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Is there a GTK equivalent of this? Where you don't scroll to each tick with the mouse?
>inb4 QT
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ask in gnome irc

Why aren't you using glorious TypeScript /g/? It's much better than shitty, buggy, and error-prone JavaScript. Why aren't you learning TypeScript and stop using JavaScript?
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Already using java. Thanks
because scalajs is better, and javascript is a shit language to begin with anyway.
Even worse

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Who's ready for that FineWine to kick in?
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They know.
haha let's mock amd so intel/nvidia can cuck me. le watch the world burn! xD ebiggg me mes
Buying shitty, inferior GPUs because you don't want a monopoly is the ultimate cuckhold.

Raja is a failure. He has done nothing but ride Kellers coattails.

>Be me
>Be copious about privacy and everything
>Invent complete security procedures
>Learn about evercookie
>Check if it breaks my security
>I'm secure
Nice try big brother.

So how many of you faggots where bitching how evercookie tracked you?
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>go to evercookie test
>"click to create an evercookie"
>nothing happens because I block javascript by default
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>block javascript by default
Nice idea.
I don't block any JavaScript and no tracking is possible.
I operate on another level.
NSA plz.
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Remember all the javascript tutorials who started saying
>people who have crazy conspiracy theories how javascript can be used to track you have no idea what they are talking about
Now eat popcorn and laugh at the retards who believed this shit.

So i have a 8 GB flash drive. It had 2 seperate veracrypt volumes. But someone managed to use dd and wirte the debian iso to it.
Is there hope?
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Of course. Just use your backup.
Its over dude
Its possible but putting back all the missing pieces and even aquiring a tool that could find them would be a bitch
Just take it to the fbi and tell them there is CP on it
dm-crypt, you could hope to scrape something by mounting the damaged block level storage a perhaps an fsck
LUKS, it's fucked unless you backed up the headers
vera, FUBAR

is the ps2, dare i say, /our console/?
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Damn I wanna do that with my ps2
its actually pretty easy, just need the disks, any IDE hard drive, the little adapter for the back of the machine (there are aftermarket ones) and an 8mb memory card

it uses the 8mb memory cart as storage for the boot files and then loads from HDD after installation, just using one of the 2 disks to start the distro
it even has networking, you can shitpost on /g/ from it

i only discovered that whole deal recently, i always wondered what the big cavity on the back of the PS2 was for, turns out its for a 3.5" hdd

it also has an HDD LED built into the front of the case that only gets used for this
That's sexy

This is the ideal smartwatch. You may not like it, but this is what peak functionality looks like.
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I remember my dad getting that issue of Byte - I think it's still up the loft

damn I'm old ;_;
Is there a SoC that's small (and supported for homebrewing) enough to make something like this

In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and similar sites.

>IRC channel
#/csg/ on rizon

>Discord link

>Chink Shit Randomiser

>Chink Shit Wiki

>Chink Shit Infographic

• Anon got his USB C Xiaomi powerbank >>61950561 >>61950618 >>61950608
• Anon gets two new micro sd's >>61950969 and a LEPIN Streetview set for 100 bucks >>61951185
• Anon received a Sinobi watch >>61951375
• Anon got his very dangerous toothpick crossbow >>61955957
• Anon is upset his package wasn't marked discreetly >>61957402
• Anon liked putting together his LED Clock solder kit >>61957595
• Anon got two Gentle Typhoon's off Taobao >>61960715 >>61960726
• Anon gets a fucking SHARK PEN and Wing Sung 698 pen >>61961459
• Anon gets a new cheapo mechanical keyboard >>61962500 >>61962569
• Anon has a new vertical mouse >>61965295
• A m2 to sata converter arrives >>61965486

Previous thread >>61950076
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Should I buy chink slinky for 6 bucks?
There are so many there tho, I don't wanna dump $80 into one just for there to be a higher chance it's one of the linux emulator versions and it's just a $20 shitbox being sold at inflated price
PCI Express 4x to M Key M.2 SSD Slot Adapter For M.2 PCI-E SSD (NGFF) SSD 2230 2242 2260 2280 Card M Key PCI-E X4 NG
(from AliExpress Android)

What kind of speeds can I expect with this? I can get a very cheap m.2 drive with 3gb speeds, but my motherboard doesn't have a slot.

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sorry linus. this is not your personal feed. saged
It's the guy who made Linux you dunce.

What are your thoughts on this /g/?
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Been running it for like a year.
Enjoy having captcha not load because Google thinks you have malware
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seems to be loading just fine

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8gb of ram is en....
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The OS is supposed to make the most out of your memory, dumb uneducated wincuckold
64GBs of ram is enou-
try opening more than 5 tabs of chrome and see what happens

Recomend me a 13 inch laptop which is not the xps, already tried it and sent it back because of coil whine. And the X1C is a tad to expensive.
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How about you take my 13" dick in your mouth?
MacBook Air

System76's Galago Pro is supposed to be good... I've got their Oryx Pro and I love it. They come with Ubuntu installed, but any distro will work well.


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If they don't announce it as Oreo, with a logo of an Oreo eclipsing the sun, then they fucked up.
Will they also release/announce the new nexus/pixel phones?
>still using Google products and services


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What's the best browser for raspberry pi?
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What's your schedule like?
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Up at 8, bed at 12:30. Weekend I'm up till about 4am. Otherwise it's all just routine.
>Up at 6
>Work at 7
>Work until ~4:30
>Walk home
>Play with dog, chores, work out
>Dinner sometime 7-8
>Bed at 10
>sleeping more than 5 hours.
Normie get out!!!!!

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