),size(2tb).
The difference being the 32000 is more expensive and came out 7 years ago, while the 20000 is newer and less expensive

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Why do code monkeys pretend that entering a work contract with a corporations means the same thing as entering a gulag? Why are corporations perceived as having the right to stifle free speech as they see fit?
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they can get a cheap power trip and abuse others while claiming moral reasons
It's a form of bootlicking. These people are born slaves and will always defend their masters.
People with radically different beliefs tend to make similar claims about supporting freedom and civil liberty. This is because they think anything they arbitrarily dislike is necessarily criminal and victimizes them; a lack of this is thus a "free" society, no matter how much violence and authority is used to enforce it.

Americans would let their government lobotomize them and surgically implant a spy camera in their body if it meant "combating terrorism".

I'm gonna make a data center with thousands of servers containing exabytes of data for the sole purpose of building a gigantic neural network that will eventually learn to flush the toilet automatically for me after taking a shit and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
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those toilets already exist you dingus
But they use censors. I want AI doing it.

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Why does this dip occur?

copying from internal HDD to SD Card
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all files are about the same size. Flacs.
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same HDD to same SD card.

1 file of 10gb

now the dip is at the start
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dip is back

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